HGH Replacement Therapy

Human Growth Hormone Therapy or Peptide Therapy is a method in which doctors can help patients build muscle, lose fat, and slow aging.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is essential for human health, however, the levels of HGH befins to drop as we age… Sh*t.

Not only will a GH deficiency make you feel like crap, it can lead to increased fat mass, less bone density, metabolic and psychological abnormalities, and a decreased quality of life.

Luckily, there is a solution… Simply replace the missing HGH?

HGH Replacement Therapy has been rising in popularity, especially amongst elderly people, and for good reason. Normal aging is massively improved with the addition of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

But is it really worht it? And where do you even go to get it legally?

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Key Takeaways

  • There are thousands that suffer from Adult growth hormone deficiency
  • A Growth hormone deficiency has been linked to various health risks
  • A Growth hormone deficiency can occur due to pituitary gland damage, pituitary disease, or age
  • HGH Therapy from a HRT clinic is legal, safe, and effective

What is HGH Replacement Therapy?

The human body produces HGH at all times, but it peaks when we are all children, and begin to lower as we reach the prime age of 30 [1]. From there the levels simply decrease, which has some severe impacts on health [2, 3] :

  • People tend to gain body fat, especially around the abdomen
  • Some report having worse exercise capacity
  • Increased cardiovascular risk factors
  • Worse carbohydrate metabolism
  • Decreased bone mass
  • Lower Serum IGF I Levels
  • Overall worse quality of life
HGH Replacement Therapy
Figure 1: Both IGF-1 and HGH levels drop with age, which can have some severe impacts on health

It might not always be the thing most people blame for their symptoms, but after looking at their blood work (specifically their Thyroid, IGF-1, and HGH levels) you can quickly find the problem. The pituitary gland ain’t working so great anymore.

Because normal aging decreases muscle mass and worsens body composition (in general), HGH therapy is theorized to be one of the best treatments for aging men and women, especially those who suffer from adult GH deficiency.

Figure 2: Human Growth Hormone can be prescribed to those suffering from low HGH or IGF-1 levels

Hormone replacement therapy in general is one of the newest and most interesting forms to improve overall health with the least amount of side effects.

Benefits of HGH Therapy

The biggest benefit is to relieve symptoms associated with a GH deficiency, however, there are a host of benefits [2, 3]:

  • Increased Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) levels have been linked to better hair, skin, and muscle mass
  • GH therapy in general can improve body composition due to increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat mass
  • Improved exercise capacity due to more recovery and muscle mass
  • Reduced risk of (some) cardiovascular disease
  • Improved lipid and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Massively improved bone density

Because the cascading effects of HGH are so vast, it is hard to list all of the benefits. The point is that you will most likely be able to solve some if not all of the symptoms due to aging with HGH or a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone.

How to fix Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency?

A Growth Hormone Deficiency happens to most adults, in fact, the term “adult Growth Hormone deficiency” is rather common. There are various reasons why this happens, such as natural aging, pituitary gland damage, pituitary disease, or drug abuse.

If the deficit is severe, your best bet would be Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is a safe hormone replacement therapy that will either include pure GH replacement treatment or a GH releasing hormone, such as CJC-1295.

Pure GH Treatment has the drawback of shutting down your natural GH secretion, so if you still have some left, you’ll most likely be getting a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone.

#1 Best Online HGH Clinic: EliteHRT

EliteHRT is known as an anti-aging and wellness clinic that has been operating in the telehealth section since 2013. Telehealth is simply a manner in which the entire process of getting the medical treatment you need is refined yet simplified. Instead of leaving the home to go see HGH specialists, they simply ship you the tools you need and make use of Zoom calls… Who knew medical experts actually wanna help you!? Well, the good folks over at EliteHRT are definitely here to help.

Treatments offered by the company are based in three sections. Growth Hormone Therapy, Testosterone Therapy, and Nutraceuticals Injectables. Each of these will only be used to treat patients who actually need them, and as with all other online clinics, this decision is made after the initial consultation has taken place.

