Did Hugh Jackman Take Steroids for Wolverine?

If I had to pick my favourite EVER Marvel character, it would be Wolverine.

The moment Hugh Jackman announced he would stop playing Wolverine was one of the saddest days of my life (srs)…

If other Marvel fans are like me, when this news came to light, they curled up into a ball and watched X-Men films all day on Netflix.

Hugh Jackman played the role of Wolverine like a boss.

Jackman first appeared in ‘Xmen’ in 2000, where he looked in good shape.

…But something was missing.

He wasn’t quite as muscular/shredded as the comic book Wolverine.

Hugh looked like a guy who worked out, instead of an invincible mutant who can tear steel chains with his bare hands.

Then came the release of X-Men origins in 2009, where it’s safe to say…Hugh got ripped to shreds.

This clip says it all.

Then came The Wolverine and Days of Future Past where Hugh continued to get even more shredded.

It’s well-known that steroids are rife in Hollywood, so after seeing Hugh’s stunning transformation people naturally started to wonder…

Did Hugh Jackman Take Steroids?

Firstly, Hugh Jackman hasn’t actually gained a significant amount of muscle since appearing in X-Men (2000).

Here’s a comparison of Hugh when he looked less impressive, compared to what he looked like in The Wolverine…ripped to the bone!

hugh jackman transformation

It’s pretty evident that during these 13 years he hasn’t actually gained any muscle.

I’ve seen some before/after pictures where he’s in different poses, making it seem like he’s gained a load of mass when he actually hasn’t.

However, this comparison picture is perfect because he’s in an almost identical position making it easy to judge.

The main difference in these 2 pictures is that Hugh’s dropped his body fat by roughly 4%, going from lean to shredded.

Good news: losing 4% body fat doesn’t take 13 years to achieve…and certainly doesn’t require taking any steroids.

However, that doesn’t guarantee that Hugh is natty. So lets take at his body to see if there’s any physical signs of juicing…

Excessive Vascularity

Hugh’s got a lot more veiny during these 13 years. Typically a steroid-user can experience more prominent vascularity due to thinning of the skin and increased red blood cell production.

If he got this vascular within the space of a few years it would definitely seem dodgy, but 16 years is a long time.

As we get older our collagen levels naturally decrease. This results in thinner skin, meaning there’s less skin covering our veins. So if your body fat stays more or less the same; in 16 years time you’ll be a lot more vascular than you are right now.

Have you ever seen an old guy who’s lean and lifts weights? Veins spiraling everywhere…to the point where you almost reconsider if you want to be vascular anymore.

Hugh’s not only 41 years old in X-Men: Origins, but he also lost a good amount of fat in preparation for this movie.

The higher your body fat percentage is, the less vascular you’ll be.

Getting down to 6% body fat or less will naturally result in more vascular muscles.

So it appears that Hugh’s increase in vascularity is down to ageing and lower body fat, rather than steroids.

Flushed Skin?

hugh jackman flushed skin

In Days of Future Past Hugh has extremely flushed skin. This red colour is the result of a high body temperature.

Natty guys can sometimes develop a slightly pink appearance temporarily, when their blood pressure is spiked i.e. working out/in a sauna.

But in this picture Hugh’s chest and neck are extremely red.

This indicates that there’s strong thermogenic activity going on.

Several steroids can cause this flushing effect, but clenbuterol is notorious for causing this colour in the upper body.

Clenbuterol is a cutting (fat burning) stimulant.

People that run clen can experience this flushed appearance because it stimulates your central nervous system, which then increases your overall body temperature (and blood pressure).

As a result, your body works hard to cool your temperature back down to normal. As the body is constantly working hard to regulate your temperature, you’ll burn burn a lot more calories. This significant increase in calorie expenditure, is what makes clen a powerful fat burner.


Based on the evidence it seems like Hugh Jackman has taken PED’s (performance enhancing drugs).

Although it seems like Hugh may have taken clenbuterol to help him get ripped for Days of Future Past, his body is still a realistic goal to attain naturally.

…Even for guys with average genetics.

Hugh doesn’t appear to have taken any bulking steroids as he hasn’t gained any significant mass.

If Hugh had taken a bulking compound like testosterone, he would’ve ended up packing on a lot more size (like the Wolverine from the comics).

I always envisioned Wolverine to be about 40lbs heavier than what Hugh was. Nonetheless, Hugh still got in incredible shape and played arguably the greatest Wolverine there will ever be.

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