Best Steroids to Get Ripped (and Cycles)


Getting ripped is the ultimate goal for any bodybuilder. The best way to get shredded in a short space of time is to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

Unfortunately, many bodybuilders aim for quick results and decide to take illegal steroids. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about each of these steroids, and the science behind the risk they pose for your health.

Furthermore, we will suggest legal alternatives that are safe and contain natural extracts only. Below are the 4 most commonly used steroids for burning fat and building muscle.

  1. Anavar
  2. Testosterone
  3. Winstrol
  4. Trenbolone

Let’s delve deeper and learn how these compounds work…

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Steroids to Get Ripped

Steroids will provide you with a definite edge in your quest to get ripped. But they will only work if supported by reduced calorie diet and a clean eating regimen.

Reduce your calories by at least 500 calories below your daily maintenance level. Be sure to also keep training hard and heavy in the gym, throwing in some cardio sessions to increase the calorie burn.

You will feel the effects of steroids to get ripped after about a week and a half. Over a six week cycle, you should expect to drop 2-3 body fat percentage points.

5 Best Steroids to Get Ripped

1. Safest Steroid for Bodybuilding: Anavar

Losing fat is one of the most important aspects of getting ripped.

Stripping fat is vital when it comes to increasing muscle definition and enhancing vascularity. Anavar happens to be one of the best fat burning steroids on the planet.

Anavar doesn’t produce any harsh side effects, hence how it’s even used by a lot of women who want to get leaner.

If you take Anavar at a very high dose it can cause liver toxicity. However, the good news is you don’t need to take a high dose of Anavar to get good results. Thus it’s mostly silly/naive teenagers who are overdosing in a bid to get even faster results who experience these side effects.

Anavar won’t just help you get more ripped, but your strength levels are also likely to shoot up in the gym. This is due to Anavar being androgenic (increasing testosterone).

This test increase is the reason why your strength levels can go through the roof even whilst cutting on Anavar.

Anavar Dosage

For a beginning male user, the recommended Anavar dosage is 15 mg per day for a six-week cycle.

More experienced users can step it up to 20 mg per day over an 8-week cycle.

Women should begin with a conservative dosage of 2.5 mg per day, increasing gradually over an 8-week cycle to 10 mg per day during the last week.

4 Best Steroids for Beginners in 2020
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  • Significantly increased power and strength during workouts
  • A capability to exercise for longer and at a higher intensity
  • Cut calories and fat while still preserving lean muscle and without retaining water
  • Enhance the appearance of veins

Best Steroid Cycle to Get Ripped: Anavar Cycle

Male Beginner’s Cycle:

  • Week One: 15 mg per day
  • Week Two: 15 mg per day
  • Week Three: 15 mg per day
  • Week Four: 15 mg per day
  • Week Five: 15 mg per day
  • Week Six: 15 mg per day

Female Intermediate Cycle:

  • Week One: 2.5 mg per day
  • Week Two: 2.5 mg per day
  • Week Three: 5 mg per day
  • Week Four: 5 mg per day
  • Week Five: 5 mg per day
  • Week Six: 7.5 mg per day
  • Week Seven: 7.5 mg per day
  • Week Eight: 10 mg per day

2. Testosterone

Higher testosterone levels are coveted by any man who’s ever set foot in a gym.

When people say “his genetics for building muscle are insane”, the reason for this (most of the time) is because that person has superior testosterone levels.

Higher testosterone levels allow you to build more muscle and burn more fat.

So a typical dude with high testosterone is jacked and lean.

What Is Testosterone?  

The National Institute of Health regards testosterone as the most important male hormone. For men, testosterone is made primarily in the testicles, whereas for women it’s made in the ovaries.

Men have significantly more testosterone than women and thus find it easier to build muscle. On average, the normal range of testosterone in males is around 270 to 1070 ng/dl, however, ‘more genetically blessed’ men have reported having levels of 400 – 600 ng/dl.

Why Do People Take Additional Testosterone?

Although our bodies produce testosterone naturally, there’s a limit as to how much Тestостероне we can produce; and that’s why many people take artificial testosterone.

