TRT Before and After

TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy has the ability to change your life for the good. What can you expect from TRT? Let's look at some before and after photos and stories.

It is no secret that TRT can change your life – massively. But is it really that effective? What are the results you can expect, how long will the results take, and what do they even look like?

Let’s have a look at a few TRT Before and After stories that will show you what you might experience on your journey.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Results

The main benefits of TRT are feeling like a normal man again. This means better cardiovascular health, sexual desire, mental health, insulin sensitivity, more muscle mass, less fat mass, and so much more [1].

Ler’s look at some real life before and after of TRT:

Kennith has been on TRT for just over a year and had the following to say about the experience:

“I had the blood tests that Sam put forward and within a week he confirmed that although my levels were within range they were on the low side and symptomatic with my condition.

We started TRT pretty much straight away and within a month I felt improvements in my health and wellbeing.

The brain fog started to lift, I felt good in myself and more positive and my libido increased.

Over a year on and after a bit of balancing, I feel amazing.

Although I would recommend TRT to almost everyone over 50, this condition can affect people much younger, probably caused by excessive stress.”

Reddit username BoyManik had a massive transformation as well:

“What’s up guys. Just wanted to show you a quick before and after pic of my progress with TRT and how it helped me sculpt the body I have today. Pic on the left is me at 250 on the very first day I started, pic on the right is me 14 months later at 210. Body fat is around 10-12.5% and I’m 6’3. I’m posting this to show any of you on the fence about starting TRT that IF you make the most of it, IT DOES WORK! It can, and will 100% change your life for the better. At 26 my T was at 326, got it up to around 900 and boom, I became a new man. I want you all to understand though that YOU NEED TO PUT IN WORK! Please do not think that by just simply starting weekly injections, you’re all of a sudden gonna wake up one day and be jacked. If building muscle is something you hope to achieve from TRT, get yourself on a training regimen and get your diet in check. I cannot emphasize this enough… proper nutrition while on TRT is an absolute MUST. Not only for your physical health, but your mental health as well. My state of mind improved drastically simply from eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about you will improve from TRT if you stay disciplined and dedicated. You get out what you put in. TRT changed my life for the better and it can change yours too. If you have questions, feel free to reach out. Best of luck gentleman.”

Another Reddit user name MeringuePotential872 has been on TRT injections for three months:

“My Testosterone numbers BEFORE were 12.4 nmol/L and are NOW 30.3 nmol/L reference range 8.4-28.8.”

Is TRT worth taking?

Absolutely. TRT can change your life if you are suffering from low Testosterone. You will have better health, mental health, sexual function, and just feel better. Each person deserves to have optimal hormones, and if you feel you might TRT you best have yourself tested.

What is not real?

Many will claim to only be on TRT injections, but will actually be using other compounds that will massively change their bodies. Be on the lookout for transformations that are just too good to be true. Insane weight loss or increased lean body mass is possible, sure, but… it’s kinda obvious when someone is using other stuff.


TRT injections have the ability to change your life for the good. Clinics such as Evolve Telemed are legal and eager to help men who suffer from low hormones. Their methods are based in clinical endocrinology and they treat petients with the utmost care.

How long does it take for TRT to work?

TRT would “kick in” within the first two – three weeks, depending on the method of TRT you are using.

Is TRT a life long treatment?

For most, yes. You would simply replace your missing Testosterone with exogenous Testosterone. You can get off, however, you would need to use SERMs to reactivate endogenous production of Testosterone.

What age should I start TRT?

Age is not an indicator of when TRT is needed. Most TRT users are older, yes, however plenty of 20 year old men have low Testosterone and end up needing TRT.

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Daniel Louwrens BSc PT

Daniel Louwrens BSc PT | Writer

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