Best Online HRT Clinics – BHRT, TRT, Peptides

HRT Clinics are growing method of improving health as we age - TRT, HRT, Peptides, etc. Let's find the review the Best Online HRT Clinic.

It’s estimated that between 4 and 5 million men in the USA have low Testosterone (1) and Growth Hormone deficiencies are not far behind (2).

Both of these can have severe impacts on your health and life in general. Sexual dysfunction, fat gain, muscle mass loss, and depression. Low hormones affect millions of women as well.

As a means to this end, many have looked for relief at various doctors and guru’s. That said, it is still unbelievably hard to find medical experts who are willing to help you with hormone optimization.

Whether you’re looking for hormone replacement therapy or even Testosterone replacement therapy, there might be a solution on the online front; Online TRT Clinics.

Not only will you be able to see the doctor (that specializes in this field) from your own home, but your treatment plan is shipped right to your front door.

But which one of the multiple online is going to be best? Well, let’s delve into who the Best Online HRT Clinic really is.

Who is the Best Online HRT Clinic?

Choosing the best option from the various clinics available is no easy feat. We have to look at all the factors across the board, but we’ve landed on Evolve HRT.

Evolve HRT is a massive HRT company that does really exceptional work. From the initial consultation to when you eventually get the medication you need, it’s a very smooth process.

Best Online HRT Clinics - BHRT, TRT, Peptides
Figure 1: Evolve HRT is the best online clinic based on price, quality, and the services offered

They have a wide range of services and products ranging from weight loss treatments to a classic TRT option as well. The process is remarkably easy.

First, you either consult directly with a medical expert or fill in a patient file. From there, you do blood testing to establish where your hormone levels actually are.

The doctor will then go over these and schedule the appropriate medications to be delivered to you. Your labs (blood results) will be on file with the clinic, and they can manage your levels moving forward.

They have a big focus on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, which is simply trying to replicate the biological hormones you have as much as possible to avoid any adverse effects.

Overall, this is a great company to work through as we and the other patients we have spoken with have nothing but high praise for them.

How We Chose the Best Online HRT Clinic

When it comes to putting the vast majority of your health in someone else hands, it’s normal to have a wee bit of anxiety about if they’re good enough. Just like you have anxiety if you’re good enough for her – tip: you are.

That said, to determine which the best clinic is, we have to look at some factors that are going to play a massive role in your treatment:

Quality: They say “quality over quantity”, I simply wanna know is it too much to ask for both? The clinic, logically, has to have good quality medication. They have to have Pharmaceutical grade stuff, and they would also do you a great service if they had a lot of different options. Maybe Testosterone Cypionate hurts your butt, and so you might opt for the cream. More is always better, except with like heart attacks.

Best Online HRT Clinics - BHRT, TRT, Peptides
Figure2: Some of the Peptides offered by Evolve HRT

Service: Not wanting to be ghosted by your actual doctor, you want a clinic with a fast response rate. You want to be treated well. You want a relationship where you trust your doctors with your life and blood work. Having someone text you “Late. Let’s push back 50 minutes” is not only unprofessional but could lead to late injections if your medication is late as well.

Best Online HRT Clinic
Figure 3: One of the pricing options of Alpha Hormones. Pricing plays a massive role in your HRT Clinic decision

Price: Lab Testing ain’t cheap. Doing it through a clinic could be a lot cheaper, and so actual costs do make a big difference. These services are also usually not free, so you want to choose an option that strikes a balance between quality and cost.

Best Online HRT Clinic

Evolve HRT

Evolve TRT focuses on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, which is the pursuit of simply replicating endogenous hormone levels. Their focus spans from sexual dysfunction, and skin elasticity, to chronic fatigue.

Their tests are vast and can show results for anything from low Growth Hormone to irregular Thyroid hormone levels. It is also worth noting that they cover both male and female health. The treatment options include TRT, HRT, and Peptides.

Overall, it seems like a very good company for health optimization. Reviews are good and they are reasonably priced. That said, the tests they offer are very expensive and could make the experience inaccessible to some.

