OnMen.ca Review

Average Testosterone levels are dropping, and with the negative health risks associated, it's a problem that needs solving. Let's see how OnMen.ca can help.

You might be surprised to learn that male Testosterone levels are lower than ever, and they are falling by 1% each year.

Low Testosterone has been linked to massive health risks such as depression, cardiovascular disease, and even diabetes [1]. Men’s health has never been more important.

OnMen.ca falls under telehealth services and they aim to bring prescription medication to the men that need it, all at a reasonable price.

Treatments vary from Testosterone Replacement Therapy to hair loss medication. Sounds pretty interesting.

That said, the last thing you’d want is a bad experience. So let’s see if Canadian men have a place to find solitude.

🙂 Best forMen experiencing low Hormones
💊 Product typesTRT, HRT, Sex Therapy
💰 PricingDepends on a treatment plan, but ranges from $35 – $200 per month
🏢 CompanyOn Men

Key Takeaways

  • OnMen is an online clinic working with an online pharmacy to provide male health meds
  • Meds include TRT, ED Meds, and treatment of Hair Loss
  • They are remarkably well priced
  • Unfortunately, hop onto any browser and you will find hosts of negative reviews

Who Are OnMen?

As mentioned, men’s health has become a priority amongst medical professionals. Recent surveys and studies indicate there are millions of men suffering from Hypogonadism (Low T), hair loss, and erectile dysfunction [2].

OnMen.ca Review

Telemedicine services have been rising in popularity as a means of finding medical treatment. Instead of visiting a GP and paying a large amount of money for your treatment, these companies have their clients receive treatment at home.

OnMen is a Canadian-based company that focuses on proving the medical treatments that men might need. The business profile is rather simple.

They have medical professionals ranging from doctors to endocrinologists, all having the overarching goal of giving clients high-quality treatments.

You work with these medical professionals who will give you advice and prescriptions based on your blood tests – which will show the shortcomings of hormones.

The medications received are also shipped discretely, due to the stigma against men getting the help they need. Medication includes TRT, PrEP, Sex Counselling, ED Meds, and Hair Loss medications.

Onboarding Process for OnMen

OnMen is very driven to spread knowledge to men about their low Testosterone levels and health. They are extremely transparent with their treatment plans.

The onboarding process is quite simple. If you suspect you may be suffering from a certain condition and you want to be sure, you come into contact with them via their site.

From there you will book a medical consultation, in which a doctor will have a conversation with you about your symptoms and what you are feeling – knowledge is key, remember.

You will then have your blood work done. They take a look at your medical history, and you complete a medical questionnaire.

Once the tests are complete and they have a large body of knowledge of your health, they can make a decision (with you) about which of their services would be best for you, based on pricing, your age, life choices, etc.

An accredited pharmacy partner will then have your medications shipped and boom – your overall health improves immediately. You keep in contact with the doctors to make sure you get automatic refills and every three months (or as needed) you have more tests done to see if you’re still on the right path.

Top Treatments Available from OnMen Online Pharmacy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

TRT is the replacement of “missing” endogenous Testosterone with an external source. They have two options available, injections and creams. Most men tend to feel better on injections, however, that is to be discussed with you and your doctor.

The blood test will show if you have low T levels (<300ng/dL) [3] and perhaps even why this is the case – low LH or FSH levels. Your prescription might include other medications as well to make sure your fertility is preserved, however, it is a bit hard to find more information on this from their online site. It is common in other TRT and HRT clinics.

Men that are prescribed TRT will first have to be approved by a doctor seeing as the Steroid industries are major businesses and they want their products to be used by the actual customers.

Hair Loss

Many men will suffer from a bit of hair loss, however, there are a lot of men that really suffer from losing hair. Treatment for this is now such a big business that you can even get faked meds online thinking you get the real thing.

Taking into account that hair loss can happen to different patients for different reasons, they have different meds to be prescribed. These include Minoxidil and Finasteride. The latter of which is known to cause ED.

They do also offer something for that as well – Sildenafil – which is the active ingredient in Viagra.

Onmen Pricing for Canadian Men

Onboarding Cost

Onboarding refers to the initial costs that don’t actually include the prescription, etc. For TRT, you’re going to have to fork up $200 – $50 of which is for blood work, and the rest is for the online doctor consultation.

Their sex counseling will run you $200 per session. Compare both of these with their real-life platform and you’re saving a lot of money.

Lab Work Costs

Lab Work will run you $50.

Medication Costs

Medication costs and prescriptions will depend on the needs of the customer. See, the hair treatments are a lot cheaper than TRT, ranging from $35 – $60 per month (first month free btw).

TRT is a tad more expensive, however, the website doesn’t exclusively say how much it is. They say it is competitive with other online TRT clinics, so it might be anything between $100 – $500 per month – quite a large range.

Onmen Cost Summary

Compared to other TRT companies in British Columbia and Canada, they are actually very competitive. Lab work is known to run the patient a lot more money in other parts, especially in the States.

The customer stands a big chance to save some cash, and since the pharmacy ships for free right to your door… it’s a no-brainer.

They are very eager to mention that some of their medications might be covered by your insurance! Something we don’t see very often with TRT clinics.

