FountainGLP Review: Finally Affordable Semaglutide? (2024)

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FountainGLP Review


🧪 Treatment Options: Semaglutide (subcutaneous)
💰 Cost for Semaglutide: $320-$399 per month with free Dr. consults.
👨‍🔬 Membership required? Yes
❤️‍🩹 Insurance Accepted: No, but accepts FSA/HSA
Trustpilot Reviews: 144 (on TRT Offers)
Trustpilot Rating: 4.9
⌚ Periodic blood work required? Yes, included in cost

  • Selection
  • Pricing + Fees
  • Reputation


  • Online assessment is quick (~2 min)

  • Easy to contact customer service (text or email)

  • Blood test at Labcorp or via PCP

  • Semaglutide delivered directly

  • Providers are friendly and highly detailed


  • Difficult to schedule consultations outside of standard business hours

  • Treatment can be somewhat expensive depending on payment plan

  • Currently not available in all states

  • Insurance not accepted

The use of semaglutide for weight loss is steadily on the rise within the United States. This peptide therapy not only lowers high blood sugar, but it also helps control appetite, making it highly effective in patients of varying health backgrounds and lifestyles. And while semaglutide is readily available for purchase online these days, many sources as of late are unregulated and potentially harmful. Plus, it can take weeks (or even months) to get booked with your doctor just to find out if you’re eligible for a semaglutide prescription. Thankfully, there’s a better way to get semaglutide faster and safer than ever before: FountainGLP. 

FountainGLP (the same company behind the iconic FountainTRT), delivers semaglutide directly to patients in as little as 3 days for as low as $80 per week. Here, we’ll show exactly how a membership with FountainGLP works and review everything you need to know about this telehealth service. We’ll take you from start to finish in respect to purchasing a membership, booking your telehealth appointment, and receiving treatment.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

What is FountainGLP? 

We recently reviewed how FountainTRT has revolutionized telehealth for men struggling with low testosterone and its associated health issues. The company has completely streamlined the process for TRT and has helped thousands of men reclaim their health and vitality within a matter of weeks. Now, Fountain has launched a similar program for helping women and men with weight management through the use of semaglutide. Basically, all you need to do is open your browser to take an online evaluation, set up a telehealth call, and then be prescribed semaglutide if appropriate.

How Does FountainGLP Work?

FountainGLP works as a membership service where members will have ongoing access to expert medical care and semaglutide medication. Members will be required to first answer some diagnostic questions to evaluate the current health condition and determine whether or not semaglutide is appropriate. If they meet the requirements for treatment, they’ll work with FountainGLP’s customer service team to schedule a telehealth appointment and work with their assigned doctor on creating a treatment plan that best suits their weight loss needs. If prescribed semaglutide, FountainGLP will deliver treatment for as low as $80 per week as part of their all-inclusive membership and provide around-the-clock support for continued results. And, members will receive a 20% discount if they choose to be billed quarterly vs. monthly.

Let’s now take a closer look at each step of the process from signing up for FountainGLP to scheduling a telehealth appointment and receiving treatment.

Online Evaluation

All future customers must first complete an online evaluation prior to receiving semaglutide for weight loss. You’ll answer several questions that are designed to determine whether or not semaglutide is the right option for your specific health goals and concerns. Here are a few examples of the types of questions you’ll be asked to answer:

  • “How difficult is it for you to lose weight?”; Answers range from “It’s easy” up to “Feels impossible”
  • “How much weight are you hoping to lose with FountainGLP?”; Select as low as 5-20 lbs or as high as 100lbs+
  • “How long have you struggled with your weight?”; Choose from options like “Past month” or “Feels like forever”
  • “What bothers you the most about your weight?”; Pick anything from “
  • It’s negatively affecting my health” to “It stops me from being active”
  • “What’s your single most important weight loss goal?”; Options include answers like “Breaking free of “yo-yo” dieting” and “Fixing my metabolic health”

Purchasing a Membership

Once you’ve answered all of the initial questions, FountainGLP will determine whether or not treatment is right for you. If semaglutide is deemed appropriate, you’ll then be required to fill out a few more questions and submit personal information to proceed. In order to move forward, you’ll need to make an initial purchase for semaglutide treatment and then Fountain TRT will contact you via text and email for the next steps. Keep in mind that FountainGLP does not accept insurance, but there are several different options for payment methods and frequencies.

Labwork And Telehealth Appointment

You’ll be contacted within 24 hours to set up an appointment for lab work, or you can upload your most recent labs to the customer portal. You’ll need to provide labwork for CMP (complete metabolic panel), TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), HgA1c (hemoglobin A1c), and a cholesterol panel. If you don’t have any of the required labs for receiving semaglutide treatment, you’ll be required to go to your PCP for testing. However, if you have some required labs but not all, FountainGLP can schedule an appointment for you at a local Labcorp.

