SARMs Before And After

Here, we'll review some of the most impressive SARMs transformations we found online and discuss which SARMs really work.
SARMs Before And After

SARMs have gained massive popularity over the last couple of years as more and more people discover their ability to help pack on mass, get ripped and boost strength.

The fact that they can do these things without the same dangers associated with using steroids has made them even more attractive to the bodybuilding community.

In this article, we go beyond the hype to discover what SARMs can really do for your body.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

SARMs for Bodybuilding

The acronym SARMs stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. The properties of SARMs are similar to, but not as pronounced as steroids.

However, the drawback to their use is they are not as anabolic but they do have some androgenic properties with a high binding ability to the androgen receptor.

SARMs for bodybuilding is different from steroids in that they are far more targeted in their action. They go directly to muscle tissue and bone,Β  not to the liver, brain, or prostate.

SARMs also do not convert to harmful molecules such as DHT and estrogen that can cause side effects.

SARMs are also beneficial for bodybuilding in that they suppress testosterone production in the body far less than steroids. The exceptions are YK-11 and S-23.

SARMs for Bulking

SARMs have proven to be one of the fastest ways to gain muscle mass when combined with working out and eating to get big, that exists short of taking dangerous anabolic steroids.

The best SARMs for bulking are:

  • LGD 4033 – By quickly and notably increasing protein synthesis, blood flow, and glycogen storage, LGD 4033 allows your body to build back more effectively after a workout. This is the most popular bulking SARM that exists. As well as getting your big, it will also allow you to train longer and to recover from your workouts faster.
  • YK 11 – This is a myostatin inhibitor that propels your body into muscle-building mode. This is a powerful and potent mass builder.
  • RAD 140 – Testolone is a powerful strength and size builder. However, it is also one of the more risky SARMs.
  • MK 677 – Produces a surge in the body’s natural production of growth hormone. In addition, this compound has been shown to improve sleep quality and promote healthy skin and nails.

SARMs for Cutting

There are some fantastic SARMs that allow you to get super ripped.

Here are the top 3 SARMs for cutting:

  • GW 501516 – GW 501516 is a PPAR receptor agonist. These are drugs that are made to stimulate gene expression involved in glucose and fatty acid metabolism. It was created by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in the β€˜90s. The purpose of them doing so was to fight obesity, diabetes and cardiac disease. GW 501516 is commonly known as Cardarine. It has been shown to be an extremely effective fat burner.
  • MK 2866 – Otherwise known as Ostarine, MK 2866 was created to help treat muscle wasting diseases. By selectively binding to androgen receptors, MK 2866 allows you to preserve muscle mass while you are cutting lean body fat from your body. As well as fat reduction and muscle mass preservation, MK 2866 will also increase levels of HDL (good) cholesterol while reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, as well as enhancing insulin resistance. There are a few side effects, including nausea, stomach complaints and headaches.
  • S4 – Andarine is a product of Kaken Pharmaceuticals, which created it to combat muscle wasting diseases. It is a favorite compound for bodybuilders to get ripped while also retaining muscle mass. It is low in side effects but these may include nausea, headaches, and vision problems.

SARMs for Endurance

SARMs are not only for bulking and cutting. They can also be used to prolong endurance. The best SARMs for endurance are Ligandrol and Testolone.

LGD4 (Ligandrol) is the best SARM for cardiovascular endurance, allowing you to engage in exercises that tax your heart and lungs for longer.

Rad 140 (Testolone) is the best SARM for muscular endurance, allowing you to perform weight training workouts harder and for longer.

SARMs for Women

Not all SARMs are appropriate for women to take. The best SARMs for women, whether they are wanting to build muscle or to get ripped, are the following:

  • GW 501516 – GW 501516, or Cardarine, will help women to get rid of body fat from their traditional problem areas, such as the thighs and hips. There is very little testosterone suppression. Women should begin with 10 mg of Cardarine daily and build to a maximum of 20 mg per day.
  • MK 2866 – MK 2866, or Ostarine, will increase insulin resistance, improve heart health, speed up the metabolism and improve endurance as it strips off body fat.
  • LGD 4033 – Ligandrol, or LGD 4033, has a proven ability to increase lean muscle mass without any significant side effects.

How to Take Sarms

SARMS are available in a number of different formats. Originally, all SARMs are raw powder. These are then formulated into a number of methods of application.

