High Volume, One Hour Tom Platz Leg Workout

tom platz leg workout

Tom Platz. There are few iconic bodyparts in the history of bodybuilding. The legs of Tom Platz. The biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But unfortunately, when we think of Tom Platz and Arnold Schwarzenegger, we also think of high volume training. Both Platz and Schwarzenegger spent hours at a time in the gym.

So, how do we workout like Tom Platz when our schedules are busy and we only have one hour to train? As a wise man once said, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Call this leg workout, Tom Platz version 2.0. You can knock it out in an hour, if you survive.

High Volume One Hour Tom Platz Leg Workout

The primary principle involved with this Tom Platz style high volume workout is rest-pause. You will be watching the clock after every set. Initially, you will feel like you’re going to die. Hang in there…over the course of several weeks, you will get better at surviving this workout.

On the last set of non-squat exercises, drop the weight by 30%. Perform the rep with normal tempo, but also perform slow negatives of 4-6 seconds. Train until failure on these slow negative sets.


(Weight provided as an example)

  • 225 x 12 …rest 2 minutes
  • 245 x 10 …rest 2 minutes
  • 265 x 8 …rest 90 seconds
  • 265 x 8 …rest 90 seconds
  • 285 x 6 …rest 90 seconds
  • 285 x 6 …rest 90 seconds
  • 305 x 4 …rest 60 seconds
  • 305 x 4

Overall, these 8 sets of squats should take you approximately 25 minutes. You will be ready to head home – if you could walk, that is – but you’re not done yet.

Leg Extensions, Leg Press or Lunges

(Perform only one of these exercises per workout. Rotate exercises over a 3-workout period). Rest only for 10-15 deep breaths between sets. Pick a weight, and when you can perform 30 total reps for all 4 sets, move up in weight. Perform slow negatives on the last set of leg extensions and leg press.

  • 4 sets of 6-20

These 4 sets should take you about 10 minutes, including set-up time. You have now been hammering your legs for a total of 35 minutes. it’s now time to devastate your hamstrings.

Romanian Deadlifts or Hamstring Curls

Rest 60 seconds between sets, and don’t forget the slow negatives on your last set. You may also work in wide stance deadlifts – which are excellent at blasting the hammies. When you can perform 40 reps for all 6 sets, move up in weight.

  • 6 sets of 6-20

With set-up time, it should take you 15 minutes to hammer your hamstrings. But you’re not done yet. Time to blast your calves.

Calve Work

For calves, pick your favorite exercise and perform 50 rep sets. It may take some time to find an appropriate weight to use. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets. If you have to drop weight from set to set to accommodate the high reps, do so. Don’t worry about negative reps. They’re not needed with this volume.

  • 3 sets of 50 reps


There you have it – a 60 minutes high volume, Tom Platz style leg workout.In a one hour period of time, you have performed 21 sets. Not back – but still only half the volume that Tom Platz did.

It may be a good idea to schedule a day or two of rest after this workout.

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Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw | Writer

Steve Shaw is the original founder of Muscle and Brawn, an experienced powerlifter with over 31 years experience pumping iron. During competition he’s recorded a 602.5lb squat, 672.5lb deadlift and a 382.5lb bench press.

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linley catacutan
2 years ago

thank a good exercise to enchance you ability to work out

2 years ago

What an intense workout!..Surely if you follow these instructions you’ll get the best shape you wanted.🥰

Julee Ann
2 years ago

Wow go! Go! For fitness. Be healthy and do the moves. Great

Joel Formentera
2 years ago

quarantine workout

2 years ago

very nice

Winky suyu
2 years ago

Very nice

2 years ago

Very nice

1 year ago

Hey, what are the percentages of a 1RM for the squats?

1 year ago

Can you use the same rep schemes for chest or back. Using the squat reps and sets for bench or deads

10 months ago

I will try this next time but not with 225kg start with 120 kg haha last time when i squad with to mutch weights i got it in my lower any one had this to?.

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