MGF Peptide Guide (Mechano Growth Factor): Benefits + Uses

Mechano Growth Factor is a tricky Peptide to understand. Is it worth using, and how does one even go about doing so? Can athletes use it, or is it only for the elderly?
Medically reviewed by Dr. Mohammed Fouda
Dr. Fouda uses his extensive knowledge and expertise as an academic scholar to medically review articles for scientific accuracy and credibility, ensuring that the medical information presented is up-to-date and trustworthy. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of the medical information presented on our website.

Peptides! You’ve heard of them, hell, you might’ve even used some of ’em. These nifty little compounds can bring subtle changes to create a massive shift in your physique.

So, what about the MGF Peptide? Mechano Growth Factor MGF is certainly not the most popular Peptide hormone… Should it be?

We hear about people saying yay or nay all day long, coaches, influencers, bodybuilders, who do we even believe anymore!?

Well, to save you some PIP, I went ahead and did the research for you with this MGF Peptide Review. Just cause I’m a nice guy.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Takeaways

  • MGF is a spliced version of IGF-1
  • IGF-1 and MGF are released in response to resistance training
  • MGF begins to lower as we age
  • MGF will act as a growth factor for the stem and satellite parts of the muscle
  • More studies are needed on MGF, however, plenty of people see muscle tissue adaptations from PEG-MGF

What is MGF?

MGF or Mechano Growth Factor falls within the family of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) Peptide hormones within the body.

MGF Peptide Review
Figure 1: Mechano growth factor (MGF) is a splice variant of IGF-1 first described in skeletal muscle

To put it very scientifically, MGF is an alternatively spliced variant of insulin-like growth factor-I. Sometimes MGF will also be referred to as an Isoform of IGF-1 [1].

MGF (and IGF-1) will both be released in response to stress being placed on muscle cells. When a muscle undergoes weight training or something like that, there will be an endogenous expression of these two compounds [2].

After training, IGF-1 is spliced, creating the MGF with a unique C-terminal peptide. This in turn jumpstarts hypertrophy and tissue growth via recovery.

Interestingly enough, data suggest that we lose the MGF expression ability as we age. This is one of the reasons for muscle loss as we age.

How Does MGF Work?

When we undergo training or mechanical stimulation (mechanical overload) we see that there is an increase in the IGF I gene expression. This results in more Mechano Growth Factor MGF.

Because MGF has this special C-terminal, it appears that MGF is rather good at activating and replenishing the muscle stem (satellite) cell pool.

In layman’s terms, it will help with muscle repair, but more importantly, it helps create new muscle stem cells. This is the “base” level of muscle and is important if your overarching goal is muscle growth.

Studies also show that the average MGF transcript is lower in older individuals, but far better in younger people [3]. Granted, a lot of these studies were done on mouse models.

Due to the massive effect on satellite cells and skeletal muscle, researchers are extremely keen to see how these growth factors can be used to treat illnesses that are age dependent. Some even found MGF to increase muscle mass by 35% in one week when combined with “certain factors”.

These factors include tying an animal down and having electrical impulses enter the muscle constantly. You will not gain 35%. That said, it appears to be so good (alongside IGF 1) that scientists created a new term for athletes who use it – Gene Doping.

Benefits of MGF

MGF is not the most researched Peptide hormone on the planet and even looking at more developed versions like PEG MGF, the research is quite little. That said, there are plenty of proven benefits:

  • Muscle growth when combined with mechanical overload
  • Tissue repair of injured muscles
  • Increase in satellite cells within skeletal muscle
  • Some studies even suggest improved cardiac function and brain development

One thing to consider is that even though this is a synthetic Peptide and those are usually well-researched, legitimate molecular biology studies on MGF are very rare.

MGF Usage in Bodybuilding

The Mechano Growth factor is particularly useful when it comes to the rapid healing of injured muscle fibers. The peptide calls upon satellite cells (cells responsible for muscle recovery) alongside the recruitment of amino acids for muscle recovery and rejuvenation. This leads to more muscle growth and strength. 

Research indicates that 200 mcg/day of Mechano Growth Factor is yielding for bodybuilding. 

MGF falls within a range of products known as research chemicals. These can be sold under certain terms such as “research chemical” and “not for human use”.

That said, there are certain HRT Clinics such as Evolve Telemed that do use Peptides to treat their patients. This means not only do you get a great quality product, but you also get a doctor to work with, and actual blood results to look at health growth over time.

Who Should Use MGF?

MGF can be used as an HRT or Peptide Therapy, but it is more likely that you will be prescribed pure Human Growth Hormone anyways.

When looking at the effects of MGF on muscle growth and muscle stem cells, it is obvious that athletes would want to make use of these Peptide actions.

Figure 2: While MGF is often used by athletes, it also has a lot of application opportunities for aging folk

It doesn’t take a medical college degree to know that bodybuilders and other athletes would want to use any growth factors they can to get better.

MGF does have the ability to increase satellite cells and muscle fibers, however, it is not as strong as other anabolic compounds in the industry.

How to Use MGF?

If you are someone who is looking to avoid the muscle loss we see with aging or someone who isn’t an athlete, I highly recommend you make use of an HRT Clinic to get and use MGF. You would probably go for PEG MGF due to it having a much longer half-life.

Athletes would use MGF, PEG-MGF, or both! MGF has a very short half-life, and the PEG version will keep you “dosed up” for a much longer time. It can be used when bulking or cutting, as the only goal it has is tissue growth.

Looking at some of the studies, you would see even better results when you combine Mechano Growth Factor with pure Human Growth Hormone.

One more thing, while sheep studies show that MGF can help with heart health, more research is needed before we look at heart benefits for humans.

