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Breon Ansley Workout Routine and Diet

Despite his age, Breon Ansley is still one of the best, most complete bodybuilders around today. Radiant with positive vibes and a fresh training philosophy, it’s hard not to love

Nick Walker Workout Routine and Diet

Nick Walker partnered with a good friend of his, Matt Jansen, to take on the world of bodybuilding as a rookie. Let’s look at his current training and diet.

Urs Kalecinski Workout Routine and Diet

Born in 1998, Urs Kalecinski is a German bodybuilder currently competing in the Classic Physique division of the IFBB Pro League. At just 24, he’s quickly established himself as one

Best Powerbuilding Workouts

Many people who make the conversion from regular gym-goer to amateur powerlifter quickly realise that without a specific program they’re not going to shine in this sport. Powerlifting requires you

Benedikt Magnusson Deadlift

Benedikt Magnusson Deadlift Routine

Benedikt Magnusson is arguably the best deadlifter in the world (though Eddie Hall may have something to say about that). He has broken the world record for raw lifting with

Brock Lesnar MMA Workout Routine

Brock Lesnar was raised on a farm in his younger years, so if anyone knows a thing or two about work ethic – it’s Brock. In his younger days he’d

Matt Kroc Kroczaleski 12 Week Squat Program

Matt Kroczaleski is a world renowned powerlifting champion. Matt’s a former marine, who at his peak weighed 255lbs at 5 ft 9. The former MuscleTech sponsored athlete has recorded some