OnMen Customer Reviews


They seem to be doing neither good nor bad on Trustpilot, with 58 reviews with an average of 3.6 stars. Fernando T had the following to say:

“They will charge you in advance $50 dls for sending a blood requisition to your email and $150 for an upcoming ¨consultation¨. They won´t tell you they´ll charge you in advance, since they already got your CC number and they do whatever the hell they want with it. BTW, good luck by having someone showing up from their side to the consultation. Pri** S (their nurse) dumped me twice. No one showed up. Not a single email saying “Sorry I missed our meeting” Nothing. They´re just not HUMANS. They don´t share their emails, they have a phone number connected to an aswering machine, NO HUMAN INTERACTION (which is KEY when you’re suffering from low T symptoms and you need help) no nothing.

If you value your money, your time, and you really care for your health, don´t make business with this scammers. The internet is PACKED with neg reviews and it is more than obvious that all of their positive reviews were written by thelmselves. I´m still waiting for them to process a refund to my CC for the money they took without my consent. That said, they are the quickest when it comes to making up excuses and replying to their negative reviews online.”


Youtube doesn’t have much in line with reviews, however, Reddit does give us access to more of their old customers, like Easto82:

“They are horrible. It’s a puppy mill version of TRT. They under prescribe their Test and push low dosed cream to start. You’ll end up shutting down your natural production and they exogenous test you are taking doesn’t fill that void. You end up feeling just as bad if not worse.

I had to argue for IM injections because the 75mg cream was a waste and cost me over $200/month.

Ended up convincing them to change me to injections and was given 100mg to inject once a week.

Had a NP kick me from the program for injecting 3x per week. I did it to keep more stable blood levels and was told I didn’t stick to the directions and was kicked.

I said I didn’t want 100mg in 1 shot and have to deal with hormone fluctuations and she didn’t care. Her name was Alex. She then accused me of taking more than prescribed.

Check the half life of Test Cyp and do a little reading and you’ll quickly learn you can just more frequently to get more stable blood levels.

She freaked on me and told me “No, no more than 2 times a week”. However after going to 3x a week it helped with some sides I was experiencing.

They likely have a script they have to follow and really just do the same steps for every person.

If you want prescription testosterone they will give it to you. If you want knowledgeable guidance look elsewhere.

OR if you change your protocol don’t admit it on the phone. Even if it helps with symptom Resolution they don’t care. They will drop you As a client and will just add someone other guy that find them on a Google search.

There are some good TRT clinics, 1 I switched to with a doctor who continuously attends conferences and continues to keep educated on TRT.

I’ve been with 2 clinics. ONMEN was garbage based on personal experience. The other clinic is amazing and the doctor I deal with treats symptoms and spends a lot of time explaining things.

Good luck”

Yeah, it’s not looking great. Most of the online reviews say that they are bad, most reviews are negative reviews. There is also a lot of folks saying they are not personal with their customers. When you’re dealing with super low levels of hormones, most men don’t have a few months to waste…

Alternatives to OnMen

OnMen vs Felix Health

Felix Health is another online clinic but has other treatments like birth control and acne meds as well. The big problem is, they don’t have TRT. They offer a more generalized treatment, which even extends to mental health.

OnMen has the benefit of offering their patients TRT, however, as we have seen on various websites, they don’t do a good job of providing a health platform…

OnMen vs Foundation

 Immediately you get the sense (from the website) that Foundation is a better platform. They have great information about TRT and why you might need it. They offer an online (free) quiz so you can get more clarity as well.

No doubt their prices will reflect this, right? Well, their blood test is the same as OnMen, and reviews of Foundation are a lot better than OnMen.

OnMen vs Waterloo Anti Aging

Unlike OnMen, Waterloo also offers HGH and Peptide treatments – making it an online HRT clinic as well. They also offer botox and weight loss. While HGH can help with hair growth, OnMen has them on that front. They also don’t cover erectile dysfunction. Customer will have to go based on which treatment they need.

Waterloo is more expensive – period. Also, none of their treatments are covered by insurance.

Conclusion: Is OnMen a Scam?

Well, it depends on what you call a scam. If you decide to make use of their online services, you might get free shipping and a clinician or two to work with, but according to reviews, it’s not worth it.

That said, other reviews say it is what is to be expected at that price. Other online clinics can be very pricey, and we would know – we keep a log of them.

As far as quality goes, they’re probably okay, but maybe they can try to improve their services by having better a better customer-to-clinician interaction platform.

You get what you pay for.

Value for money? Eh…


As men age (and everyone else) we see a reduction in human growth hormone levels. This has some pretty bad side effects, and while there are HGH clinics in Canada, OnMen does not provide this through their pharmacy.

OnMen TRT Cost

Using a combination of reviews and what we could learn from their website, it will be somewhere between $150 – $200 per month.

Is TRT free in Canada?


Is TRT legal Canada?

Yes, as long as you work through a medical prescription or with an online pharmacy that works through a TRT/HRT Clinic.

Comments and questions?

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1) Jia H, Sullivan CT, McCoy SC, Yarrow JF, Morrow M, Borst SE. Review of health risks of low testosterone and testosterone administration. World J Clin Cases. 2015 Apr 16;3(4):338-44. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v3.i4.338. PMID: 25879005; PMCID: PMC4391003.

2) Mulligan T, Frick MF, Zuraw QC, Stemhagen A, McWhirter C. Prevalence of hypogonadism in males aged at least 45 years: the HIM study. Int J Clin Pract. 2006 Jul;60(7):762-9. doi: 10.1111/j.1742-1241.2006.00992.x. PMID: 16846397; PMCID: PMC1569444.

3) Cohen J, Nassau DE, Patel P and Ramasamy R (2020) Low Testosterone in Adolescents & Young Adults. Front. Endocrinol. 10:916. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2019.00916

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