YK-11: Before and After

YK-11 is commonly known as one of the strongest SARMs on the planet. Is it really that strong, and are the sides worth it? Let's look at real world results.

YK-11 is known as one of the strongest SARMs (Selective androgen receptor modulators) on the market. In fact, it’s so strong that many are too afraid to even use it. But why is this myostatin inhibitor so strong?

And is it even worth it? Can it only be used to build muscle, or are there fat-burning effects as well?

Let’s have a look at the science of Androgen receptors and the results people have had with the YK 11 SARM.

Key Takeaways

  • YK 11 is the strongest SARM you can get your hands on
  • YK 11 would have some of the strongest side effects when looking at SARMS
  • YK 11 can cause muscle growth, fat loss, and improved bone health
  • You can purchase YK 11 from Sports Technology Labs

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What is YK-11?

YK-11 is known as a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is literally a limiting factor for muscle growth, as one of its jobs is to keep muscles from growing too large.

Thus, scientists realized that just like other SARMs, this could have applications in the medical world. For patients who struggle to gain muscle due to illness, removing a limiting factor like Myostatin could save their lives.

Some animal studies have shown some really awesome results, and we’ve all seen this picture of the bull that was born with naturally low Myostatin. Part of the reason YK 11 is so strong is that one study has shown it to be stronger than DHT [1].

However, as you will learn, later on, this anabolic activity comes at the expense of a lot of adverse effects. YK-11 is certainly something not everyone should take. Especially not in their first cycle (or even second if you ask me).

Before and After YK-11

Reddit Review

YK-11 Before and After
r/sarmssourcetalk - 6 Week YK-11 Transformation. Body weights up 15 pounds and major compound lifts up 65-80 pounds. Cycle actually ends Saturday but ill be on Vacation so I figured id go ahead and post a final update before bloods and pct. Ask me Anything.

6 Week YK-11 Transformation. Body weights up 15 pounds and major compound lifts up 65-80 pounds. Cycle actually ends Saturday but ill be on Vacation so I figured id go ahead and post a final update before bloods and pct. Ask me Anything.

Reddit Review

r/sarmssourcetalk - My 4 week YK -11 experience

So I’m 6’6 35 yrs old and always been in athletic shape . My goal was to keep and gain muscle mass and cut up . I was around 255 when I started and now I’m at around 270 .

I like the definition now have in my abs and I’m sure it’ll be even crazier after another 4 weeks . I took 15 mg ( split up in 5mg doses 3x a day everyday ) and worked out and STRETCHED 6 days a week .

I got my YK 11 from Amino Asylum. No complaints. use code NATE for 20 percent off .

Side effects:

The early side effects were itchy wrists and legs . Lasted 2 days . Other side effect is tight ass muscles . I’m tall and always had back posture problems . I literally had to make sure all my bad walking and posture habits were in check because if you’re not stretching , staying hydrated , balanced etc…. You’re gonna tighten up . So I was doing yoga and fixing life long posture issues so I feel like I avoided those specific side effects I could feel coming

Where to buy YK-11

Best YK 11 on the Market

YK 11

Now that you know what the results of YK 11 can look like, you probably are looking to buy some. Who wouldn’t want more muscle growth, fat loss, increased aggression (for lifting), muscle strength, and even more bone strength

For bodybuilding purposes, YK 11 is phenomenal. If you are looking to get your hands on some, we would recommend Sports Technology Labs as an online Vendor.

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  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Decrease in fat mass
  • Has some severe side effects
  • More research is needed

Is YK-11 Legal?

All SARMs fall under the same laws in the States, which describe them as “research chemicals”. This means you may purchase them without running into legal issues, as long as the company states they are for research purposes and not for human use.

YK-11 Side Effects

We hinted earlier that all the positives about YK 11 come at a price and a rather large one. Anecdotal evidence of guys running YK 11 at high doses shows that the liver toxicity, Testosterone suppression, and androgenic side effects are quite bad. Overall, you can expect the following side effects:

  • Acne and other androgenic sides
  • Liver damage
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Roid rage (in some individuals)
  • Some report water retention as well

For optimal results, you might wanna have your diet, training, and whole life completely ready before taking YK 11.

Conclusion: Is YK-11 worth it?

For those who have one or two SARM cycles under their belt, maybe. The positives are massive, such as lean muscle gain, fat loss, increased bone density, and more aggression.

That said, it will have some severe side effects. You have to take note of these and know that YK11 results do not come for free. You need to live as healthy as you can, and you need to do cardio, take organ support, and live incredibly healthy to avoid serious sides.

Other than that, yes, YK 11 would be worth it for those willing to make the sacrifices for muscle-building capabilities.

Is YK 11 the strongest SARM?

Yes, YK 11 is definitely one of the strongest SARMs on the market, and known for causing aggressive muscle growth. That said, it will also bring upon a load of side effects, so. Be careful.

How long does it take for YK 11 to kick in?

About 5 – 10 days before you start feeling it.

Does YK 11 affect testosterone?

Yes, YK 11 will cause a downregulation in Testosterone. This is why you would need a Post Cycle therapy in order to restart Testosterone again.

Best YK 11 Brand

The best YK 11 brands we can recommend would be Sports Technology Labs.

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