Is Liver King on Steroids- Natty or Not

The Liver King is Brian Johnson. Take a look of this article to find out if the lIver King is natty or not.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or what Liver King probably calls home) you should’ve heard or at least seen Brian Johnson, AKA Liver King. Gaining massive online clout as the shirtless guy, big bushy beard, and a knack for eating… everything normal people shy away from. Raw Eggs, Raw Liver, Raw Meat, Organ Meats and everything else your weird uncle said tastes good. Obviously, he looks way too jacked to be natty, right? Well hide your balls, we’re seeing if Liver King is Natty or Not.

Who is the Liver King?

Liver King (Brian Johnson) is a Social Media influencer and owner of the brand Ancestral Living. The name really states it all, he is a man that removes himself from the modern world nutrition and physical degeneration and aims to sell a living that is ancient.

The whole idea is to ignite your inner fire, to live an ancestral lifestyle and hopefully, feel amazing whilst doing this. The way Liver King does this, is by advocating a “nose to tail” diet. If you didn’t grow up on a farm in Kentucky and don’t know what that means, it means everything on the animal must be eaten. Bull Testicles, Raw Heart, everything goes.

The Liver King - Natty or Not

Overall health is improved with physical activity, less amounts of seed oils, and a “brain detox”. According to him of course. We’ll look at the science a bit later. He refuses processed foods, but does he refuse a few hundred mg of Trenbolone? The memes say no.

What Does Liver King Do For A Living?

What does any influencer do? Themselves really. While he owns Ancestral Living, he is mainly on Instagram promoting this company and style of living. According to him, the human organism preforms best when we eat like our early ancestors did. We should rarely cook food, consume fermented foods, enjoy raw milk and move in fresh air. That last one doesn’t sound bad.

Liver King has an estimated net worth just shy of One Million Dollars. So while he enjoys soaking up natural Vitamin D, he surely enjoys a bit of cash as well. Liver King’s diet has led to an enormous online following, and the theory of Ancestral Tenet is what his whole life philosophy is based on.

Is Liver King on Steroids?

Yes. If you disagree I would highly suggest you do some research on how Steroids make you look and act. While you cannot 100% say “Yes, he is”, I’m pretty damn sure. There are some key features that give it away.

1) He’s Abnormally Jacked

We see jacked people all the time, the mere existence of one doesn’t mean they’re on gear. However, the vast majority of influencers are on gear. You can eat all the muscle meats you want, but nobody is that lean all year long without dosing something. Brian is not Mr. Olympia big nor lean, however he does pack a decent amount of size, with visible abs year long. Sketchy.

2) Protruded Abs

The first thing you notice with Liver King (Besides his weird last meal) is that his abs are thicc. Big abdominal muscles aren’t a perfect sign of Steroid use, but they could be a sign of other Performance Enhancing Drug use such as Growth Hormone or Insulin.

3) Speech

This is going out on quite a large limb, but Steroids do affect brain function. Especially Trenbolone. If you aren’t aware, Trenbolone is Hepatoxic as well as Neurotoxic and can affect brain function, even years after usage. This is why Trenbolone is one of the most dangerous Steroids you could use, and Liver King is often accused of using Tren. Tren also makes you extremely jacked and lean, and will create an environment where you could almost eat what you like and still remain lean.

All in all, you cannot really say “X is on these Steroids” until they do a test (which can be cheated quite easily). According to him, his well being is perfect, perhaps thanks to some Test and Tren? I certainly think so.

What Steroids does Liver King Use?

Just to be clear, this is a professional guess based on his appearance and his mannerisms. Without actually seeing him (or him admitting to) taking these drugs, this is just a guess.

1) Trenbolone

Liver King and Trenbolone go together like your mom with your dad. So toxic for one another but it brought you here at least. While I don’t doubt that he is definitely on something, my guess would first and foremost be Trenbolone. He is always ripped, always full, always jacked, and then the slightly slurred speech could be an indication that the Neurotoxicity of Tren is beginning to catch up to him.

