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Obesity is on the rise, and some of us might need a little help and guidance on the weight loss journey. Let's have a look at the best online weight loss clinics.

Weight gain is one of the biggest health issues humanity is facing, as it is estimated that more than 2 billion adults are obese (end of 2020).

This is a staggering number of people, and yet, diet plan sales have sky rocketed since? Something simply does not add up. Exercise plans are all over social media, physical activity has become sexy, and yet people are just getting more obese?

It doesn’t take a masters degree to figure out things are not how they are supposed to be. Building healthy habits seems to be something people struggle with, and this is where Online Weight Loss clinics come into play. They have medical professionals helping you on this journey, and of course, weight loss medication.

But there’s more to being the best than just prescription weight loss medications – so let’s take a look at the medical team(s), and how they operate the Best Online Weight Loss Clinic.

Who is the Best Online Weight Loss Clinic?

Choosing the best weight loss clinic is no easy feat. You can’t only look at how much weight one can lose when working with them, but you have to look at the prescribed medication, sustainable habits taught, and the overall health improvement they offer.

Taking all of that into consideration, the best weight loss clinic would have to be Alliance Weight Loss Center. They have been doing weight loss in person, and recently introduced a Telehealth option as well.

Every weight loss program includes not just a healthy diet, but Vitamin B 12 shots, appetite suppressants, as well as an exercise plan. You will be communicating with an on board certified medical provider, which will ensure the treatment plan is up to date and working well.

Healthy weight loss is more than just eating less and moving more, it should be sustainable. This is something Alliance is keen on supporting, as they limit treatment plans to only three months – and as a coach myself, I like this idea. Trying to go more than 12 weeks for fat loss (as a nonathlete) is not a great idea.

They also offer a few other treatments besides fat loss programs and prescription medications, such as aesthetic medicine (Botox, Juvéderm) and internal medicine.

Overall, a great place to ensure your metabolic health is prioritized, and that you will develop healthy eating habits while losing weight. Costs are as low as $189 dollars a month – which includes everything.

How We Chose the Best Weight Loss Clinic

Obviously, we couldn’t send the four biggest people in the office to try and lose weight at five different clinics – although that sounds like an excellent Youtube series.

Fad diets are some of the most common diets we see in most people’s weight loss programs. We also want to avoid companies that only rely on weight loss medication(s) as treatment, as this could lead to the wrong mental health development with food – “I can eat what I want and ‘xxx’ will burn it”.

We had to take a deeper look into these diet plans and see how they combined all the different factors of losing weight into one. So, the most important factors of an effective weight loss plan and clinic are:

Sustainability: Crash diets and yo yo dieting are sh*t. They just are, and in the end, you could be doing more damage to yourself than good. The clinic should provide a personalized weight loss program.

Weight loss medication: There are plenty of effective tools that you can use to help you lose weight, in fact, a large portion of medical development is focused on weight management medication. It’s not the only solution to weight loss, but it does help.

Cost: Studies suggest those who are less financially stable seem to be more overweight [1]. One on one coaching ain’t cheap, and this kind of approach to weight loss isn’t either. Costs will thus play a massive role, and we do consider value for money greatly.

Best Weight Loss Clinic

Evolve HRT Telemed

Evolve HRT Telemed is not actually a weight loss clinic, but they do offer weight loss treatment plans – sort of. See, with some hours spent on the internet, you can actually learn a lot about the ins and outs of weight loss. Simply isn’t that hard.

Evolve HRT is actually a Hormonal Replacement Therapy clinic, and, as the name suggests, they focus on hormonal therapy.

This means their weight loss medication is going to consist of things like Carnitine, Peptides (Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and HGH Fragment), and other less common weight loss medication.

These are still massively effective, Peptides, for instance, are phenomenal for fat loss. You won’t be working with a fitness coach, only a calibrate doctor. They will monitor your weight loss journey and adjust medication as needed.

  • Offers weight loss medication that others on this list do not
  • They also offer other hormonal treatments
  • No training or diet input
  • Treatment plan could be more expensive than others due to the medicine being stronger
Best Transparent Weight Loss Clinic


found is a true and honest weight loss clinic that is that even takes your health history into account when designing your program. Their treatment plan is a lot longer than other treatment plans, and for good reason.

They aim to not only change the number on the scale to a healthy weight but also change your entire life. Like other plans, they also make use of FDA approved medication, but they put a lot of focus on other factors as well.

The medication they offer are Buproprion, GLP-1s, and Metformin (personal favorite).

Based on the RX path, members “Found members lost 10% of their body weight by

month 6, and kept it off.” . They are a hands-on and personalized company that will help you step by step to reach your goal weight in a sustainable manner.

  • Extremely good and “home” feeling
  • Offer Metformin as treatment which is great
  • I think they have the means to offer weight gain options as well
  • Other clinics offer more medication
Best Overall Weight Loss Clinic

Alliance Weight Loss Center

Alliance Weight Loss Center has recently introduced Telemedicine options and has quite a few offerings in its catalog except for weight loss programs. They also offer botox and various other treatments.

They pride themselves on their medical weight loss programs that combine a diet and exercise plan that is specifically designed for the client in question. You work with a personal coach that you engage with weekly to ensure you get the best results possible.

The treatment plan also includes FDA approved medication for weight loss such as Phentermine, Topamax®, Contrave®, and Saxenda®. You also get regular Vitamin B12 injections as this has been shown to aid fat loss slightly [2].

  • Provides training, diet, and medication
  • Weekly check-ins with health coaches
  • Their store’s supplements are very expensive
  • They limit you to only 3 months of the treatment
Best TRT Company for Weight Loss

Marek Health

Marek Health is another clinic that does not strictly do weight loss. They are actually focused on optimizing male and female hormones, but they do have a weight loss plan. Their primary focus is on hormonal replacement therapy.