The aging process is something that’ll affect all of us, and none of us will be able to avoid whittling levels of hormones. EliteHRT has a host of professional health caretakers who are all specifically focused on helping you with age management services. What’s more, the Nutraceuticals Injectables they offer can be used by most people, not just those experiencing the signs of aging.

And, as a cherry on top of this amazing cake, EliteHRT does have the means to prescribe pure HGH, something that is rarely seen. This is due to their relentless pursuit of treating their clients with bioidentical hormones.

EliteHRT Overview

πŸ§ͺ Treatments: HGH, TRT, and Nutraceutical Injections
β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή Insurance accepted: No
⌚ Periodic blood work: Varies by patient
✨ Trustpilot Reviews: β€Ž3.6 Stars | 10 reviews
⭐️ Muscle and Brawn Rating: 4.5 Stars

Symptoms of a Growth Hormone Deficiency

  • Fat mass gain, especially around the abdomen
  • Depression
  • Poor exercise capacity
  • Increased bone fractures/injuries
  • Hair loss
  • Poor libido
  • Impaired glucose tolerance

How to Increase Human Growth Hormone Naturally?

There are several claims on how to increase your natural GH secretion, however, only some are based in science, such as [4, 5, 6, 7]:

  • Follow a regular sleeping pattern and sleep enough
  • Improve your body composition by losing fat mass
  • Exercise more
  • Increase your lean body mass
  • Control health markers like blood pressure
  • Certain supplements like GABA can help increase GH secretion
  • Reduce your sugar intake

Cost of HGH Therapy

HGH Therapy is rather new, however, those in the know would already know that GH treatment isn’t the cheapest option. This is another reason why many clinics opt for a GH Releasing Hormone, which is cheaper.

That said, Growth Hormone Replacement will run you between $750 – $3000 per month, depending on the dose, grade, and type of Hormone replacement therapy you are prescribed.

We have come to find that online HRT clinics such as Evolve Telemed seem to be the best option in regard to price for the quality. Growth Hormone treatment should not be taken lightly, and opting for a higher-quality product will always be beneficial.

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Where to get HGH Therapy?

We have dealt with a few HRT and TRT clinics over the last few months, and we have found that Evolve Telemed seems to be the best option you can find. Not only do they have GH treatment, but low Testosterone treatment, hair loss treatment, and so many others as well.

Conclusion: Is HGH Therapy worth it?

Without a single doubt. A Growth Hormone deficiency is a nasty thing and affects so many more people than we realize. Adults with growth hormone deficiency suffer severe side effects, some of which can lead to an increased risk of deadly diseases.

GH Replacement therapy has very few if any side effects and these are easily managed. Something like insulin resistance is easily controlled with an insulin tolerance test as you are on your GH therapy.

Growth hormone secretagogues have even fewer sides, and for the massive benefits they can bring, it definitely is worth it.

I myself have been on GH treatment for some time, and the effects are noticable. Bettter health, better hair (massively better), improved training, it all is just better.

What does HGH therapy do?

It simply replaces the missing growth hormone in the body. A growth hormone deficiency has been linked to various health risks, and GH therapy have very few side effects. Done properly, GH replacement is one of the best health decisions you can make as an adult.

What are the risks of using HGH?

The only ones that are real are insulin resistance and water retention, both of which only come to fluition at high doses. Some people also develop carpal tunnel syndrome, however, this is very rare. All the sides are easily managed with a medical expert.

Why would a doctor prescribe HGH?

If the person has a growth hormone deficiency. You would need to have your blood tested to see if GH treatment is needed. Your IGF-1 levels also play a role in Growth Hormone replacement.

Is HGH therapy covered by insurance?

Sometimes. You would need to check with your clinic first.

Supplements for Growth Hormone

Only some supplements have been shown to increase Growth Hormone slightly, such as Arginine, GABA, and Citrulline Malate.

Comments and questions?

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