Clostebol Acetate: What It Does, And Much More!

Clostebol Acetate

Clostebol – in the news with Fernando Tatis Jr. being found with some of the stuff in his body – what the hell is it even?

Well, my freinds, it is a Steroid, and much like others of its kind, can be used to change the performance of the average joe or professional athlete dramatically.

Whether Fernando actually used it or not, it still does work. That said, it is a rather peculiar Steroid in its action and pharmacokinetics…

Let’s see what’s what in this Clostebol review containing a cycle idea, dosage, and side effects.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Takeaways

  • Clostebol is an Anabolic Steroid developed to treat people suffering from muscle wasting diseases 
  • Clostebol does not convert into Estrogen or DHT
  • It is kind of mild in effects and side effects 
  • It is quite popular amongst female athletes and anyone else who wants to avoid side effects 

What is Clostebol Acetate?

Megagrisevit Mono is also known as Clostebol Acetate, and it is one of the lesser well-known Steroids currently on the black market today. It is also often called Steranabol and has the potential to be a pretty advantageous Steroid. 

Without making things too complicated, Clostebol is a variation of the Testosterone hormone. It has been modified by having a Chloro group added at the 4-position – just like Turinabol has. 

Figures 1 & 2: Clostebol (left) and Turinabol (right) are eerily similar in structure, only subtle differences differentiate them from one another

The addition of the Chloro group grants Clostebol certain attributes that would make it a pretty effective compound to use compared to other Steroids: 

  • Does not Aromatize, meaning you will not be having any issues with Estrogen
  • Does not convert into dihydrotestosterone, meaning it will cause fewer Androgenic sides

When using Steroids, you should always keep side effects in mind. By not having two of the major sides (Estrogen and DHT) you’re already a whole lot better.  

How Does Clostebol Acetate Work?

As any other Steroid would. Steroids were designed to bind to the Androgen receptors as natural Androgens in the body would. The process in which these Anabolic Steroids work is as follows: 

Step 1: Steroid Hormone or SARM binds to the Steroid Hormone Receptors

Step 2: Hormone/SARM-Receptor complex enters the Nucleus

Step 3: The complex will bind to the receptor sites on the chromatin

Step 4: This activates mRNA transcription

Step 5: mRNA leaves the nucleus

Step 6: Ribosomes translate mRNA into new proteins

Clostebol is known for not causing any Estrogen or DHT-based sides, meaning it is an incredibly dry compound. 

Benefits of Clostebol Acetate

Each Steroid has its own drawbacks and benefits, depending on how it was designed and how it is used in practice. Here are some of the benefits of Clostebol: 

  • Does not require an Aromatase Inhibitor or Estrogen control of any kind
  • It will not lead to as many Androgenic side effects as other Steroids 
  • Because it is so much less impactful than other Steroids, it could be a good option for females

Is Clostebol Acetate Legal?

No, Clostebol is an illegal Steroid. It is also banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and is illegal to use in professional sports. 

Who Should Use Clostebol Acetate?

As mentioned before, Clostebol is pretty unique because it does not raise Estrogen or DHT levels. This makes it perfect for those who are sensitive to those side effects but still want to have the benefits of Anabolic Steroids. 

How to Use Clostebol Acetate (Cycle Acetate Clostebol) 

With two main versions of the drug available, you better dose it correctly for max gains. Thus, follow the following table: 

Oral Version πŸ’ŠInjectable Version πŸ’‰
Male 🚹25 – 70mg per day20mg – 40mg per day
Female 🚺10mg per day7 – 15mg per day

Clostebol Acetate Dosage

Your doses should range 25 – 70mg per day for the oral version, or 20 – 40mg per day for the injectable version. 

For females, oral dosages should be at 10mg per day or injectable versions at 50mg – 100mg per week.

Clostebol Acetate Stack

Because of the mild effects of the compound, you could stack it with Anavar and Testosterone (low dose) for some nice, clean gains. Or, you can just blow your blood pressure through the roof and use it with any other drug. There isn’t much you should avoid, unless, you take too many orals in which case, RIP liver. 