2) Deca-Durabolin

This is one that is interesting to discuss, but I’m only saying that he might be on Deca because there is scientific literature that says Deca can have adverse effects on cognitive function. When you listen to the way Liver King speaks, it does sound odd. This isn’t the best argument if I’m honest, loads of Pro Bodybuilders use Deca (at immense doses) and can still speak perfectly fine. Then again, everyone is individual.

3) Testosterone

Our early ancestors couldn’t send a sneaky DM to get a vial of Test, but I’m sure Brian Johnson does. When you use Steroids and fail to use a PCT, you will either take an enormous amount of time to recover, or you will become critically deficient in Endogenous Testosterone. Basically, taking Steroids shut your balls off. In saying that, I’m sure Liver King uses Testosterone year round as TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) or more than that probably.

4) Growth Hormone

Not a steroid, and the only basis I have for mu argument here is the protruding abs. You could argue that he has indigestion because the mere existence of fiber in his diet is avoided like the plague, but it could also be visceral fat. Or, it could be Growth. Who knows.

Liver King Workout

Grab your too tight shorts (no shirt), your boots and your liver because we’re on our way for a mid day sun exposure workout! Liver King has a whole workout planned for you on the Ancestral Living site.

Monday AM: Lower Body, Focus on 1RM

Monday PM: Metabolic Conditioning with a focus on Hypertrophy

Tuesday AM: Back, Rear Delts and Core

Tuesday PM: Upper Body Push

Wednesday: Endurance Walking and HIIT afterwards

Thursday AM: Plyometric Lower Body

Thursday PM: Metabolic Conditioning with a focus on Hypertrophy

Friday AM: Upper Body, Focus on 1RM

Friday PM: Upper Body Metabolic Conditioning with a focus on Hypertrophy

Saturday: “Super Barbarian” – Strongman and Core training

Sunday: Endurance Walking with Tabata Push Ups

That is a whole lot of volume, and the idea that “balanced movement trumps other training methods” doesn’t sit so well with the current literature. The human body can only take so much. If you aren’t taking rest days you simply aren’t training hard enough. Ronnie Coleman had rest days. Jay Cutler had rest days. Wow this whole animal diet must be amazing…

From a Strength and Hypertrophy coach’s perspective, I’m caught in the middle here. While this could be excellent for some sort of athlete, the Liver King fails to mention anything about progressive overload or managing volume and/or intensity to yield better results across a period of time. Then of course the complete lack of rest days. No, just no.

Liver King Diet

Grab a chunder bucket, you’re in for one slimy and smelly ride. Brian eats what most people could only describe as “totally inappropriate”. This includes raw liver, raw egg yolks, strange fermented foods, bone broth, bone marrow, organ meats and he refuses to choose processed foods. Some of those are worse than others, but some of his dietary choices, like the raw Bull Testicles is just ridiculous.

The Liver King’s diet is comprised of more natural products, a very holistic and intuitive approach. The idea is to use the whole animal, to start eating like your ancestors did, live life like they did, and hopefully we’ll all become the best versions of ourselves.

From the site, this is his statement on dieting:

“No counting calories, macronutrients, or anything like that. We made it to the top of the food chain, in part, by being inventive and intuitive. Remain intuitive and listen to your body, it knows what it needs.”

Sounds like someone didn’t study the science. But I think we all knew that. Regardless, let’s dig into his diet philosophy:

1) Nose to Tail Diet

This includes everything you already know of the Liver King. Eating the Raw Liver and Raw Bone Marrow first is Liver King’s advice, due to the fact that Animals do this.

2) Fasting

The Liver King seems to be a big fan of fasting, not only fasting to achieve Ketosis (combined with a Ketogenic Diet) but apparently also does Water Fasting – “only consuming water and minerals, is likely the single, most powerful metabolic intervention in existence.” – No Citation provided of course.

3) Supplementation

The diet for “the baddest mammalian predators” on earth still needs supplements because well, Liver King still needs to make money. This includes Minerals, Beef Organ Tablets,Protein Powder, and UVEX Glasses for ambient blue light.

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What Are the 9 Ancestral Tenets?

The 9 Ancestral Tenets are a collection of life choices one makes to excel in life, with higher quality of life and better health as well.

1) Sleep

To prioritise Sleep, Liver King advocates getting sun exposure during the same time everyday, also finishing your last meal 3 to 4 hours before bed. He also says to use Blue Light Blocking Glasses past sunset.