According to the Independent, more people are using anabolic steroids than ever before (including testosterone). Guys take Тest for various reasons, such as gaining a competitive advantage in sport; however, the most common reason is to improve their physique.

Packing on more muscle is one of the best ways for a man to look better in an era that is increasingly obsessed with physical appearance.

For guys wanting to get ripped, taking artificial testosterone will speed up your gains big time. It’s the difference between working your butt off for a couple of months and getting good results naturally…or taking testosterone for a few weeks and getting shredded.

With Тest you get better results in half the time.

We’ll discuss the benefits of ‘testosterone’ in more detail later on in this article, but here are the main effects of cycling test:

  • Decreases body fat
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Improves strength and performance
  • Strengthens bones
  • Improves libido
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Testosterone Dosage

Testosterone is typically used at a dosage of between 500-700 mg per week for both enanthate and cypionate. Enanthate dosages should be divided into two weekly injections, spread by 2-3 days. A testosterone cycle should also be followed with PCT.

Testosterone Cycle

  • Week One: Testosterone Enanthate = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Two: Testosterone Enanthate = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Three: Testosterone Enanthate = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Four: Testosterone Enanthate = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Five: Testosterone Enanthate = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Six: Testosterone Enanthate = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Seven: Testosterone Enanthate = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Eight: Testosterone Enanthate = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Nine: PCT
  • Week Ten: PCT
  • Week Eleven: PCT
  • Week Twelve: PCT

Reduces Body Fat & Improves Insulin Sensitivity :

Testosterone increases the number of fat-burning beta-adrenergic receptors which are critical for weight loss.

Testosterone also plays an important role in regulating insulin, glucose, and fat metabolism.

When bulking it’s important to prevent the body from gaining fat and becoming insulin resistant. This is when the body converts excess carbohydrates into body fat. Testosterone helps regulate the hormone ‘insulin’ – encouraging both muscle building and fat loss simultaneously.

Muscle Building Properties: 

One of the main reasons people take testosterone is for its muscle-building properties, hence why most people take it whilst bulking.

Anabolic steroids (like testosterone) are so powerful when it comes to building muscle, that you don’t even need to go to the gym to get jacked.

It’s recommended you follow a strict workout plan and eat well to maximize your gains on test, but you’ll build a considerable amount of muscle even if you sat on the sofa all day.

In short, testosterone spikes protein synthesis increases muscle mass/strength, and enhances fat loss.

In my opinion, testosterone is the best steroid you can take if your goal is to get ripped.

3. Winstrol

Winstrol, also known as ‘stanozolol’, is most commonly used during cutting cycles. Winny was developed in the late ’50s-’60s by Sterling-Winthrop Labs, based in the UK.

This powerful anabolic steroid has been made famous by the media after various successful athletes, like Ben Johnson (1988 Olympics 100m winner), failing drug tests. As a result of testing positive for stanozolol, Ben’s medal was taken away from him.

Winstrol is one of the few steroids which can help you burn a good amount of fat and help you add size simultaneously.

…however, don’t expect to build much mass on Winny.

It’s a very popular cutting steroid, especially for men, as you don’t need to worry about losing muscle (when consuming lower calories).

Another reason why winstrol’s so popular is that it’s easy to ingest (taken orally in tablet form) – as opposed to injections.

Winstrol is likely to be the steroid Zac Efron took when he got shredded for Baywatch.

zac efron ripped

Winstrol’s Main Benefits:

Enhanced Performance – Winstrol increases the body’s production of red blood cells. More red blood cells mean more oxygen transported around the body (including your muscles). More oxygen to your muscles = more intense and longer workouts.

Fat Loss – Winstrol enhances fat loss without compromising your hard-earned muscle tissue. Also the more muscle you keep/build when cutting, the more ripped you’ll look…instead of people commenting that “you’re skinny now” and “you’ve lost a tonne of muscle”.

As mentioned above, Winstrol improves endurance so you can spend longer in the gym. This will increase your calorie expenditure for the day, spiking your metabolism, and burning more fat.

