Fake SARMs Companies

There are a few companies online that sell "SARM Alternatives" but claim they're just as good. Is that really true, and are these products even good supplements?

You’ve seen those companies, the type to claim that something that consists of Ginger, Garlic, and some exotic leaves is going to give you the same results as Pure SARMs.

That’s a very bold claim, especially when the doses these companies use are quite low. Like, my self-esteem is low.

Yet they still claim these are going to give you mountains of muscle growth, and fat loss, will make your ex love you again, and so much more.

Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not true. If it were, they would have tens of thousands of success stories… and they don’t.

How do these even come to be? Do these count as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs)? And how do you find the few companies that do sell good quality SARMs?

Key Takeaways

  • SARMs were invented to replace Steroids in the medical field to help people increase lean muscle mass
  • Various companies sell SARM alternatives online
  • The most famous is Crazy Bulk and Brutal Force
  • Their products are legal, but will not give you nearly the same results that SARMs or other research chemicals would
  • These should not be marketed as popular SARMs as they have zero to do with one another

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Why do SARMs Exist?

In case you didn’t know, Steroids have been used in the medical field for quite a several years. Yup, Steroids such as Anavar or Oxandrolone have been used to treat people who suffer from muscle wasting diseases to stimulate muscle growth [1].

Fake SARMs Companies
Figure 1: As you can see from the graphs, Oxandrolone (the Steroid known as Anavar) has been shown to increase strenght and muscle mass in the medical environment

While Steroids are quite effective at increasing lean muscle, they do have a slight flaw. Actually, it’s a rather big one. They are quite notorious for causing a host of side effects, particularly in those who are sensitive to Androgenic side effects (women and children).

Professional medical advice could only take these treatment methods so far before they had to design something new – SARMs.

These SARMs were developed to have similar effects on muscle and bone tissue without having the same effects on the prostate and other sensitive areas.

It wasn’t long before the fitness industry noticed these “research chemicals” had a strong affinity for increasing muscle growth, particularly when combined with the appropriate food and training.

Not long before SARMs were being sold online and buying SARMs became something normal. It is legal to purchase them as research chemicals, but they cannot be used for human treatment, and can only be purchased for “research purposes”. That does sound sketchy, ngl.

While the terminology might be a bit weird to understand, there are various companies online that do sell SARMs that really work – they are third party tested. By doing third party testing they can assure that their SARMs work. A very good example of this is Sports Technology Labs (pictured above).

Not just SARMs however, they also sell other high quality products such as post cycle therapy supplements, Peptides, etc.

But what about other companies, those that say their “supplements” are better for muscle mass and won’t hurt the human body in any way? Are these other research chemicals?

Fake SARMs: What are they?

A term you’ll see thrown around often is “alternative”. Alternative milk, alternative facts, and now, alternative SARMs. SARMs users are most likely going to want to avoid any and all side effects, do these alternatives provide it?

No. See, these are just companies that formulated products with ingredients that have some evidence that they work. Essentially, they do not sell SARMs online at all. They sell “supplements”.

TESTOL 140 – CrazyBulk USA
Figure 3: The ingredients of the product that was supposed to replicate the results of the SARM RAD-140

This particular product is supposed to replicate the results of one of the best SARMs – RAD 140. Right off the bat, you can see that unlike most SARMs (literally every SARM), this is not one chemical compound.

SARMs products are usually made up of one particular SARM, maybe two or three if it is a blend. But okay, does this supplement have anything legit in it?

Some of the Vitamins and Minerals are okay, such as Magnesium. Something like CLA has virtually zero evidence of it being beneficial to weight loss or increase lean muscle mass [2]. Fenugreek can increase Free Testosterone and muscle mass, however, a study found you need a dose 50% higher than this supplement gives – 600mg per day [3].

Even if you compare these products vs the cheapest SARMs, there is very little they have that could result in better results. Many SARMs vendors are honest in their marketing, “This isn’t as strong as Steroids, but you can get some results”.

Companies like the one above straight out lie and claim you can get even better results than the high quality SARMs.

Fake SARMs Companies: Who are they?

There are various companies that claim to be the best SARMs company online, and then there are those that just lie about being SARMs companies in general. They supply supplements that are not regulated by any governing body as far as I can tell, and not at competitive prices in the least.

They do not supply research chemicals, but they do fill a hole in the industry, one created by fear. See, a lot of people are afraid of Steroids and SARMs – as they should be. Abusing these compounds can lead to severe side effects.

Ostarine | Yet another SARM that might damage your liver
Figure 4: As with all drugs, abusing them can lead to adverse effects, and SARMs are no different

There is evidence that taking way too much of these compounds could lead to adverse effects. And some people take this wrong, that ANY dose would lead to the same adverse effects. And this is where these companies strike: Fearmongering.

They will market their products as legal (which they are, but so are SARMs technically), cause zero adverse effects (this is not even true for salt), and will still get you the same results as all other SARMs – bullshit.

Crazy Bulk – Fake SARMs

Crazy Bulk is definitely the company that is most famous for creating alternative products. Finding legit information on this company is ridiculously hard, and even though their site says “Crazy Bulk USA” they’re actually based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

There are certain ingredients in their products that do work, sure, but most of the time you’re paying overinflated prices for inferior doses. For instance, their IBUTA 677 (alternative to MK 677) only has 550mg of Arginine in it. The dose needed to increase growth hormone is a whopping 5000 – 9000mg [4].

