Did Chris Evans Take Steroids for Captain America?

chris evans steroids

Chris Evans’ body transformation for the Captain America/Avengers films has been talked about A LOT.

The Super Soldier’s transformation in the film itself was pretty epic, with Steve Rogers evolving from a skinny weakling (resembling Christian Bale in the Machinist) to then getting jacked.

…However, this transformation wasn’t legit as skinny Steve Rogers was created with CGI (1).

The word “steroids” has been echoed on various bodybuilding/fitness forums in regards to Chris’ transformation. It’s clear that some people believe his lean, muscular physique is the result of drugs rather than hard work.

Firstly, a body like Chris Evans’ in Captain America IS possible to achieve naturally…even for guys who don’t have great genetics.

…He’s not exactly the size of fellow Avenger Chris Hemsworth (thor), nor is he ripped to shreds.

Chris Evans’ stats in Captain America:

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 200lbs

Body fat: 8/9%

He’s also not massively heavy for someone who’s 6 feet tall.

However, just because Chris’ body is possible to achieve naturally doesn’t mean he IS natty…

In the comics, Steve Rogers was injected with a super soldier serum, enabling him to transform from scrawny to brawny.

…Did Chris Evans inject a similar substance to help him pack on muscle in real life?

Lets find out!

Chris Evans in Fantastic 4

Chris Evans first featured as a Marvel character in the Fantastic 4 films (in 2005 & 2007). He played Johnny Storm/the Human Torch and appeared topless several times.

If you’ve seen the original Fantastic 4 films you’ll know that Chris was already in good shape and actually had a similar amount of mass, compared to what he had in Captain America (6 years later).

Check out this comparison picture:

chris evans transformation

Shaven chest + good lighting = better looking body.

Not to mention all the tight t-shirts Chris wears (as Cap) when he does happen to have clothes on…

Some articles online claim that Chris gained 20lbs-30lbs of muscle to bulk up for the role of Steve Rogers. This sounds impressive.

If you were to gain 20lbs of pure muscle, your body would transform significantly.

…Even Henry Cavill only gained 15lbs of muscle during his Superman transformation and he ended up looking like a beast.

Thus it’s clear that Chris hasn’t gained 20/30lbs of muscle since his Fantastic 4 days, because he’d be significantly bigger.

It’s likely that Chris stopped lifting weights and started pumping iron again in time for Captain America, experiencing his newbie gains all over again.

In which case, a ‘newbie’ gaining 20lbs of muscle is normal and can occur in a short space of time (several weeks).

…Especially with muscle memory kicking in.

Just before Chris’ debut as Steve Rodgers, Chris starred in the film Puncture playing a tattooed lawyer. As seen in the picture below, Chris was in great shape for this film also:

chris evans in puncture


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Did Chris Evans Use Steroids Before Fantastic 4?

It’s obvious that Chris hasn’t used steroids since 2005 (Fantastic 4), because he’s pretty much stayed the same size and he hasn’t got considerably leaner.

However there is a possibility that Chris used steroids to look like how he did in 2005. It’s unlikely, because he’s not overly muscular in Fantastic 4…but it is possible.

From looking at topless photos of Chris in earlier films such as Another Teen Movie (2001) and Cellular (2004), it’s clear that he hasn’t ballooned up in size at any point during his acting career. He’s experienced some modest newbie gains but that’s about it.

No Steroid Symptoms:

Chris has:

  • Very good skin
  • A good head of hair
  • A smooth look to his muscle
  • No red colour to his skin
  • No gyno
  • No bloating

When you take steroids the appearance of your skin often deteriorates. This is because steroids accelerate ageing due to them decreasing collagen levels (the protein that makes your skin supple).

Steroids also speed up hair loss, due to them increasing Dihydrotestosterone levels , the male androgenic hormone, otherwise known as DHT. However Chris still has thick hair and a normal-sitting hairline.

Chris has natural, smooth looking muscles. Some steroids such as trenbolone, winstrol and anavar have diuretic attributes, meaning water is flushed out of the body. When water levels are low, a person can look increasingly shredded or ‘dry’. Zac Efron had this dry look for Baywatch.

Steroids can make your skin look a few shades darker compared to normal, due to them significantly elevating your body temperature. Chris doesn’t have this colour to his skin in any of his films.

Most steroids, particularly bulking ones, won’t let you add size without experiencing some level of bloating. However, Chris has a very slim face and an equally small waist.

Verdict: Natty

Despite many people being quick to point their fingers and accuse Chris Evans of taking steroids, this analysis was an easy one because he hasn’t made any significant gains since he was in Cellular (2004) or Fantastic 4 (2005).

Chris Evans’ physique is a great example of how you can look muscular, despite not actually having a lot of muscle.

This is because when you get under 10% body fat, muscle definition increases making you appear bigger.

If you were to say to someone “Chris Evans’ body in Captain America”, brains will generally refer back to this legendary scene…

chris evans steroids

The reason why Chris Evans looks bigger/more impressive during this clip is because he’s shaved, oiled up and the lighting is on point.

…compared to his old Fantastic 4 furry chest days.

There’s a reason why bodybuilders remove every hair follicle in sight and slap on oil before they walk on stage for a competition…It makes your body look 10x better.

This is why during other scenes of the Captain America film(s), Chris doesn’t look as muscular as he appears here.


(1) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1368240/Chris-Evans-transformed-scrawny-brawny-new-Captain-America-trailer.html

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Weak Sauce
Weak Sauce
2 years ago

Ernst hits us again with the wrong take. Imagine thinking a hollywood celebrity who’s primary selling point is his physique, is natural. You listed a bunch of “symptoms” of juicing that anybody with a hollywood makeup staff can fix.

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