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Mike Thurston: Natural or on Steroids?

Mike Thurston is a 26 year old English bodybuilder and personal trainer from Leeds, who started attracting eyeballs on Instagram back in 2013; where he began uploading pictures of his

Is Chul Soon Natural or Taking Steroids?

Hwang Chul Soon is a Korean bodybuilder who is the 2016 Musclemania Universe ‘Natural’ Pro Champion. Hwang is also an actor and model, appearing in several TV adverts in his native country.

jaco de bruyn

Jaco De Bruyn: Steroids or Natural?

Jaco De Bruyn is a South African WBFF pro muscle model who is sponsored by supplement company EHP labs, alongside Josef Rakich. Jaco has an army of followers on social media,

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Is Ulisses Jr Natural, or Is He Taking Steroids?

Ulisses Jr is a bodybuilder and online personal trainer who’s an icon to gym rats all over the world, because he’s SWOLE and claims to be natty. …He also resembles the predator from the classic

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Is Bradley Martyn on Steroids?

…That moment when you stand next to Phil Heath and don’t look small. Bradley Martyn is the epitome of the male species. Tall, huge muscles and ruggedly handsome (no homo). He

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What Steroids Does Phil Heath Take?

For the unaware, Phil Heath is the current 7x Mr Olympia champion. If Phil continues to dominate, he’ll officially go down as the most successful bodybuilder of all time. …That’s if he

layne norton

Layne Norton: Steroids or Natural?

Layne Norton is a pretty popular dude in the bodybuilding realm, known for being ‘natural’ and possessing a PhD in nutritional sciences and a BS in biochemistry. Being jacked and a scientist

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David Laid: Steroids or Natural?

David Laid is a 20 year old American model and bodybuilder, who become internet famous after uploading his transformation onto YouTube. At the start of the video he was 5