36 Personal Trainer Statistics, Facts, and Figures

Personal Trainers are the cornerstone of the fitness industry, and there are millions around the world. Let's look at some of the top Personal Trainer Statistics.

Top 10 Personal Trainer Statistics

  1. 51% of personal trainers feel no stress or anxiety while at work
  2. There are approx 57,000 fitness instructors in the U.K.
  3. 40% of personal trainers are 40 yo or older
  4. In the U.S., the personal training industry is worth $13 billion, while in the U.K., it’s Β£631 million. 
  5. The average personal trainer maintains their role for between 1-2 years
  6. Fitness trainers with over 5 years of experience earn 24% more than 1st-year trainers.
  7. Personal trainers have an average age of 37
  8. 67% of personal trainers hold a bachelor’s degree
  9. 340,000 personal trainers are employed in the U.S.
  10. The online fitness market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 33%

Career Personal Trainer Statistics

Thinking about a career in personal training and fitness? The good news is that most personal trainers are satisfied with their careers and don’t suffer from burnout from personal training sessions. Check out some of these stats to help you decide.

Personal training ranks 79th in career satisfaction.

57% of personal trainers don’t feel stuck in their roles

43% of personal trainers are passionate about fitness. Additionally, 34% become personal trainers to help others.

51% of personal trainers feel no stress or anxiety while at work

A job survey showed personal trainers gave an A for satisfaction, an A for low stress, an A for benefiting people, and a B in career options. (2)

Personal Trainer Demographics

In the U.S. and the U.K. alone, there are hundreds of 1000s of personal trainers of different backgrounds, ages, and education. 

Here are some of the critical stats you need to know

There are approx 57,000 fitness instructors in the U.K.

A whopping 340,000 personal trainers are employed in the U.S. 

Fitness trainers have an average age of 37

40% of personal trainers are 40 yo or older

63% of personal trainers are male, while 36% are female

According to career explorer, 44% of personal trainers are employed full-time. (3)

Personal Trainer Statistics & Industry Trends 

Is the personal fitness industry sustainable? Take a look at some of the most important stats and judge for yourself. You’ll find stats on salary, market size, and trends.

In the U.S., the personal training industry is worth $13 billion, while in the U.K., it’s Β£631 million. 

The average hourly rate for a personal trainer in the U.S. is $55, and Β£50 in the U.K.

The average salary of a personal trainer is $59,000, with the lowest being $42,000 and the highest $72,000.

A female personal trainer can earn 96 cents on the dollar compared to males

After the pandemic, 21% of fitness trainers work online, 62% do both, and 14% only coach one to one. (4)

Fitness trainers with over 5 years of experience earn 24% more than 1st-year trainers.

Of those personal trainers who earn 6-figures or more, 86% offer online services

Since COVID, only 6% of fitness trainers report being worse off

The average personal trainer maintains their role for between 1-2 years

What’s The Future Of Personal Training

Due to a number of factors, the personal training market is ever-evolving, and the personal training niche is no different. In years gone by, personal trainers struggled to make enough to make a living, but things are different now, with many personal trainers earning up to 6-figures.

Here are some of the most critical stats that will help ease the minds of future personal trainers. looking for personal training jobs.

By 2030, the personal trainer industry is projected to grow by 39% as compared to other careers, with an average growth rate of 8%

Before 2026, an expected 31,000 personal training roles are to become available.

The online fitness trainers market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 33% (5)

Personal Training Educational Levels

When it comes to the education of personal trainers and fitness instructors, there is a wide spread of levels, with 67% of personal trainers holding a bachelor’s degree. Coming in second is 14% of personal trainers who earned an associate degree and only 7% holding a master’s degree. 

Personal Training Industry Education And Wage Level

Those personal trainers holding a master’s degree take home an average of $63,246. Those with a bachelor’s degree take home $61,652 annually, and finally, personal trainers with an associate degree earn $56,237 per year.

What Are The Most Common Gyms 

The fitness industry has several types of business models, but the most common four are franchises, boutiques/studio gyms, elite or upmarket gyms, and finally, sports academies and institutes.

Gym Franchises

Brands such as Planet Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Golds Gym, and 24 Hour Fitness are the leading franchises in this category. For personal trainers, they offer unlimited potential and access to clientele and growth possibilities.

Studio Gyms

These types of gyms offer specialized and individualized programs to a wide range of clients, from beginners to professional athletes; you’ll find one on one training and group classes too.

High-Class Gyms

Similar to studio gyms, however, these high-class gyms have the best equipment and are the perfect opportunity for personal trainers looking to catch some big fish.

Sporting Institutes

These are the hardest to break into for fitness trainers and require a specialized degree in areas like biomechanics or sports science. 

How Many Gyms Are There

The number of gyms, health clubs, country clubs, and sporting academies is constantly growing, but this does not include fitness gyms at universities or those found in hotels. Currently, the best number we have is there are nearly 40,000 traditional gyms and fitness centers now operating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the client retention rate of fitness trainers?

Most personal trainers are able to maintain close to an 80 and 90% client retention rate. That said, the retention rate varies significantly from business to business and even from country to country.

What are the essential stats about the personal training industry?

In the United States alone, there are currently 133,181 personal trainers employed in the industry. Of that number, 36.7% are female, while the remaining 63.3% are male. The average age of a personal trainer in the U.S. is 37yo. (6)

How many people use a personal trainer?

The most recent numbers show that 8.3 million gym membership owners took up the services of personal trainers for a total of 12.6%. (7)

Are personal trainers effective?

Yes. A study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine found that working with a personal trainer can enhance athletic performance by as much as 30%. (8)

Many personal trainers fail; Why?

Personal training courses require a lot of study and commitment to complete successfully. Moreover, sports science is continually changing, so keeping your knowledge up to date is essential.Β 

How long is a personal training career?

Amazingly, the average personal trainer’s career only lasts about six months. Remember, this is an average; many personal trainers make a good living.Β 

Is personal training stressful?

Yes and no. Depending on your personality type, personal training can be very stressful or fulfilling, especially when it comes to helping people achieve their fitness goals.Β 

Is the future bright for the personal training market?

From 2021 to 2023, the personal fitness trainers industry is expected to grow by 19%. That equates to roughly 65,000 new jobs on offer each year, and the number is projected to grow. (9)

What’s the busiest time for a personal trainer?

Most personal trainers are up and at it before typical working hours, with the busiest time being 5 am to 6 am.Β 

How many clients can a personal trainer have?

The average personal trainer typically has between 15 and 20 clients each week. This is more than enough clientele to make a good living.

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