2) Eat

The Liver King advocates… liver. He also advises you eat other Raw Organ meat, Raw Bone Marrow and Raw Milk.

3) Move

To recreate an ancestral environment, the Liver King says to take 30 minute walks at various points throughout the day. This walk aims to increase digestion and remove you from the modern world.

4) Shield

The Liver Kind advises to avoid “man made poisons” such as excessive WiFi, Seed Oils and especially processed food. This also aims to remove you from the modern world.

5) Connect

This is to achieve a electrical net charge of Zero by walking barefoot.

6) Cold

According to the Liver King, by not experiencing extreme cold temperatures like our ancestors did, we do not have great blood circulation. By taking cold showers (or cold bathes as he does) we are not living as our early ancestors did. Which is wrong apparently.

7) Sun

To get enough Vitamin D, the Liver King advocates spending plenty of time in the sun. Mid day sun exposure is very important to the Liver King.

8) Fight

This one is a bit grey, as Liver King only advises to not avoid dangers. He says to find something that “scares the sh*t out of you”, as our early ancestors did this quite often.

9) Bond

The Liver King advocates being present in time, as even the Liver King relates to the fact that humans are social, and quite a lot of health and happiness problems can be solved with being close to other humans.

What is the Liver King Concoction?

The Liver King concoction is exactly that. A mix of a weird amount of ingredients that include raw food, and the vast majority not going well with one another. Let’s look what is in it, and the amount of Calories in the Liver King Concoction:

‍‍220 grams Ghee – 1860 Calories 212g Fat 1g Protein 0g Carbs

420 grams Almond Butter – 2660 Calories 250g Fat 63g Protein 90g Carbs

50 grams Duck Fat – 450 Calories 50g Fat 0g Protein 0g Carbs

220 grams Bluebonnet’s Grass Fed Vanilla Protein – 833 Calories 3g Fat 173g Protein 20g Carbs

140 grams Grass Fed Gelatin – 470 Calories 0g Fat 120g Protein 0g Carbs

12 – 24 grams Pink Himalayan Salt

10 grams Cinnamon

140 grams Creatine

Total: 6273 Calories 515g Fat 357g Protein 110g Carbs


Do I believe this whole idea of ancestral living is “better”? No. Someone else would have marketed the whole idea long ago if that were the case. The human organism adapts with time, that’s why we fly some places now, the Liver King can walk to Europe. Not sure if he can swim, we aren’t fish after all. Many cultures on earth still eat raw meat and consume fermented foods, live in an Ancestral Environment very far from the Modern World. Is it optimal for humans? Doubt it.

Is Liver King Natty?

Doubt it. He portrays a ripped physique all year long, and even though his legs are quite small, I doubt that he isn’t running something. Most influencers are, why wouldn’t he be?

Can you eat Raw Liver?

Technically, you could. Though it would be better and safer to cook the liver as most meats contain pathogens that are killed in the cooking process. Eating too much Liver can lead to Vitamin A toxicity.

Was Liver King in the Military?

Based off my research, no.

Comments and questions?

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1) Busardò FP, Frati P, Sanzo MD, et al. The impact of nandrolone decanoate on the central nervous system. Curr Neuropharmacol. 2015;13(1):122-131. doi:10.2174/1570159X13666141210225822

2) LiverTox: Clinical and Research Information on Drug-Induced Liver Injury [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases; 2012-. Vitamin A. [Updated 2020 Nov 4]. Available from:


Daniel Louwrens BSc PT

Daniel Louwrens BSc PT | Writer

Daniel Louwrens is a well-rounded fitness professional with over 10 years of experience in bodybuilding and fitness. He holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Western Cape and is a certified International Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He is also a skilled bodybuilder and head coach for Muscle and Brawn. With his knowledge and expertise, he provides personalized training, nutrition, and recovery guidance to help clients reach their fitness goals.

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1 year ago

Hi Daniel, I’m a 49 year old male. Fairly fit and slightly muscly, but have trouble losing my belly. Can you suggest a quick way to get a flat belly and get more shredded? Thanks Peter

1 year ago
Reply to  Peter

Simply lay on your stomach while using a cheese grater on a block off cheese. Easily flattens your belly and gets you shredded.. cheese.