MGF Dosage

Dosage will be person dependent, however, “common” information by experienced bodybuilders is around 200mcg per day. It is also common to use PEG MGF on your rest days, seeing as muscle stem cell stimulation will be less on rest days.

MGF Stack

MGF can be stacked with a variety of Peptides such as IGF-1, HGH, and BPC 157. Your stack or cycle will be dependent on age, goals, and past experiences.

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MGF Experiences

My results

I am NOT the ideal candidate for anabolism. I have low natural testosterone (at the moment) and I am not using steroids. I also have high cortisol (at the moment). I was using nothing but MGF (Peg 1900) during this period. The MGF (Peg-1900) was of excellent quality freshly made and acquired from Tom. I truly believe that all Chinese Peg-MGF is of very poor quality. For that matter most non-Peg is of poor quality as well.

I settled into dosing Peg-MGF 4-8 hours PWO in the muscle worked. I eventually moved to using at least a full vial at a time. I reconstituted w/ sterile water (no bacertiostatic water) and used tiny insulin needles to micro-inject bilaterally into two worked muscle groups. As an example 500mcg into left pec, 500mcg into right pec, 500mcg into left delt, 500mcg into right delt.

There was no degradation of reconstituted peptide as the entire vial was immediately used. 

Dosing seemed to be 3 times per week. I then added lats & biceps as injection sites. For a few weeks I moved the dosing to 4mg at a time (1mg into each of the 4 sites). Sometimes 4 days straight (16mg for the week).

I then ramped down and dosed once or twice a week at 2mg at a time (4mg/week). 

So clearly my dosing scheme was one of consistent use of peg-MGF; very high dosing; micro-dosing in worked muscle.

The micro-dosing at high doses meant I would hit 10 sites per bilateral muscle (i.e. 10 left pec, 10 right pec, 10 left front & side delt, 10 right front & side delt). Yes I ended up with brusing every once in a while.

Interesting part

There was local and neighboring systemicgrowth. As an example I worked chest tris & shoulders. I dosed shoulders & chest. Those grew. I did not dose triceps but they grew as well.


You can pin MGF for as long as you want. There is no real tolerance build up unless you are injecting the same precise location over and over again. The main actions of MGF are done and spread cell to cell. So it traveling through blood and just working on your whole body is not really the case. It may bind to the c terminal receptor of various cells everywhere, but something about the cell to cell interaction is key.

What it Does do tho, is it lowers GH and IGF1 production. It seems to be a feedback loop breaker. Gh peptides don’t hit as hard while on it, and all GH related side effects are reduced. Especially bloating, hunger, and blood sugar.

One last note, I only notice a drop in blood sugar once I get above 1mg in a day on MGF use. Very slight too.


MGF Side Effects

MGF s well received by most lifters, however, the biggest side effect most people are worried about is hypoglycemia, a drop in blood sugar. Not that bad, as long as you are safe and have access to carbs.

Where Can I Buy MGF?

Well, you can always go to an HRT clinic to get the best quality and a doctor to work with, but you need to be prescribed. If you are looking to purchase it online, is known to have exceptional quality Peptides at reasonable prices.

Best MGF on the Market

MGF from Biotech Peptides

Well, you can always go to an HRT clinic to get the best quality and a doctor to work with, but you need to be prescribed. If you are looking to purchase it online, is known to have exceptional quality Peptides at reasonable prices.

Dosed at 5mg at a reasonable price, you cannot go wrong.

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  • Can help with muscle recovery and growth
  • Works well when combined with HGH and Insulin
  • Not as strong as HGH

Is MGF Legit?

I am not sure. There are plenty of animal studies showing it is massively strong when it comes to satellite cells and muscle growth, however, looking at the number of people who have seen massive gains from it… I’m not sure.

It might be because people use it wrong or have fake stuff, or think it will be as strong as Steroids – which no Peptide will ever be.

If you are looking to eke out every single ounce of results, yes, it is legit. Also, Broderick Chavez is a big fan of PEG-MGF. I do trust his opinion, 100%.

MGF vs. Other Compounds


HGH will have far greater results. You will see a massive increase in IGF 1 which will naturally increase MGF levels as well. HGH can also lead to fat loss, but MGF cannot. HGH is the king Peptide – end.


No studies are comparing the two against one another, unsurprisingly. That said, when looking at the studies done on each and looking at the several people who have used both, SARMs will be slightly better for increasing muscle mass but will have more sides.

MGF vs Steroids

Just like SARMs, Steroids are FAR STRONGER than any Peptide, including MGF. You will see a greater growth of stem cells and skeletal muscle from Steroids, but the sides are also way more than any Peptide Hormone.

What does MGF Peptide do?

MGF is released after resistance training after IGF-1 is spliced. MGF will increase Satellite cells and skeletal muscle ASAP after training. It might even help with nutrient movement into muscle cells as well. MGF is a growth factor.

How does MGF work?

Because MGF has this special C-terminal, it appears that MGF is rather good at activating and replenishing the muscle stem (satellite) cell pool. This increased muscle tissue by creating more satellite cells.

MGF Dosage Bodybuilding

The dose will be person dependent, however, it is common to start at 200mcg per day and adjust if necessary.

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Dr. Mohammed Fouda | Reviewer

Dr. Fouda uses his extensive knowledge and expertise as an academic scholar to medically review articles for scientific accuracy and credibility, ensuring that the medical information presented is up-to-date and trustworthy. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of the medical information presented on our website.

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10 months ago

will mgf make a hidden cancer grow?

Hank bendleton
Hank bendleton
7 months ago

If taking mgf post work out, can you eat lean protein with it, and if so what’s the timing of injection and protein consumption for optimal growth?


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