What Is Synthol? – Uses, Abuse And Injection Effects!

What Is Synthol? – Abuse And Injection Effects

We’ve all seen those ridiculous looking “bodybuilders” on social media with the balloons for arms.

And anybody with any inside knowledge of bodybuilding will know right away that that isn’t muscle they’re carrying.

Sadly, people that aren’t really that interested in health and fitness.

See pictures of these huge balloon people and think that they’re destroying their bodies with steroids.

Steroids are not the culprit – Synthol is.

Steroids helped people like Arnold Schwarzenegger build a multiple-time Mr. Olympia-winning physique that looked worthy of a Greek God.

Synthol has helped bodybuilders such as Greg Valentino.

Destroy once aesthetic physiques and severely damage their health in the process.

People that abuse Synthol generally has enormous and abnormally-shaped arms, shoulders, and pecs.

And they literally look as if they have been photoshopped very badly.

Or have had implants under their skin.

In all honesty, we can’t describe how awful Synthol abuse looks.

As you really need to see it with your own two eyes to appreciate how vile it really is.

But what is Synthol, why do people use it.

And what are some of the abuse and injection effects?

Well, all will become clear.

So read on as we give you a detailed look at Synthol.

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Our Views On Steroids:

Okay. First off, we understand that Synthol isn’t a steroid.

But oftentimes you will find that steroid users will use Synthol and similar oils to help bring up what they believe are lagging body parts.

We do not condone the use of steroids, but we don’t judge those that use them either.

People have always used steroids, and they always will.

So we’d rather they did so safely.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way.

What Is Synthol?

People often seem to think that Synthol is a steroid.

Trust us when we say that Synthol could not be any less of steroid if it tried.

Synthol is what is known in bodybuilding circles as an SEO.

No, we’re not talking about Search Engine Optimization which is utilized to help boost your website’s ranking on Google.

No, the SEO we mean today is Site Enhancement Oil.

It is comprised of 7.5% alcohol, 7.5% lidocaine, and 85% oil.

The oil is primarily a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

With coconut oil once being the primary base.

Now, however, coconut oil is more widely used for health purposes in cooking.

So it is more widely regulated.

Synthol is an oil that is injected directly into the muscle, where it swells and expands in size.

It was developed back in the mid-1990s by a scientist of German origin by the name of Chris Clark.

Site Enhancement Oils have been around for a long time.

But the problem is that they are unstable and have been known to cause allergic reactions.

With Synthol however, Clark found that the MCTs made this oil a lot more stable.

Meaning that the chances of an allergic or adverse reaction would be greatly reduced.

It also meant that the injection site would be less susceptible to infection.

And the injection would be less painful.

Amazingly, Synthol which is ready to use can be purchased legally.

Though it is marketed very cleverly.

You see, Synthol is marketed as being a posing oil.

So it can be purchased online.

Most posing oils cost around $20 or so, whereas Synthol costs anything from $200 – $400 for 100ml.

That’s a very expensive “posing oil” is it not?

So, when it comes down to “Synthol”.

Though it is marked as a posing oil, most bodybuilders use it for very different purposes.

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Synthol?

What Is Synthol? – Abuse And Injection Effects

If you Google ‘Synthol’ you’ll see some truly disgusting pictures of Synthol abuse.

Amazingly, there are allegations that certain top IFBB pro bodybuilders have, used Synthol in the past.

And they looked amazing, so what’s the story?

Well, Synthol is a Site Enhancement Oil.

The idea is that if you’re a bodybuilder.

When you step on stage, one of the first things the judges are going to want is a symmetrical physique.

If your legs, pecs, arms, and back are all huge.

But your shoulders are flat and shapeless, this will bring down your physique and affect your placing.

Some bodybuilders just cannot get stubborn muscle groups to grow.

No matter how hard they train.

If you were a bodybuilder and you felt your deltoids were bringing you down.

You may be tempted to inject Synthol into your deltoids.

Synthol is injected into the muscle that you want to bring up.

The idea here is that you use the oil just to fill in the gaps slightly.

If you imagine a sculptor making a sculpture of a person, and seeing that he’d made the triceps a little too small.

He would simply add a little more clay to bring everything into proportion.

That is pretty much how Synthol is supposed to work.

You don’t use it to “build” new muscle.

You use it as a filler to help bring everything into proportion.

Some bodybuilders are said to have used the oil in their calves.

Which as you know, can be extremely difficult to bring up.

The Synthol Epidemic:

The uses of Synthol above are not supposed to be detected by the naked eye.

Yet some of the idiots out there that have injected Synthol into their bodies.

Look like mutated balloon men.

They literally look as if they have had an incredibly severe allergic reaction to something as their muscles.

Normally in their arms, become incredibly swollen and out of proportion with the rest of their body.

But why are so many people now abusing Synthol, or using it incorrectly?

Well, many Latin American countries such as Brazil and Argentina have started to adopt the Synthol use as a means of “getting in shape” and we don’t quite know why.

