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Is Brock Lesnar Really on Steroids?

If you’re familiar with WWE wrestling, Minnesota Vikings or the UFC, you’ll have heard about a beast of a man named Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar is one of the greatest physical specimens the world has ever seen, with him experiencing incredible success in wrestling and MMA. It’s fair to say this guy’s tougher than a two-dollar steak.

If you’ve ever seen Brock, you’ll know just how physically imposing this man-mountain is. Standing at 6ft 3 and weighing in at around 286 pounds, Brock’s a force to be reckoned with.

Not only is he big and muscular, he’s as strong as an Ox and as quick as a cat. Whilst on trial for the Minnesota Vikings he:

  • Recorded a 225 pounds bench press for 30 reps
  • Ran a 40 in 4.65
  • Had a 35 inch vertical jump.

legal steroids

In WWE he’s defeated John Cena and The Rock, becoming the youngest champ in history (at the time), at just 25.  In MMA he defeated Min Soo Kim on his debut, as well as beating legendary names such as Randy Couture and Frank Mir to become the UFC heavyweight champion.

Due to the sheer size of the man, he’s been on the receiving end of steroid accusations his whole career. But are these steroid accusations justified or is Brock really natural?

Doesn’t Deny Taking Steroids

After fresh steroid accusations in 2016, Brock had the chance to give his response.

He said,

“I’m white and I’m jacked, deal with it”.

He then proceeds to say “What do you want me to say?”.

These are pretty heavy accusations which can potentially damage an athlete’s career/reputation, yet at no point is Brock able to say “I’m not on steroids” or “I’ve never taken any performance enhancing drugs”.

Also by him saying “what do you want me to say?”,  this shows that he’s feeling pressure and is struggling to speak openly about the topic without asking someone else what to say. This type of behaviour is typical of someone who has something to hide.

Although this is telling, it isn’t 100% proof that Brock’s on steroids, so lets delve deeper.

Signs of Steroids 

brock lesnar abs

Looking at Brock’s physique, he doesn’t have a natural-look to his body. He’s very bloated like he’s retaining a tonne of water, he’s got a mild HGH-gut and has cobra-like traps.

All of these symptoms aren’t common in natural athletes.

Guys who are natural typically have tight waists, don’t retain water and have proportional androgenic muscle groups (shoulders and traps).

As a general rule, if someone’s lean (you can see their abs), yet they look bloated and kinda fat-looking…they’re on steroids.

Brock’s often seen with flushed skin (below), which is a sign of a high body temperature. Steroids are well-known for spiking a user’s blood pressure and body temperature, resulting in a pink appearance to the skin and an increase in sweating.

brock lesnar steroids

Gains Timeline

The most effective/reliable way to spot someone on steroids, is to see how their physique’s changed over the course of their life.

So, here’s what Brock looked like at 14 years old.

brock lesnar 15 years old

From this picture we can see that Brock has good genetics and he’s pretty jacked for a 15 year old kid in high-school.

Brock Lesnar grew up on a farm in Minnesota. Because working on a farm is so labour intensive, Brock as a young teen, was considerably bigger than his other classmates.

Are you ready to see what Brock looked like at 16 years old?

Prepare for your mind to be blown.

brock lesnar 16 years old

Brock looks to have gained around 80lbs in the space of a year. I believe this is a combination of taking steroids (which you’ll gain roughly 50lbs from) and 30lbs of relentless eating.

You can see already at the age of 16 he has a similar amount of mass compared to in his prime. His trademark traps, as well as the rest of his body, is huge before even finishing puberty.

Here’s another picture of Brock, age 23, competing in the NCAA wrestling championships in Minneapolis.

brock lesnar young jacked

From looking at how Brock’s body has evolved over the years, it seems that he’s almost certainly taken steroids after the age of 15. To gain muscle size during puberty is normal, but to gain this much mass in such a short space of time is incredible; and unnatural for someone even with freakish genetics.

Someone with world-class genetics would’ve been bigger than what Brock was when he was 15, but then would’ve had more gradual gains until they finished puberty. In Brock’s case his transformation was anything but gradual.

Although he’s likely to have been very young when he first started juicing, it’s actually pretty common for high school wrestlers/fighters to be taking steroids at such a young age.

Failed Drugs Tests

In 2016, Brock Lesnar failed a drugs test (prior to his fight with Mark Hunt). On fight night itself he failed another test, with him being slapped with a $250,000 fine and a 2 year suspension.

He tested positive for 2 anti-estogens being clomiphene and hydroxy-clomiphene. These substances are often run during a post-cycle therapy protocol to boost natural testosterone production back to normal levels.

Brock Lesnar Arrested for ‘Anabolic Steroids’

brock lesnar steroid arrest

In January 2001, Brock was arrested for being caught with a ‘large amount of steroids’. However, 4 months later he got let off when this turned out to be human growth hormone (which technically isn’t a steroid). The compounds Brock was caught with were described by his lawyer as a ‘vitamin type of thing’ (1).

Why Hasn’t Brock Tested Positive for Steroids Prior to 2016?

After the Mark Hunt fight controversy, the WWE admitted that Brock Lesnar was NOT tested under their wellness drug testing policy. This was because he was part-time and only appeared a few times each year.

Before then, many had assumed that Lesnar was tested like the other stars.

Although USADA are catching some steroid-users in the UFC, people in the sport still believe many are slipping through the net due to poor testing procedures (and potential corruptness). This could be the reason why Brock and others are able to pass tests before finally being caught.

Conor Mcgregor, Joe Rogan and Michael Bisping are just a few who have heavily criticized the USADA testing protocols.


Evidence suggests Brock Lesnar HAS taken steroids since he was at high-school and continued using them whilst wrestling and fighting in the UFC. 

  1. He’s got visual steroid symptoms
  2. His gains timeline points towards steroid-use
  3. He doesn’t deny taking steroids
  4. He got caught taking anti-estrogens

Taking into account all of these factors, I’m very confident of this verdict.

What Steroids Has Brock Lesnar Taken?

Because Brock’s got a mild HGH gut and his nose/head’s got bigger over the years (see below) – this all points to HGH-use.

brock lesnar nose change

…Thus it comes as no surprise that the police caught him with a massive stash of HGH.

The reason why HGH increases the size of your cranium and nose is because it promotes bone and tissue growth (2).

Taking HGH and insulin together can also explain Brock’s monstrous traps. This combo of drugs usually results in huge traps (also seen with Kali Muscle).

However, taking HGH alone won’t give you huge gains in size which Brock’s experienced since he was 15. In order to gain this much mass he’d have to take several bulking steroids.

I believe these could’ve been:

  • Dianabol
  • Deca
  • Anadrol

Dianbol and deca gives you awesome muscle gains and would explain why his muscles are very thick and full looking. Anadrol is another bulking compound which is epic for gaining mass and could be the reason why he looks to be retaining a lot of water (which a-drol’s notorious for causing).




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