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Contemporary use of Anabolics in the fitness industry started early in the 1900s, when during the Cold War both the Soviet Union and the USA were looking for ways to give their athletes an edge over the competition. 

The origin of these types of things start way earlier. Back in the days of the Ancient Greeks, athletes and fighters would use potions, elixirs, and other blends of natural herbal ingredients to try and improve their own abilities. Romans fed their horses something called hydromel, a concoction of honey and other ingredients to make them faster.  

As time went on the human race discovered more and more compounds that could give athletes and fighters unique advantages, and even something for the common man as well. Caffeine, for instance, is credited with helping the development of the modern world, as before coffee, people drank beer! A drunk worker vs a worker hyped on caffeine, who would you prefer? 

In the modern world Anabolics have transcended the athletic community and you will be hard pressed to find a gym bro or gal that hasn’t heard of these things, and you might even find some who use it themselves as well. The problem is that while these Anabolics do grant the user abilities, they were never invented or tested at the dosages used. This means the user does run a risk of hurting themselves if they use it incorrectly. 

Today, there are multiple Anabolics you can use, including: 

  • Anabolic Androgenic Steroids
  • Prohormones
  • Anabolic Supplements
  • Prescribed Testosterone Boosters
  • Post Cycle Treatment Options
  • Etc 

All of these work in different ways, have different side effects, and will do very different things to the human body. When looking to use any of these, it is important to realize how they work, which can be combined, which should always be taken alone, how long you can take something, and which events to look out for. 

Education is one of the most important things whenever you are using PEDs, especially Anabolics. With the Steroid industry having a net worth of $5.26 billion in 2023, it surely means people are using these things all the time. Unfortunately, Anabolics can have some pretty severe side effects if used incorrectly, so, take a few minutes before pulling back on that plunger and read a bit. 

Whether you are looking to find out which is better between Oral and Injectable Steroids, what the differences are between HGH and Steroids, or which Prohormone Companies are Best, we cover it all.  

If there is a topic we haven’t covered, let us know.

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What are steroids, how to use them, what are the dangers, what are they differences, and where can you buy them? 

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