How to Inject Peptides Subcutaneously

Knowing the right way to use peptides is essential to avail maximum benefits that peptides have to offer. Read through the end to know a comprehensive guide on steps to follow while injecting peptides subcutaneously.

Peptides are strings of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. Not long before, scientists noticed the incredible effect of peptides on the human body, and they started manufacturing them in laboratories. 

Since then, this compound has been used by bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness lovers due to its remarkable ability to burn fat and promote muscle growth and recovery.  

Peptides stimulate hormones which in turn carry out the necessary biological actions to achieve the desired effect. 

Benefits of Peptides

For fitness enthusiasts, the main goal is to increase muscle bulk. Peptides make the perfect choice as they increase the protein synthesis inside the body, thereby increasing muscle tissue and muscle endurance. 

Besides this, peptides increase the organic substance of the bone, which improves bone nature. 

Alongside improving musculoskeletal health, they also promote fat burn.

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Forms of Peptide

Essentially peptides exist as powder, capsules, and tablets. But the most common and customer-preferred form is the powdered form.

How to Use Peptides

Most peptides in the market exist as powders; therefore, you must reconstitute them before use. 

Once you have reconstituted the lyophilized powder into liquid, you will have to inject it by one of the three injection routes, i.e., intravenous, subcutaneous, and intramuscular. 

People with needle phobia might prefer oral intake instead of injection. 

Now I know the injection part is a bit scary, but once you get the hang of it, it’s just a piece of cake. 

In this article further, I will guide you on how to administer peptides subcutaneously. For safe injection, you must follow the guide religiously.

How to administer peptides subcutaneously 

Most peptides are administered through injection. Currently, subcutaneous injection is the most common method of peptide administration. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for safe administration. 

Step 1

Wash your hands. 

Wet your hands and apply soap. Rub the palm of your hand, followed by rubbing the back of each hand with interlaced fingers. Then rub the fingers, their tips, and thumb. After this, rinse and dry your hands.

How to Inject Peptides Subcutaneously
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Step 2

Read the label.

Before injecting the peptide or any other medication, you should thoroughly read the label. 

Step 3

Gather supplies.

You should have medication, a syringe, a needle, and an alcohol swab. 

For subcutaneous injection, the ideal needle size is 25 or 27 gauge. You can easily get the sealed needle and syringe from your nearest pharmacy. 

How to Inject Peptides Subcutaneously

Step 4

Reconstitute the powder.

According to the dosage recommended on the label, you must reconstitute the peptide.

Learn more about how to reconstitute the peptides by following the link

The vial can be for multi-use or single-use. 

You must dispose of the vial immediately if it can’t be stored. 

Step 5

Pick an injection site.

The primary sites for subcutaneous injections are the

  • Abdomen: at or under the level of the belly button, about two inches away from the navel.
  • Arm: back or side of the upper arm.
  • Thigh: front of the thigh.

Step 6

Once you have decided on a location, Ensure your chosen injection site has no burns or bruises. 

After inspection, clean it with an alcohol swab. 

How to Inject Peptides Subcutaneously

Step 7 

Prepare your syringe with medication. 

Draw air into the syringe. Insert the air-filled syringe into the vial and empty the air. Next, Withdraw the medication. 

Make sure to remove any air bubbles you notice in the syringe. 

Step 8

Pinch your skin and inject the needle.

You must pinch your skin to pull the fat away from the muscle. 

Insert the needle at an angle of 90ยฐ to the skin and an angle of 45ยฐ if you have little fat. 

How to Inject Peptides Subcutaneously

Step 9

After inserting the medication, withdraw the needle. 

Apply pressure gently on the injection site with an alcohol swab. 

Step 10 

Dispose of the syringe with the protective cover. To protect yourself and others, never throw the syringe in the trash without the cap. 

How to Inject Peptides Subcutaneously

You might notice slight bruising, redness, minor bleeding, or swelling. These are common signs after injection and nothing to be worried about. 

If the symptoms worsen, immediately report them to your physician. 

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