Best Online HRT Clinics - BHRT, TRT, Peptides

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  • Have various Peptides for muscle growth and fat loss
  • Full hormone coverage for both males and females
  • The tests are not cost-effective
  • Sexual performance treatments are limited
Go to Evolve HRT
HRT Clinic with HGH

Elite HRT

Elite HRT is another fantastic clinic that you could look at to improve health. They have options that are available for males and females suffering from symptoms of low Testosterone or Growth Hormone.

They are a very high-class company that will have various physicians that will spend all their energy trying to find you the best treatment plan.

One interesting thing about Elite HRT is their Nutraceutical injections. These include Amino Acids, Vitamins, Nootropics, and various other compounds we don’t hear about often that might help you in your daily life.

They do not list a price for their service, but looking at the site, it does look like a less cost-effective version of HRT.

Best Online HRT Clinics - BHRT, TRT, Peptides
  • Has other treatments besides HRT and TRT
  • Does have a pure HGH therapy
  • Not cost effective
Go to Elite HRT
HRT Clinic that accepts Insurance

Alpha Hormones

Ever wondered how a HRT clinic would look that accepts (some) insurance plans? Well, wonder not more. Alpha Hormones in proud to create a customized treatment plan while accepting insurance. They accept major PPO commercial insurance plans and some others as well.

Like with other HRT clinics, you schedule an appointment, you have your labs done, and once your lab results have been reviewed by a physician, they will ship you your treatments.

They have a ton of treatments, HGH, TRT, Thyroid, Adrenal Fatigue, Erectile Dysfunction, etc. Services are on the expensive side, but they do have a lot of good reviews on ReviewRail, and all their patients seem extremely happy.

Best Online HRT Clinics - BHRT, TRT, Peptides
  • Most amount of services on this list
  • Accept certain insurances
  • Pretty expensive
  • Initial consultation is $200

Go to Alpha Hormones

Quality HRT Clinic

Peter Uncaged MD

Peter Uncaged is an online Menโ€™s health care provider, with a focus on symptoms of poor sexual function, that could also be indicative of lingering Testosterone problems. Therapies are mostly driven to cure the sexual dysfunction you may be experiencing, but they also offer normal TRT services.

Other than normal TRT, they also offer Peptides, some of which have been shown to dramatically improve your life quality and sexual function. Peter Uncaged MD also claims to have unbeatable pricing when it comes to TRT, and interestingly enough their TRT comes with an Aromatase Inhibitor as well.

This is not often seen with TRT usage, as an AI will give you a visibly drier and more aesthetic physique, but can have side effects if used incorrectly. Overall, Peter Uncaged is a solid option if youโ€™re looking for an Online TRT Clinic but they have other hormone replacement therapy options as well.

Best Online HRT Clinics - BHRT, TRT, Peptides
  • Provides both HRT and TRT
  • Provides an AI with TRT
  • Not the best UI and UX compared to other brands
  • Not educating users on AI effects can be detrimental

Go to Peter Uncaged MD

Cheapest HRT Clinic

Viking Alternative Medicine

Viking Alternative is an (interestingly named) HRT brand that aims to get you a healthier life at a better price. Written in large on their website “Start Your HRT Program For less than a cup of coffee. JUST $3.00 A DAY“.

While the name might make you think that they only cater to men, they actually have services for females as well. Men can increase their Testosterone Levels, while both can aid from Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy.

Their consultation is also completely free, which does make the initial visit a lot more tempting compared to other clinics on the list.

They offer both Testosterone Replacement Therapy and other hormone therapy, all at a very attractive price.

Best Online HRT Clinics - BHRT, TRT, Peptides
  • Very cheap
  • Excellent UX and UI on their website
  • Other companies have a wider variety of products for hormone balance
Go to Viking Alternative Medicine

What is HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)?

HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy is a generalized term used to describe using exogenous hormones to help balance or restore the hormones in your own body. As we age, we naturally see a decline in certain hormones, like Testosterone.

