The Morning Dose #39: Mental Health, Caffeine and Fat Loss, and BPC-157 Cancer Risks

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In this week’s edition of The Morning Dose:

🥕 The Top Testosterone Boosting Foods

🥩 Beef Peptides Protect Muscle Growth

💉 Do Anabolics Make It Harder to “Read the Room?”

⚠️ Cardiovascular Exercise Protects Your DNA

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🥕 The Top Testosterone Boosting Foods

Get ready to supercharge your vitality and reclaim your peak performance with these top-notch testosterone-boosting foods and herbs!

Dive into the science behind their testosterone-boosting properties and discover how they can revitalize your energy, enhance your muscle gains, and reignite your libido.

Take ginger, for example, with its potent anti-inflammatory properties and ability to increase testosterone production by up to 17 percent according to a 2012 study.

Or indulge in the antioxidant-rich goodness of pomegranate, which has been shown to enhance testosterone levels by an impressive 24 percent in just one week of daily consumption.

And let’s not forget about ginseng, a time-tested herbal remedy that not only boosts energy and cognition but also promotes healthy testosterone levels, as evidenced by recent studies.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your athletic performance, reclaim your youthful vigor, or simply optimize your overall health, these natural remedies offer a safe, effective, and delicious way to support your body’s natural hormone production.

🥩 Beef Peptides Protect Muscle Growth

Beef peptides aren’t just any ordinary protein fragments—they’re “supercharged” protectors of muscle integrity and growth.

A new study has discovered that beef peptides wield a triple threat against muscle damage.

Firstly, they “put the brakes” on muscle breakdown, keeping those hard-earned gains safe from harm.

Secondly, they kickstart muscle growth by ramping up the activity of proteins crucial for muscle building.

Finally, they unleash a “battalion” of antioxidant enzymes, swooping in to battle oxidative stress and inflammation—the “sworn enemies” of muscle recovery.

Whether you’re pushing the limits in the gym or fine-tuning your biology for peak performance, these beef peptides could be your ticket to unlocking untapped potential.

With specific peptide fractions identified for their enhanced efficacy, you can tailor your supplementation strategy to target the most potent muscle-protecting molecules directly.

💉 Do Anabolics Make It Harder to “Read the Room?”

A recent study uncovered some startling effects of anabolic-androgenic steroids.

The study found that anabolic-androgenic steroids negatively impact our ability to read emotions, particularly the facial expressions of anger and disgust.

So, what did this study uncover?

“Enhanced” had a harder time deciphering anger and disgust, suggesting that these substances might put a “dent” in our social radar, especially when it comes to picking up on negative vibes.

Long-term users showed an even worse ability to recognize fear. 

Now, before you start panicking, it’s important to note that this study isn’t the end-all-be-all… it focused on a specific group of heavily trained men.

By understanding the nuanced ways in which these substances impact our brains, we can better support those who may be grappling with the unintended consequences of steroid use, ultimately leading to safer and more informed practices for biohackers and bodybuilders alike.

⚠️ Cardiovascular Exercise Protects Your DNA

You already knew that exercise was good for your health… but did you know that it’s also good for your DNA?

A recent study presented at the American Physiology Summit found a close connection between exercise and reduced DNA damage in the cells lining our blood vessels. 

Essentially, the more we move, the better our vessels seem to cope with aging woes.

Mice who spent their days “hitting the wheel” had less DNA damage and healthier telomeres, the protective caps on our chromosomes.

It’s a small study… and with mice, so we’re still waiting for more information… but it does provide some insight into just how deep the connection between heart health and longevity is.

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