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Joe Rogan Workout Routine

Joe Rogan is huge nowadays. The former MMA fighter and reality TV star is dominating the internet with The Joe Rogan Experience – the most popular podcast in the world!

Rogan is well known for his common sense, everyday man approach to the major issues at hand, but he’s just as famous for his passion for physical training. Joe recently revealed a body transformation pic that set the internet world abuzz and everyone wanted to know he maintained his muscular, ripped physique at the age of 53.

In this article, we dig deep to reveal the Joe Rogan workout and diet regimen.

Joe Rogan Profile

Joe Rogan was born on August 11, 1967 in Newark, New Jersey. He is three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish.

In his early teens, he began to train in martial arts and at 15 Joe began training in Taekwondo. He was a natural, winning the US Open Championship Taekwondo competition lightweight division at the age of nineteen.

For four years straight, he was a Massachusetts full-contact state champion. However, he was forced to retire at the age of 21 as a result of frequent headaches.

Joe had always loved comedy but had never seen himself as a comic. However, he was always doing impressions and cracking jokes with this friends at the gym.

With his friends egging him on, he did his first stand-up routine on August 27th, 1988 at Stitches Comedy Club in Boston. By 1990, Joe was a full-time comedian working in New York City. In 1994, he move to Los Angles where he hosted an MTV show.

He also secured a role on a Dinsey sitcom called Hardball. In 1997, Rogan became a commentator for the UFC. Then in 2001, he became the host of the American version of Fear Factor and he hosted the show for 7 seasons.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast began in 2009 and within six years it became the most popular podcast in the world. In May of 2020, Rogan signed a $100 million deal with Spotify.

Joe Rogan married Jessica Ditzel in 2009. The couple has two children, both girls, together and Joe is the stepfather to Jessica’s daughter from a previous relationship. The family lives in Lake Austin, Texas.

Joe Rogan Workout

Joe Rogan Workout Routine

Joe Rogan is what you might call a poly exerciser. Unlike a lot of guys whose workouts start and finish in the weight room, he has a more rounded approach to his training regimen and he includes weight training, running, and yoga.

He trains with weights three days per week on alternate days. He will go for an extended trail run a couple of times per week to maintain his cardio fitness and help keep his body fat levels down.

He also does one or two sessions of hot yoga each week. It’s no surprise that he also does a couple of MMA training sessions each week.

Rogan takes a measured approach to the intensity of his training, which is very smart for a man in his fifties. He explained it this way . . .

“Instead of having one workout every three days where you blow your body out, have one workout every day where you don’t blow your body out. And you’ll get stronger quicker.”

When it comes to lifting weights, Joe Rogan takes his lead from Russian kettlebell training master Pavel Tsatsouline, but he doesn’t limit himself to the bells. Joe also trains with battle ropes, dumbbells, and even maces.

Rather than going to failure, he uses a combination of high, medium, and low reps. The Pavel Tsatsouline protocol advocates performing about half of the max number of reps possible on each set, and Joe Rogan generally follows this regimen.

Here is a typical 3-day weight workout that Joe follows:

  • Rack Deadlift – 3 x 12, 10, 8 reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 3 x 12, 10, 8 reps
  • Weighted Pull Ups – 3 x 8-10 reps
  • Kettlebell Swing – 3 x 30 reps
  • Ab Rollout – 3 x 15 reps

This type of workout, which is designed for functional strength, is directly inspired by Pavel Tsatsouline.

About 1 year ago, Joe Rogan began doing hot yoga. He derives both physical and mental benefits from the practice. Joe finds that yoga particularly improves his posture, flexibility, and core strength.

Joe’s martial arts training consists of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. He spars with other guys and spends time training on the heavy bag.

A few years ago, Joe Rogan made the commitment to get serious about his cardio training. He performs cardio type resistance training workouts involving such exercises as sled pushes, renegade rows, wind sprints, and box jumps. He’ll also he will go for a run once or twice a week, usually in the woods.

Joe Rogan Diet

Rogan does not follow any specific diet regime, but his way of eating is close to the Paleo diet. He loves to hunt and eats plenty of game meat, mostly wild.

In addition to consuming a lot of game meat, Rogan limits his intake of processed carbs and sugar, preferring to eat plenty of green leafy and starchy vegetables along with fruits. He stays away from bread, pasta, soda, grains, fruit juice, and sugar.

Joe’s five favorite foods are elk meat, kale, avocado, kimchi, and jalapenos. He also takes a number of supplements, including a multivitamin, a probiotic, Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, psyllium husk (for fiber), and creatine to power him through his workouts.

Rogan drinks a combination of kombucha, coffee, coconut water, and Zevia, which is a stevia flavored carbonated energy drink.

Wrap Up

Joe Rogan sets a great example for guys in their 40s and beyond in terms of training and nutrition. Follow the Rogan way of training and eating to reclaim your youthful power, strength, and energy at any age.


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