Is Terry Crews on Steroids or Natural?

terry crews steroids

When somebody mentions Terry Crews, brains tend to refer back to this moment…


Terry can be best described as ‘the black Hulk’…with a kick-ass sense of humour.

Most of us know Terry Crews from films like White Chicks, the Longest Yard, Blended and the Expendables. And some may be surprised to know that he was also an NFL player, retiring in 1997.

When I first saw Terry Crews (in White Chicks), my first thought was…

“Wow, he’s jacked!”

And secondly…

“I wonder if he’s taking steroids?

…He’s got to be taking steroids”.

His body reminds me of a smaller Ronnie Coleman. BIG muscles on a mesomorph frame and a thick waist.

So let’s see if Terry Crews really is on steroids or not…

He Claims Natty

In 2011 Terry Crews actually came out and said he was natty via Facebook…

terry crews natty status

Anyone can lie and say they’re natty, but everyone knows steroids are rife in the film industry, so logic tells us there’s no need to post a status on Facebook saying this…unless it was actually true.

Terry Crews gets paid a lot of money because he’s:

  1. Hilarious
  2. In great shape
  3. A good actor

Whereas ‘natural’ fitness models/bodybuilders are getting paid solely because of their natty status. That’s their unique selling point and what makes them special over any other juiced up meathead. That’s why some of them are so keen to lie about their steroid-use, because their careers are on the line.

…Terry’s career isn’t.

Also if Terry Crews was in an interview and they asked him if he was taking steroids (and he said no), that’s different because he HAS to say no for legal reasons. But this is him openly coming out about the subject himself.

His Body IS Attainable


You could have a white guy and a black guy eating the same macros, doing identical workouts, getting the same amount of sleep each night…but the black guy might gain 15lbs of muscle and the white guy only 5lbs.

This doesn’t mean the black guy’s taking steroids, it just means that everybody’s genetics are different.

This picture of Kai Greene shows that he was a similar size to Terry Crews at just 17 years old. His arms look about 17 inches here.

young kai greene

This is proof that if you’re blessed with epic genetics you CAN get big naturally.

Terry Crews also started lifting weights at the age of 14. If  you’ve been lifting for over 30 years with extreme dedication AND you’ve got incredible genetics, you’re bound to be jacked.

Terry Crews is Very Health Conscious

This is a guy who wants to be as healthy as possible. He runs at least 4 miles and lifts weights every day. He says he does a lot of cardio to keep his heart strong and healthy (1).

He also stated in an interview with that he believes many guys who lift weights aren’t in optimal health because they neglect cardio.

Fair comment.

cardio meme

He’s also known to drink green tea and do IF (intermittent fasting) to keep his body strong inside and out. He says he likes lifting heavy to max out his testosterone levels, but at the same time he never goes too heavy to reduce the risk of injury.

It’s clear this is a guy always thinking about his health. Typically steroid-users aren’t health orientated, with them even jeopardizing their health in order to see more gains.

This personality trait of Terry Crews adds credibility to his claims of being a natty.

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Little Vascularity

The more thin a person’s skin is, the more vascular/veiny they are.

There are several things that determine how thick/thin your skin is, such as: your age, steroids and genetics.

Some guys naturally will have thinner skin than others, resulting in more prominent veins.

Steroids can also make a person more veiny by increasing red blood cell count and decreasing collagen.

Also as you age your skin will start to thin, positioning your veins closer to the surface of your skin.

If you’re particularly muscly or low in body fat you’ll be even more veiny. More muscle requires more blood flow to deliver nutrients to the cells. And the less body fat you have, the less skin there is hiding your veins.

Lets assume Terry Crews is on steroids for a moment.

He’d be 47 years old + jacked + on roids + low in body fat = Veiny as fua*k!

But actually, he isn’t very vascular at all…

terry crews

No vein in sight.

…Even when he flexes so hard he could literally poo himself.

The fact Terry isn’t vascular, tells us he has thick skin. Terry having thick skin would be impossible after using steroids for years/decades; as roids reduce levels of collagen, speeding up ageing.

Lets compare Terry Crews to Ronnie Coleman for example, who’s admitted to taking steroids (2).

In the picture below he’s almost the same age at 52, yet Ronnie’s got so many veins he’s practically a road map. This is from many years of steroid-use.

ronnie coleman bodybuilder veins
Ronnie Coleman (steroid-user)

Verdict: Natty

  • Terry Crews has pretty much stayed the same size in all of his films.
  • He’s not vascular
  • He’s very health-orientated.

Making it a case of…the guy’s got insane genetics.

If the points presented in this article aren’t enough to convince you that Terry Crews is natural, you should know that steroids often make movement more difficult.

And with the robot dance requiring smooth, precise movements; it would be physically impossible to perform such a dance whilst on steroids… ๐Ÿ˜›

Terry Crews robot dance




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Ernst Peibst

Ernst Peibst | Writer

Ernst Peibst is an expert in anabolic steroids and PEDs with over 3,000 hours of research. He's been educating people for 7 years through his articles, written after studying science papers, expert books and consulting top doctors in the field. He is a former bodybuilder and creator of multiple fitness websites.

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Steve Scott
Steve Scott
1 year ago

This is the stupidest article on bodybuilding since I read in Readers Digest that you won’t be able to gain a lot of muscle like a bodybuilder unless you have the genes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Terry Crews (IMO) is on the juice. The human body can only produce so much muscle, every body is different but Arnold himself admitted to using at least Dianabol. The human body is not designed to look like an 800lb silver back gorilla’s. It just isn’t possible. Working out to the degree you would need to if it was possible, which it is not, to look like Terry Crews would by now have him in a wheelchair after destroying his tendons and ligaments. Also, cardiovascular difference? Some. Some people have thinner skin than others but you should not be able to see a person’s vascular system through their skin. Those muscles are juiced.
In grade school and H. S. I was best friends with a kid whose father was a Chicago cop and the partner of Sergio Oliva (The Myth). So that’s who taught me how to workout and I’m telling you that those are as real as my 12″ ding-a-ling.

Tim Tom
Tim Tom
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Scott

Well, considering you can’t see Terry’s vascular system through his skin…

Sure you’re not talking about Ronnie Coleman? He’s the other black guy in the pictures who’s very VERY obviously juiced.

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