While your medical history could give some reason for this, it’s normal for your hormones to begin to lower. While this may be completely normal, it certainly is not fun. Symptoms of low Growth Hormone or Testosterone are awful and make for a bad life in general.

As a solution to this, you can have blood work done to show where you are being short-changed, and then you can use a clinic to help you fix this hormone imbalance. The most common forms of HRT are:

TRT: Good old Testosterone Replacement Therapy is given to men who have Testosterone levels below 250โ€“350 ng/dL, or men who suffer from Hypogonadism

Growth Hormone: Growth Hormone deficiencies do exist, that said, Growth Hormone can be used for fat loss, muscle mass gain, and just improvement of general health

Best Online HRT Clinics - BHRT, TRT, Peptides
Figure 4: Some of the Growth Hormone-like treatments available from Evolve HRT, known as Human Growth Hormone Fragment

Peptide therapy: Patients can opt to take other peptides besides Human Growth Hormone to help with fat loss or weight gain (in the form of muscle mass). These can also improve sex drive, lower Estrogen, and even be a treatment for injuries

How Do HRT Clinics Work?

A whole lot easier than your GP that’s for sure. Instead of dragging yourself out of work to go for a physical exam and then be denied hormone therapy, you would simply follow these three steps:

1) Initial consultation: You have an appointment with a physician or you simply fill in a file that will give them greater detail about your life in general

2) Blood testing: To identify what your hormone imbalance(s) are, you quickly do a blood test for things like Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Thyroid function, etc.

3) Treatments: Once your symptoms have been correlated with the blood results, you will have your treatment shipped to you. Once in a blue moon, you might need to do another test or have another appointment with the respective physicians, but you are responsible for your own injections

Benefits of HRT

Because you will be working with medical experts, there is little risk of anything going wrong. Here are some of the benefits of HRT:

  • Weight loss, and muscle mass gain
  • Lowered Estrogen for men
  • Increased Estrogen for women
  • Improved energy levels
  • Increased sex drive and sexual performance
  • Improved mental state

Are HRT Clinics Legal?

Absolutely. These are still legitimate businesses that are focused on improving your health. While the idea might seem “weird”, it’s only because these substances can be abused. That said, because you only get a certain amount and because you will be doing consistent blood testing with your physician, that is not possible.

HRT injections are 100% as long as you do them through a clinic and medical expert of some kind.

Who Should Use HRT?

It would be impossible to list all the people who would need to go for this, however, here are some symptoms of hormone deficiency:

  • Low to zero sex drive
  • Fat gain
  • Muscle loss
  • Muscle weakness
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Poor hair health
  • Poor quality of health in general

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. Hormones are a tricky business, that’s why we as bodybuilders work closely with doctors to monitor our labs. You deserve a life with great health and you could benefit from a positive hormone balance.

Some of these have a free consultation, so you might as well spend a quick 15 minutes to see what’s what. It can literally only do you good.

Fun fact, I got taken off antidepressants once I started TRT. Take it from me, my health is a lot better now.


What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

TRT or Testosterone replacement therapy is a term used to describe the medical treatment of hypogonadism (low Testosterone levels). There are various ways of treating a Testosterone deficiency, such as exogenous Testosterone or trying to restart your own production. Which option is best depends on the patient.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

BHRT is simply the replacement of your endogenous hormones with exactly the same hormone, simply from an exogenous source.

How much does it cost to start HRT?

The total costs will vary greatly from company to company, and even based on the type of injections you end up buying. Labs will also run you a bit of cash. You can expect to pay from $100 – $500. Pure Human Growth Hormone therapy tends to be the most expensive, followed closely by Peptide therapy, and then Testosterone therapy.

Can I get HRT without seeing a doctor?

Only illegally. To get the best from your hormone therapy you are better off working through a doctor or a clinic.

Which form of Hormone Therapy is most effective?

It depends on where your shortcomings are. It would be best to correlate your symptoms with your actual hormone levels to identify what would be best.

Can Testosterone be prescribed via Telemedicine?

Yes, there are various TRT clinics online such as Marek Health or Evolve HRT.



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