Doesn’t Cause Water Retention – Many anabolic steroids cause water retention, which is counterproductive for the lean look that most guys are going for. Winstrol is even more popular amongst gym rats trying to look aesthetic because they don’t have to worry about bloating or their muscles looking smooth. Instead, Winny produces a dry/lean look.

Fewer Side Effects – Winstrol can cause side effects, however, when you stick to the recommended dose, most people don’t experience any overly negative side effects compared to more toxic compounds (like Anadrol).

Note: if you have any health problems or irregularities you shouldn’t take Winstrol or any other anabolic steroids.

Other Winstrol benefits include:

  • Helps improve bone mass
  • Non-estrognic steroid
  • Improves muscle definition
  • Treatment for osteoporosis
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  • Become both faster and stronger, reduce body fat and retain lean muscle
  • See increased vascularity
  • Achieve considerably increased muscle definition and tone

Typical Winstrol Results

Most users who take Winstrol report feeling stronger within the first few days.

What’s being stronger got to do with looking ripped? The stronger you get, the heavier weights you can lift, and the bigger your muscles will grow.

If you’re training hard and regularly (5x per week) and eating a good diet, rich in protein and good nutritious foods then you’ll see noticeable results in the mirror within 2-4 weeks.

With a good weight routine and a strict diet, results will happen much more quickly compared to inconsistent training and stuffing your face with McDonald’s every day.

Beginners who are new to steroids will get the best results when taking Winstrol, compared to a seasoned bodybuilder who’s rаn many cycles before.

Winstrol Dosage

Common Winstrol cycles are between 50 and 60 mg per day over a 6-week cycle. Females should lower their dosage to 10 g per day.

Winstrol Cycle (Men)

  • Week One: Winstrol = 50 mg per day
  • Week Two: Winstrol = 50 mg per day
  • Week Three: Winstrol = 50 mg per day
  • Week Four: Winstrol = 50 mg per day
  • Week Five: Winstrol = 50 mg per day
  • Week Six: Winstrol = 50 mg per day

Winstrol Cycle (Women)

  • Week One: Winstrol = 10 mg per day
  • Week Two: Winstrol = 10 mg per day
  • Week Three: Winstrol = 10 mg per day
  • Week Four: Winstrol = 10 mg per day
  • Week Five: Winstrol = 10 mg per day
  • Week Six: Winstrol = 10 mg per day

4. Trenbolone

Trenbolone also is known as ‘Tren’ is an extremely powerful androgenic steroid. To give you an idea of how powerful Tren is it’s.

5x times more anabolic and androgenic than testosterone” (The ratio of tren is 500:500 vs test’s 100:100).

Trenbolone was originally developed to beef up cattle and was very popular amongst athletes in the 1970s, particularly Olympic weight lifters, baseball players, and power athletes such as sprinters.

Why People Use Trenbolone? 

Trenbolone can be used during a cutting or bulking phase, although it’s mainly taken during a bulk because of its incredible ability to build muscle.

As mentioned earlier in this article, in order to have a ripped physique you need to build muscle AND burn fat. There are compounds better than trenbolone when it comes to burning fat (Anavar and clenbuterol). And there are steroids that are better than tren for building muscle (Dianabol, Anadrol).

However, trenbolone is right at the top when it comes to building muscle and burning fat simultaneously. So if you want to get ripped FAST, tren will give you much better results than say Dianabol or Deca Durabolin.

If you’re new to steroids, you need to be very careful when taking tren as it’s a very powerful compound. If you’re not cautious and take too much too soon, you’ll likely experience the following side effects:

  • Acne
  • Insomnia (poor sleep quality)
  • Increased sweating
  • Loss of libido
  • Anxiety
  • Fast resting heartbeat
  • High blood pressure

Benefits of Trenbolone

Rapid Muscle Gains – Trenbolone’s one of the best steroids for building muscle full stop. However, it’s probably THE best steroid when it comes to building muscle without water retention. This should come as no surprise as it’s 5x more powerful than testosterone.

No water retention – Trenbolone is not a catalyst for estrogen conversion and therefore is NOT associated with bloating or water retention, which is great for guys wanting to get ripped for the beach or for a fitness/bodybuilding competition.

