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Brock Lesnar MMA Workout Routine

Brock Lesnar was raised on a farm in his younger years, so if anyone knows a thing or two about work ethic – it’s Brock. In his younger days he’d use old-school farm-based exercises to build his physique, with the nearest gym… Read more

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Fat Loss

The Low Body Fat Secrets Of Bodybuilders And Fitness Models

Bodybuilders and fitness models today are more shredded than ever before.

Back in Arnold’s day you could compete in a Mr Universe at 10% body fat and no one would bat an eye. Nowadays, if you compete carrying anything more than 5% body fat,… Read more

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Muscle Building

Is A Good Pump Necessary To Build Muscle?

As Arnold so eloquently put it, there’s no better feeling for a bodybuilder than getting a PUMP.

A pump is a bodybuilder’s ecstasy, with endorphins rushing through your brain and blood filling up your muscles; creating that tight/swole… Read more

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Matt Kroc Kroczaleski 12 Week Squat Program

Matt Kroczaleski is a world renowned powerlifting champion. Matt’s a former marine, who at his peak weighed 255lbs at 5 ft 9.

The former MuscleTech sponsored athlete has recorded some monster lifts including a 738lb bench press, an … Read more

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Strength Building Workouts

10 Week Staggered Deadlift Workout Program

If you’re currently plateaued, and craving a new deadlift PR – this article is for you.

This is a staggered 10 week deadlift program for intermediate lifters. It can be repeated as many times as needed.

Lifters will alternate between… Read more

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Bodybuilding Articles

7 Signs You’re Weak


You know those guys who go to the gym religiously, but after looking at their physique, you’re left wondering: do you even lift?

Gym weaklings aren’t annoying because they’re weak, after all, not everyone can be strong…they’re… Read more

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Russian Squat Routine

russian squat program

In the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, the Soviet Union weightlifting team dominated the competition, winning 7 of the 9 available gold medals. Consequently the lifting world wanted to know the Russian’s secrets…which was … Read more

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