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I’m Kartik and I’m a medical student.

The love for medicine runs in my family, and I love studying it not because of the privilege that this field gives but because I am highly fascinated by the anatomy of humans, the physiological mechanisms that occur 24/7 within the body, the biochemical changes, and of course, the disturbances that lead to pathology.

Anyways, I try to reflect my interest in medicine by writing research papers, various medical-related articles, and blogs to raise awareness amongst the target audience in the best possible ways and help them get the answers that they are looking for.

Besides writing, I am a founder of a social startup. I also have a strong passion for teaching and public speaking. I love sharing my insights, experiences, and knowledge with people that could help them even in the little way possible.

I aspire to be a successful cardiologist in the future because I strongly believe in connecting with people by heart 😀


How to Inject Peptides Subcutaneously

Knowing the right way to use peptides is essential to avail maximum benefits that peptides have to offer. Read through the end to know a comprehensive guide on steps to follow while injecting peptides subcutaneously.


How to Inject Peptides Intravenously

Knowing the right way to use peptides is essential to avail maximum benefits that peptides have to offer. Read through the end to know a comprehensive guide on steps to follow while injecting peptides intravenously.


LGD 2226 Review

LGD 2226, one of the experimental SARMs, was initially developed to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting. With more ongoing research on the SARM, more benefits have come into light as people have reported increased stamina and endurance. Read more to know everything about LGD 2226 which is still an underresearched SARM at the moment.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba Review – Uses, Benefits, Side Effects

Ginkgo biloba, one of the plant extracts is being used as a therapeutic medicine singe years. This plant-based extract which is native to China is improves blood circulation, offers nootropic properties and treats some of the disorders related to eye. Read more to find out this magical supplement!

Centrophenoxine Review – Uses, Benefits, Effects

Centrophenoxine, one of the oldest nootropics to exist on the market, is a potent cognitive enhancer that is known for its effects on memory, and aging as well as its neuroprotective properties. While there is a lot of scientific evidence, anecdotal evidence makes it a skeptical compound. Read the entire article to find out more about it!


Alpha GPC Review – Uses, Benefits, Effects

Alpha GPC, one of the highly potent nootropics is well known for its effects on enhancing memory and improving learning, mood, and behavior alongside delaying age-related cognitive decline with much fewer adverse effects. Read more to find out about Alpha GPC from top to bottom!


Gotu Kola Review: Uses, Benefits, Effects

Gotu Kola, one of the naturally found plant-based extracts is well known for its effects on the brain. It offers numerous therapeutic benefits related to improved memory, and enhanced cognition, and makes sure that your nervous system works at its optimal level.


Choline Bitartrate Review: Doses, Uses, Benefits, Effects

Choline Bitartrate, another potent, bioavailable, and efficacious choline-containing supplement is widely used by neurohackers to enjoy the nootropic benefits such as enhanced memory, cognition, learning, and overall optimal brain health. Read more to find out about the supplement and see yourself what it offers!


Coluracetam Review – Uses, Benefits, Effects

Coluracetam is yet another member of the racetam nootropic family known for its effects on cognitive enhancement, improved memory, and learning capabilities. However, all of the reported benefits are based on anecdotal evidence and animal models as no substantial human-based studies have been performed. Read more to find out the safety and efficacy of this nootropic!


Best Daily Vitamin Packs for Teens

Vitamins are one of the essential intakes of humans, especially in teenage. They provide optimum benefits in the form of either initiating biochemical reactions or acting as co-enzyme/co-factor with the end goal of strengthening the human body in one way or the other. But your diet does not always provide adequate dosage. Read this article to find out about different vitamin products that can help you meet your vitamin RDA.