Ibuta MK 677 for Sale: Is it a secure growth hormone stimulator?
Figure 5: The ingredients of the supplement IBUTA 677, which supposably gives you similar results to that of MK 677

They also do not reference studies to prove the dosing or ingredients. They even sell “SARMs Stack” which is various alternatives all together.

These products might work, sure, but not nearly as well as the best SARMs online. If you are not looking to use good quality SARMs, but you want something special, you’re better off buying supplements from reputable companies like Transparent Labs or Double Wood Supplements.

These products have names similar to SARMs but they are not a SARMs supplier, and if you’re looking at buying SARMs online, you ain’t getting that here.

Brutal Force – Fake SARMs

Brutal Force is a company that is relatively young but as adamant that they are above the average SARMs company because they do not sell any SARMs at all, but something that has zero sides with all the benefits. Again, I have my doubts.

Okay, that was a bit harsh – they don’t say you can get the exact same results, but they are a bit more honest than Crazy Bulk. That said, what about their products?

Fake SARMs Companies
Figure 6: Ibuta Lean is the MK 677 alternative of Brual Force

We are not off to a great start. Their replacement for MK 677 has even less Arginine than the previous product. Maca does nothing for Growth Hormone, Hawthorn Berry is good for cardiovascular health but not GH, and Mucuna increases libido in some men…

There is nothing in this product that will even remotely replicate the effects of MK 677, so why is it marketed as an alternative? Their Cardalean is equally low dosed, and compared to the competitive prices you’d get at regular supplement stores… Not worth it.

These are not SARMs for sale, and they are wrongfully marketed as alternatives. They do not have the same effects as quality SARMs.

What is a real SARM vs a Fake SARM?

What is real and what is fake? Seems like I’m back on Tinder with this question. How can you avoid being catfished and ending up with a bunk product? Well, make sure you use a quality company (read below), but read what is in a product.

A SARM has one ingredient. One. In fact, the more “stuff” is in your SARM, the less pure it is typically.

Fake SARMs Companies
Figure 7: A good SARM supplier will always have a COA to show how pure their products are

As you can see, this test result show’s that the product is 99.1% one ingredient. A SARM is not a supplement that has a few different herbs and powders in it. Your SARMs source should be transparent with you about what is in their SARMs products.

But what about results you may ask? Can these supplements give the same results as SARMs and other research chemicals?

Probably not. Since these are supplements that were created by a company that could increase muscle mass, it will depend on the user. It will also depend on their diet, training, etc. Plus, of course, the dose of active ingredients.

For most SARMs and research chemicals, you will get some results almost always purely based on how strong they are – that’s why they are not recommended for human use yet. Scientists don’t know the extent to which a SARMs cycle can lead.

How to find Real SARMs?

So, now that we have exposed the fake guys or the people who say they are “SARMS Suppliers” but in reality just overcharge for a pre-workout, how do you find good quality SARMs that go through third party testing?

Well, in order to find a great SARMs vendor, you need to do a bit of research on the company itself, and look for the following characteristics:

  • Reviews on sites like ours and Reddit
  • Quality by means of having their products Tested
  • Price does play a role, the best SARMs suppliers usually sell at a price
  • A US Based Company will increase convenience

There are plenty of quality SARMs companies in the States that we know have quality SARMs – Sports Technology Labs, PureRawz, Chemyo, etc.

How to buy the Highest Quality SARMs Online:

As we just mentioned, make sure you do your homework. Read reviews, reach out to those who have used to company, and look at competitive pricing. Shipping. A great SARMs company is going to be transparent and honest.

In our humble opinion, the best SARMs companies are Sports Tech and Amino Asylum. They seem to have the best quality, and appropriate pricing and the latter has other research chemicals as well to give you the best SARMs results possible. They have great customer service as well.

Conclusion: Watch Out

Look. You’re probably an adult and you know how the world works. Everyone needs to eat, and marketing your products as “just as good” but with zero sides creates controversy. Controversy breeds talking and traffic, which brings money.

Selective androgen receptor modulators are probably not going anywhere for a few years, and as long as you use quality SARMs (in appropriate amounts, etc), and act like an adult, you’ll be fine.

If you are still unsure, hit the coaching button on top to have a chat with me and I’ll see how I can help you.

Best SARMs Company

Your best options are Amino Asylum and Sports Tech Labs. Both test their SARMs and are thus selling high quality SARMs. Their prices reflect that, but there are great offers.

How many SARMs are fake?

It really isn’t possible to say. Look for companies that use third party testing and ask others who have used it how it went. If you get ED from Mk 677, you have a problem…

SARMs vs Steroids

While SARMs and Steroids act upon the same area in the body, they are massively different from one another. Steroids are a lot stronger but they carry way more side effects.

Is Crazy Bulk Legit?

They do not sell SARMs. If you’re looking for (some) results, sure. If you are looking for something to give you similar results to SARMs, no.

Is Brutal Force Legit?

They do not sell SARMs. If you’re looking for (some) results, sure. If you are looking for something to give you similar results to SARMs, no.

1) Porro LJ, Herndon DN, Rodriguez NA, Jennings K, Klein GL, Mlcak RP, Meyer WJ, Lee JO, Suman OE, Finnerty CC. Five-year outcomes after oxandrolone administration in severely burned children: a randomized clinical trial of safety and efficacy. J Am Coll Surg. 2012 Apr;214(4):489-502; discussion 502-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jamcollsurg.2011.12.038. PMID: 22463890; PMCID: PMC3412530.

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