Their weight loss journey with you will be based on testing your hormonal levels, and finding a reason or explanation as to why you are struggling to lose weight.

Treatment plans will be centered around the use of Peptides such as HGH-Fragment, a popular peptide that will increase lipolysis by increasing levels of lipase. They will also test for various other health factors, so they would even be able to help you avoid getting a cardiovascular disease.

  • They offer more than just medical weight loss programs
  • No fitness coach
  • No weight loss plan (diet and exercise)
Easiest Weight Loss Clinic

Coaching by Muscle & Brawn

We here at Muscle & Brawn have recently introduced online coaching for those who are looking to optimize their body. We differ from the others on this list as our weight loss program doesn’t come with medication.

We do however have a hands-on approach with clients. Weekly check-ins, discussing your medical history, and finding the best way to construct your weight loss program.

I, Daniel, am the coach and I have been coaching clients for over 8 years. I firmly believe it will only take a few steps for you to get where you want.

Yes, there are sacrifices, but designing a plan that is sustainable for you is my top goal. Emotional health does matter.

  • Professional bodybuilder as a health coach
  • We focus on building muscle AND losing fat
  • We don’t supply any medication

What are Weight Loss Clinics?

As the name suggests, a weight loss clinic is a clinic where you work with the trainers and doctors to effectively lose weight. A medical weight loss program is consisted of more than just exercise and diet, however.

See, because of the medical professionals at these clinics, they can get you prescription medications. This means your diet plan will be way more effective, and your body mass index will drop – fast.

Wellness brands will often sell products as miracle products, whereas these clinics are very honest about what is possible with a plan like theirs.

You work with a coach or form health doctor which will change your diet, training plan, and medication as you progress with weight loss. Some doctors can even prescribed medication for other factors such as high blood pressure.

How Do Weight Loss Clinics Work?

Most weight loss clinics have the same weight loss journey.

Step 1: Consultation

The first step is an initial call you have with the medical experts at the clinic, and since they are specialists at medical weight loss, they can understand what your needs are and begin theorizing the best treatment plan for you.

Step 2: Medication

Certain medication (read below) has been found to be massively impactful on weight loss, and so board certified physicians and doctors can prescribe these FDA approved medication. This might sometimes require you to take a blood test prior, especially with more experimental medication.

Step 3: Wellness Plan

Most clinics (not all) will also prescribe a weight loss plan that has a diet and exercise habits included. This will usually be designed for each person and is unlikely to be a copy and paste format. This diet and exercise plan is supposed to work in conjunction with the medication to create the perfect plan for losing weight.

Weight Loss Medication

There are several weight loss medications that can be prescribed by clinics, so let’s go over the ones you see most often.


This is an oral drug taken as a treatment for obesity, but only for a few weeks, as the effects do begin to lower after some time. This is a drug used to reduce hunger signaling, as a high enough dose will act as a releasing agent of norepinephrine in neurons, and releases dopamine and serotonin into synapsis as well [3].


Bupropion is a releasing agent of both norepinephrine and dopamine. In essence, by having “more” serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, you have more energy and your appetite is suppressed [4].


Metformin is a popular drug amongst prediabetics, as Metformin will massively increase insulin sensitivity. It does this by increasing insulin-mediated insulin receptor tyrosine kinase activity, and being more insulin sensitive could help in your weight loss journey [5].


Peptides will be used by clinics like Evolve and Marek. Peptides is a general term for a variety of individual peptide products. Human Growth Hormone or Human Growth Hormone Fragment will be used for fat loss often and will help you lose weight by increasing the levels of lipolysis [6].

Reviews of Weight Loss Journey

Reddit username IntoThaMystic had this to say about found:

“I am halfway into my 3rd week on the medication. I have lost 8 pounds. I am not too impressed with the “coach”. The more we go on, the more auto generated the responses seem to be.

They really aren’t that helpful. Once you’re all signed up, you get an invitation to a Facebook group. A lot of people in the group have the same issue with the “coaches”.”

Other reviews of found seem to be the same. Weight loss is a tricky business, you are bound to have some individuals who are never happy with the services offered.

How to lose weight fast?

Simply, you reduce your overall calories. Medical weight loss might include medication or weight loss peptides, however, the fastest way to lose weight is to eat a lot of protein, reduce calories, lift, and even do some cardio.

Medication for weight loss?

There are plenty of weight loss medications on the market. With medical weight loss programs you’re most likely to find Phentermine, Metformin, Peptides, and Bupropion. There are, of course, various others available.

Personal Health Coach?

For a personal health coach, you can click here to have a consultation with me, the head coach at Muscle & Brawn.

Best Thyroid Medication for Weight Loss

Thyroid medication can help with weight loss, however, these are not often found in medical weight loss programs.

They can be detrimental to your health if used incorrectly. Both T4 and T3 can be used, however, Peptides seem to be better for a weight loss program due to fewer side effects.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a comment down below and one of our expert coaches will respond to it.

1) Żukiewicz-Sobczak W, Wróblewska P, Zwoliński J, Chmielewska-Badora J, Adamczuk P, Krasowska E, Zagórski J, Oniszczuk A, Piątek J, Silny W. Obesity and poverty paradox in developed countries. Ann Agric Environ Med. 2014;21(3):590-4. doi: 10.5604/12321966.1120608. PMID: 25292135.

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Daniel Louwrens is a well-rounded fitness professional with over 10 years of experience in bodybuilding and fitness. He holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Western Cape and is a certified International Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He is also a skilled bodybuilder and head coach for Muscle and Brawn. With his knowledge and expertise, he provides personalized training, nutrition, and recovery guidance to help clients reach their fitness goals.

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