Improved Recovery – when trying to lose weight and get ripped you’ll naturally eat in a calorie deficit to drop fat. One drawback of a calorie deficit is that it negatively impacts recovery levels. Fewer calories mean it takes longer for your muscles to repair after workouts and increases the risk of injury. For natural athletes, strength declines when in a calorie deficit, especially when getting into a single-digit body fat %. Trenbolone however will make you as strong as an ox, even when dieting.

Trenbolone Results

When bulking, studies have shown that the average trenbolone user can gain up to 15 lbs in just 2 months. This is when the drug’s combined with a protein-filled diet and regular weight training.

15lbs might not sound much, but when this is pure muscle tissue…you’ll likely look like a different man.

The best thing about tren is even when you’re cutting you can still expect to build muscle. However, before you get too excited, muscle gains are much slower when in a calorie deficit.

Most users are happy to just retain their muscle whilst losing body fat, so they can show off the muscle they’ve built during the offseason.

best steroids for bulking
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Trenbolone Dosage

Beginners should dose Trenbolone at 200-300 mg per week.

Intermediate level users can increase that to 400-500 mg per week.

Advanced users should not exceed 800 mg per week.

Divide your dosage into two injections per week, spread out by 2-3 days.

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Trenbolone Cycle (Intermediate)

  • Week One: Trenbolone = 400 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Two: Trenbolone = 400 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Three: Trenbolone = 450 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Four: Trenbolone = 450 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Five: Trenbolone = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Six: Trenbolone = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Seven: Trenbolone = 500 mg per week (split into two)
  • Week Eight: Trenbolone
  • Week Nine: PCT
  • Week Ten: PCT
  • Week Eleven: PCT
  • Week Twelve: PCT

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Best Steroid to Get Ripped

Overall, I would have to say that the best steroid to get ripped is Anavar. The actual fat loss results between Anavar and Winstrol are similar but Anavar has milder side effects, which gives it the advantage.

An Anavar-only cycle can be safely used by both men and women. Another advantage that Anavar has over Winstrol is that it increases glycogen storage in the muscle cell. This leads to a full, pumped look and feeling that you don’t get with any other cutting steroid.

Anavar also has diuretic effects so that it will not result in water retention. It will actually do the opposite, drawing water into the muscle cell. This steroid also makes you stronger, though it has a mild muscle increasing ability.

Best Steroid Cycle to Get Ripped

The best steroid cycle to get ripped stacks Anavar and Winstrol in a 6-week cycle as follows:

  • Week One; Anavar = 15 mg/day: Winstrol = 20 mg/day
  • Week Two; Anavar = 15 mg/day: Winstrol = 20 mg/day
  • Week Three; Anavar = 15 mg/day: Winstrol = 20 mg/day
  • Week Four; Anavar = 15 mg/day: Winstrol = 20 mg/day
  • Week Five; Anavar = 15 mg/day: Winstrol = 20 mg/day
  • Week Six; Anavar = 15 mg/day: Winstrol = 20 mg/day

Do You Need Steroids to Get Ripped?

No, you do not need steroids to get ripped. There are many examples of guys and girls who have got super lean completely naturally.

The key to getting ripped lies in what you put into your mouth. In the gym, focus on muscle-building strength training, with 3-4 high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions to compliment them every week. Then concentrate on maintaining a caloric deficit every day of around 500 calories below your daily maintenance level. Cut out rice and potatoes in favor of low glycemic vegetables like squash, zucchini, and butternut.

I suggest also throwing in periods of intermittent fasting. I have found that a 40 hour fast once per week allows me to get ripped without losing any muscle tissue.

Legal Steroids to Get Ripped

Many people are talking about the ‘legal steroids’ brand – Crazy Bulk.

And just as many people are asking if their products work?

Crazy Bulk have marketed their formulas as ‘legal steroids’, however this isn’t to be confused with anabolic steroids (which are illegal).

Read about my experience and review here.


So, testosterone, Winstrol, and trenbolone are the 3 best steroids you can take if you want to get ripped. If you’ve used any of these steroids before be sure to leave a comment in the box below letting us know how you got on.

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