Here is an overview:

Liquid Sarms

SARMs in liquid form is the most popular way to take these compounds. The SARM is suspended in a liquid which acts as a carrier. They are usually sold in dropper bottles.

Sarms Capsules

Sarms capsules contain measured amounts of raw powder. That allows you to take them in simple capsule form. Most companies sell SARMs capsules in quantities of 30 or 60.

Sarms Powder

Buying your SARMs in raw powder form is the cheapest way to go. However, it can be difficult to measure out the required doses when you buy your SARMs in this format.

Injectable Sarms

Injectable SARMs take the raw powder and suspend it in a carrier liquid and then put it into a sterile bottle with a syringe. This allows you to inject the compound directly into your veins. This is the fastest way to get the SARMs into your system.

How to Cycle Sarms

When planning a SARMs cycle, you first need to know what your cycle goal is. Are you wanting to bulk or get cut? You should not go on a cycle to do both at the same time.

Then you need to identify the length of time for your cycle. Building muscle takes time, even when you are using compounds such as SARMs. A good length of time for a bulking cycle is 12 weeks, with 8-10 weeks being appropriate for a cutting cycle.

Your first cycle should involve just one SARM and not a stack. You should also be training hard and eating in harmony with your goal (for bulk, eating 500 calories above maintenance per day; for a cut, eat 500 calories below maintenance per day).

How to Stack Sarms

SARMs can be stacked in quantities of two or three over the course of a cycle. When you strategically stack SARMs you are able to benefit from the synergistic effect of the compounds.

As a result, you get better results than if you would have taken each compound separately. Because SARMs are generally safe, you can stack most SARMs without any problems.

Here is a great stack for Bulking:

  • YK-11 – 5mg per day
  • RAD-140 – 10 mg per day
  • MK-677 – 20 mg per day

Best Place to Buy Sarms

The SARMs industry is unregulated. As a result, there is no regulation of the quality of production of them. They are sold online through many retailers.

However, they can only be marketed for sale as research products and not for human consumption. Many of them are extremely unreliable. When searching for a place to buy your SARMs, you should ensure that they use third-party quality control processes. They should also publish a certificate of authenticity on their website for every product that they sell.

The most well respected, reputable, and solid online SARMs retailers are

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SARMs Transformation

There are some very impressive SARMs transformations that have been recorded online. Most of them have very little in terms of actual evidence to verify them.

The incredible results that are claimed in some cases are simply preposterous. No amount of SARMs will allow you to go from Pee Wee Hermann to Phil Heath in the course of a 12-week cycle.

One of the most believable SARMs transformations that you’ll find is a 12-week transformation using LGD-4033. Here are his results …

  • Bone density increase of 7 percent
  • Muscle mass increase of 1.3 inches on quads
  • Muscles mass increase of 0.5 inches on calves
  • No change in fat or muscle mass

SARMs Before and After

The following before and after pics have been taken from the internet. As such, there is no way to verify their accuracy.

Rad 140 Before and After

This guy claims to have gained 8 pounds of muscle over the course of an 8 week cycle, taking 10 mg of Rad 140 daily.

LGD 4033 Before and After

Here’s an image that shows a guy’s transformation on Ligandrol over an 8 week stack where he stacked LGD-4033 with Cardarine. His stack was 5 mg of Ligandrol and 10 mg of Cardarine daily for 8 weeks.

Ostarine MK-2866 Before and After

This guy’s results are pretty outstanding. After 8 weeks on Ostarine he went from skinny fat to ripped. His 8 week cycle involved taking 20 mg of Ostarine daily.

Andarine Before and After

This guy went on an 8 week Anadarine cycle, taking 25 mg per day. This is another great example of transforming from skinny fat to super lean in just a couple of months.

Gw501516 Before and After

Here is a before and after shot after a 90 day cycle on Cardarine. He combined Cardarine with Ligandrol and Ostarine.

Here is what he took and his results …

  • Ostarine Dosage: 25 mg
  • Ligandrol Dosage: 10 mg
  • Cardarine Dosage: 10 mg
  • Cycle Length: 90 Days
  • Muscle Gain: 18 Pounds
  • Fat Loss: 7 Pounds

Take-Home Message

SARMs are the real deal. They will not give you the same results as anabolic steroids but they can come pretty close. You can’t believe every before and after pic you see online, but even if they provide you with a percentage of the results seen in the before and after pics we’ve shown here, you are still going to get some pretty impressive cutting and bulking results.

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