Clostebol Acetate Reviews

As the acetate ester, which is the only I’ve seen sold, it’s difficult to brew and the PIP is hellish. And unlike DHB, which has some use because it’s fairly strong, clostebol is fairly weak


Best Time To Take Clostebol Acetate

In a cut. Due to the fact that it doesn’t cause Estrogen sides, you can use it in a cut to help you retain muscle mass. It won’t be doing anything amazing while bulking, however. 

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Clostebol Acetate Side Effects

Liver Damage

As this steroid comes in oral form, it is potentially toxic to the liver, although there is evidence to suggest that this is not the case with the oral form of this drug as it is not 17 alpha alkylated.

Causes Acne

Although estrogenic side effects are few and far between when using this drug, some users have experienced mild acne, especially on the face and back.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is another possible side effect when using this steroid, which could exasperate acne.

To help avoid this, it is recommended to keep yourself clean and to bathe regularly using specialist soaps.

Virilization In Females

Okay, as mild as it is, if women use dosages on the higher end of the scale, there is the risk of virilization which could cause deepening of the voice, accelerated hair growth, and enlargement of the clitoris, so this is worth bearing in mind.

Testosterone Shutdown

All Anabolic Steroids and exogenous Testosterone will lead to the downregulation of natural Testosterone levels. 

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Alternative Clostebol Acetate?

The world of research chemicals has boomed in the last couple of years as SARMs and Peptides have become commonplace. You can find various SARMs like Ligandrol to give you similar effects, and you can find those at SARM vendors like Amino Asylum or sometimes with HRT clinics.

Clostebol Acetatevs. Other Compounds

Clostebol Acetate vs Testosterone

Clostebol is not going to convert into Estrogen or DHT, whereas Testosterone would. This makes Clostebol the perfect compound for someone looking to avoid side effects, but Testosterone does seem to be less mild in regards to results as well. 

Clostebol Acetate vs Turinabol

They’re almost exactly the same, except TBol is going to be stronger. Way stronger. 

Clostebol Acetate vs Anavar 

These differ quite a bit as Anavar will raise DHT levels, however, will also help your strength a lot more due to it being a DHT. This means if power is important to you, Anavar is the better drug. 

Is Clostebol Acetate Legit?

Absolutely. But it is illegal. You cannot purchase or use it legally, and for a legal alternative, your best bets are SARMs and Peptides. 

PCT Needed?

Even though this is one of the milder steroids on the market today, especially amongst men, post cycle therapy is still always recommended, and that is not going to change ever.

When using steroids, you should always run PCT as it helps to reset your body back to its original settings, as it were, before you started your steroid cycle.

PCT should come in the form of Clomid and Nolvadex.

As far as dosages go, that all depends on the strengths of the drug that you are running.

If you are struggling with PCT, it is always worth consulting an expert, either online or in person, who can then advise you on dosages and which potential steps to take next.

What is Clostebol used for?

It was developed to treat women and children who were suffering from muscle wasting diseases. It would be perfect because it doesn’t have the typical side effects of other Steroids. 

Why is Clostebol banned?

It is classified as a Steroid and banned by the FDA and WADA. It gives you an unfair advantage in the sporting world. 

What kind of drug is Clostebol?

Anabolic and Androgenic Steroid. 

How does Clostebol enhance performance?

It can enhance your muscle protein synthesis and slightly increase your strength as well. It will also massively increase your recovery from one session to another. 

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Chemical Structure

Mechanism of Action

Clostebol is a synthetic version of testosterone that binds to the Androgen Receptors (ARs) of the muscle cells and stimulates them to produce more protein.

Class of Compound


Street Names

Macrobin, Steranabol, Alfa-Trofodermin, Megagrisevit


  • Increases protein synthesis in muscles
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Increases rate of recovery

Side Effects and Dangers

  • Oily skin and acne
  • Liver damage
  • Virilization In Females

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