If you Google Synthol abuse images, most people in those pics will be of Latin American origin.

We believe that it is a basic lack of understanding and knowledge of what Synthol is and how it works.

That causes people to abuse it.

For example, a young teen desperate for huge biceps may spend months in the gym and barely see his arms grow at all.

Suddenly, along comes a guy talking about Synthol and how amazing it is.

And he will then sell the naïve teen the oil.

The teen may then inject it, notice his biceps looking bigger and fuller.

But he may then see them looking out of proportion.

Back he goes to buy some more, he’ll inject a different part of his arm to try to make everything look symmetrical.

And before he knows it, he’ll have a 32-inch waist and 24-inch biceps with 10-inch forearms.

Others simply suffer from body dysmorphia and convince themselves that they look big and jacked.

In reality, you can spot a Synthol abuser a mile away.

The muscles they inject don’t even look like muscles.

They instead look swollen, puffy, soft.

And as if they’re water balloons that could pop at any moment.

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The Man Whose Arms Exploded:

There’s a very popular documentary out there in the bodybuilding world called ‘the man whose arms exploded’.

The documentary stars a bodybuilder named Gregg Valentino.

Who many believe is the patient zero of the Synthol epidemic.

Now, to the best of our knowledge, Gregg has never admitted to using Synthol and has denied the allegations profusely.

He claims he just abused steroids alone.

But if you’ve seen him you’ll know that his physique screams Synthol.

In the documentary, Gregg talks about how an injection site in his biceps became infected.

And don’t confuse it with steroids injection!

You can read more about Oral Vs Injectable steroids case study.

In a horrifically disgusting scene, Gregg can be seen syringing ounces of blood, pus, and *cough, Synthol, *cough out of his swollen, purple, oversized balloon-like bicep.

Gregg has admitted to suffering from ‘little man syndrome’ and has admitted to confidence issues.

Which is why he took up bodybuilding in the first place.

When he first competed, Gregg had a very impressive physique.

He was big and muscular but was very aesthetic and symmetrical.

We’re not sure why he felt the need to use Synthol.

Which he almost certainly did.

But his physique quickly got worse and worse as he abused the Synthol in a bid to gain more size.

Many believe that he was attempting to go up against the mass monsters in bodybuilding, which is where things went wrong.

He admits to taking crazy amounts of steroids.

And to consuming ridiculously dangerous amounts of calories each day too.

But he is still adamant that his mutated-looking physique was due to steroid abuse and infection only.

Synthol Abuse And Injection Effects:

So, now that we’ve looked at what is Synthol.

And have found out a little more about how it works and why it’s used in the first place.

Let us now take a more detailed look at Synthol abuse and injection effects as we look at the dangers associated with Synthol:

1. Addiction

Many Synthol abusers do so because they become addicted to using the stuff in the first place.

They may, for example, notice their triceps lacking in comparison with their biceps.

So they may inject a little oil that actually helps even out their arm.

Synthol does eventually dissipate after several months.

And once again the triceps will look small.

Again, they’ll inject it.

But may inject a little more to try to get it to last longer.

A little here and a little there and before you know it you’re trying to use the oil to build up your physique and are using it to try to iron out every last imperfection.

2. Unnatural-looking Physique

Ironically, people use Synthol to try to make their bodies look better.

In most cases, however, the exact opposite is achieved.

Rather than giving you an aesthetic, ripped, symmetrical physique.

Synthol instead makes you look out of proportion, bloated.

And about as unnatural as you could ever imagine.

The parts of your anatomy that have been injected will look bloated and swollen drastically.

Whereas everywhere else on your body will look no different.

3. Destroyed Muscles

This next downside is very serious and is pretty darn gross.

Synthol can actually destroy muscle tissue if you inject too much.

You see, the oil deprives the muscles of oxygen so that they can’t function properly, or rather, the cells can’t function properly.

This lack of oxygen results in the muscle tissue eventually being destroyed through a lack of oxygen and nutrients.

This can result in a complete necrosis of the muscle.

Which is disgusting as the muscle tissue dies and wastes away right before your eyes.

Ironically, by using this oil you are destroying the muscles that you wanted to build.

4. Risk Of Stroke Or Blocked Arteries

Synthol is 85% oil, which means that it is much thicker than water.

If you were to accidentally hit a vein when injecting.

This could potentially be fatal.

The oil could block blood vessels or arteries.

Which could result in a stroke, blood clot, heart attack, or even death!

Worst of all is the fact that if the oil is in the veins.

There’s nothing you can do, other than being rushed into the hospital right away.

5. Cysts And Infections

Site Enhancement Oils are more likely to result in infected injection sites.

Which could result in disgusting cysts!

Here a hollow pouch full of fluid, pus, water.

And other bodily fluids will be formed on and around the infected injection site.

Cysts will, therefore, need to be drained, or surgically removed in some cases.

Causing a great deal of pain and discomfort, and resulting in a nasty-looking scar.

With infection, again, there is also the risk of death.

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