1 year ago

Great post, thank You.

1 year ago

100% juiced to the gills

1 year ago

Juiced for sure. Thanks for posting this, great fun to read.

1 year ago

Agree that he’s on gear. Most of the article is well written. But you have to be insane to have any real problem with his “ancestral tenets.” Idk how anyone can look at the modern man, then look at the ancestral tenets and say “no we’re all better how we are now, I don’t need sunlight, natural foods, positive relationships, good sleep, etc”.

You’re right to hate his lies about roids. But don’t hate on good shit though just because you don’t like the guy.

1 year ago

One hugely important fact has been left out here. Human Growth Hormone can be 5x when fasting, it’s the body’s way of preserving muscle in times of no food. Also he will be super adapted to using ketones, as he doesn’t consume carbs. So practically avoiding nearly every modern health issue, and keeping body fat to a minimum. Although he eats liver, he won’t be eating enough for vitamin A toxicity (unless it’s Arctic animals, they need the extra vitamin A to see in the snow), as he advocated eating the whole animal, so it would be in proportion. The barefoot walking holds true. The earth has a negative charge, and there are more negative ions in nature than city surroundings. You also state he avoids fiber like the plague. Fermented foods have the highest concentration of pre and pro biotics. Also, cold exposure over time does improve blood flow massively. Wim Hof is a prime example of this and shows evidence. I recommend actually doing some research on the above, instead of just flaming him for being different.

1 year ago
Reply to  Baz

Dudes spittin. Also your example of a good athlete was jay cutler. Leave.

1 year ago

This man is a literal hater. Literally admits to all of his research being a complete guess, then tries to confirm it and say it’s true. I don’t know if Liver King is geared or not, no one does other than him and his close circle. People like you are the reason the large amount of misinformation is being spread rapidly more and more every day. People will say anything for some internet clout, even if that means completely blasting another human for literally no reason.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ant

*Educated guess

Turns out, he was right.

So he was heavily on gear, promoting some garbage method to sell you some supplements.

How do you feel? Did the big ole roid muncher take your money?

1 year ago
Reply to  Ant

the dude came out and apologized for lying…fr he swindled you and that’s sad..but you gotta admit, this article got it right

1 year ago

Good article. Nailed it. I’ve been bodybuilding 49 years. Been taking steroids about 45 of them which means I’ve been doing this since the “Liver King” was in diapers. I’ve seen con-men like this come and go many, many, many times.

Natty?? NFW. I’ve taken nearly everything and pride myself on being able to look at someone at the gym and accurately predict what they are taking. I know what look comes from what substance because I’ve experimented for decades

Tren, deca and hgh would be my guess 100%. I might even add a little Winstrol and Primobolan to that list.

No one can look like that from just eating liver. Its silly. You can’t look like that from just taking steroids either. Thats hours of lifting many times a week,…WITH STEROIDS.

FWIW, One thing about mixing Tren and Deca is one must use the right anti-aromatise inhibitor. Only Anastrozole works. Nolvadex, an estrogen blocker with Tren & Deca compete at the receptor site and will cause estrogen to spike to unbelievable levels.

Ryan Dezerio
Ryan Dezerio
1 year ago

Well it’s December and the “LiverKing” has come out as a juicer… and by that a HUGE one. His leaked emails show the enormous amount of steroids he’s taken and you’ve got most of them right.

1 year ago

You pegged it back in July even down to the specific steroids he uses especially the GH (LK uses Omnitrope which is a very expensive GH formula, oddly it’s FDA-approved use is for women undergoing IVF).

1 year ago

You were right on with Liver King, why not review Jeff Nippard next? On steroids? What do you think? Definitely does not add up when he posts videos eating sugary cream-filled pancakes at IHOP for breakfast then insists he does not take any PEDs at all, not even clen or anavar.

1 year ago

You were right on with Liver King, why not review Jeff Nippard next? On steroids? What do you think? Definitely does not add up when he posts videos eating sugary cream-filled pancakes at IHOP for breakfast then insists he does not take any PEDs at all, not even clen or anavar.

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