After your lab test, you’ll be able to view an online calendar and choose an appointment date and time with a click. You’ll then receive a link via email and/or text that you can easily add to your personal online calendar. At the scheduled time, just click the link to enter a real-time, two-way video visit (similar to Skype or FaceTime). You’ll also be able to view your lab results online prior to the meeting for your reference.

The telehealth visit entails a detailed evaluation by a FountainGLP doctor who specializes in prescribing GLP-1 treatments for sustainable weight loss. The doctor will review your lab results and discuss potential treatment options if your labwork indicates issues with your metabolic health. If treatment is advised, an initial prescription will be written and Semaglutide will be delivered to your door within data. You’ll also be provided with ongoing care to evaluate the effectiveness of your prescribed regimen.

Who Can Use FountainGLP?

FountainGLP is available to women and men who are 18 years old or older and qualify for treatment. In order to qualify, customers will have to pass FountainGLP’’s eligibility test which generally requires that they experience at least one or more weight-related health conditions. FountainGLP also prefers to reserve treatment for individuals with a BMI of 27 or greater. Additionally, FountainGLP will check each customer’s medical history to ensure it does not preclude semaglutide treatment. It is not recommended for the following individuals to take semaglutide: women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients with a family history of medullary thyroid cancer, or MEN2 (multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2).

FountainGLP is currently operating in Available in California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, Idaho, Nebraska, South Carolina, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Montana. However, their services will be available in more states in the near future.

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FountainGLP Trustpilot Reviews

Currently, there are no reviews on Trustpilot for FountainGLP specifically. However, there are over a hundred reviews available for FountainTRT.To date, FountainTRT is rated 4.9 stars overall which should be a great indicator of the level of excellence of the company as a whole. Here are several reviews that highlight Fountain’s stellar services, customer satisfaction, and high-quality treatment:

The absolute best customer experience

“I am blown away by the knowledge and responsiveness of the team at Fountain. We spend time going over my labs and really talk about the improvements I’m seeing. Neither is “glossed over”. I am able to communicate and ask questions or express concerns anytime and receive prompt responses. I truly feel like I am getting care at Fountain; not just medication.” – Jack Fitzpatrick

Amazing Team at Fountain

“Doron and the team at Fountain have been absolutely amazing. The follow-up from the team has been top-notch. Any questions I have, I can send a quick text and get answers in minutes. Refills and follow-ups are quick and easy. I feel like I learn something every time we have a follow-up. I cannot say enough amazing things about starting on TRT with the Fountain team. I have been on for about 9 months now and the transformation has been beyond belief, head to toe. If you are considering TRT this is the team to work with.” – Robert Sullivan

Take the first step to feeling better

“I recently signed up for TRT with Fountain. I would like to comment how fantastic the experience has been so far. From completion of the survey to getting my labs the process was flawless. I just finished my consultation with Dr. Doron. This was the most in depth explanation/discussion on Men’s health I have ever had. We have agreed on a treatment plan for me and I’m so excited to start feeling better. If you are reading this and are hesitant take my word and pull the trigger. Very comfortable discussion for what is an uncomfortable topic for most men. Thank you, Dr Doron. I’ll be sure to leave another message after a few weeks of treatment.” – Steve Shedd

FountainTRT is the most painless and…

“FountainTRT is the most painless and convenient way of getting back to feeling your best. Doran has curated every aspect of the service with the customer and their busy schedule in mind. From at-home blood draws to video chat check-ups, this is the most frictionless health service I’ve experienced. Doran is highly in tune with patient needs and focuses on overall health and well-being. I’d highly recommend anyone looking to explore TRT to schedule a consultation with Doran.” – Brian W.

Looking for More Options for Weight Loss Programs?

If FountainGLP isn’t exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to weight loss, then we have several other recommendations for you. Check out our article on the Best Online Weight Loss Clinics for links to the best clinics in 2023. You’ll have access to other forms of medication and supplements like metformin, other peptides, TRT/HRT, amino acids, as well as vitamins and mineral injections.

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  1. Hi, I filled out the assessment and at the end it ask what State I live in and I said Ohio. It came back and said Ohio is one of the states they do not have to work with. But as I’m reading on it says Ohio is a state they work with. I don’t know how to get any further with this process since it stops me there.

  2. Ok – I have an appointment on Friday ?? And NC is not in the approved states ?? What will happen ??

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