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Selank Nasal spray

Selank is a potential peptide-based nootropic, which possesses anxiolytic and antidepressant effects. It is known to enhance the cognitive abilities in individuals without any sedative effects.


Epiandrosterone Review

Epiandrosterone is a metabolic derivative of DHEA and testosterone and is known to increase lean muscle mass significantly. It causes a boost in your energy levels pre-workout and may also enhance libido.


LGD 3033 Review

In contrast to the more popular LGD 4033, LGD 3033 does appear to be better for fat loss – could this be the new cornerstone of your summer cut stack?

Enclomiphene for Bodybuilding

Enclomiphene for Bodybuilding

Enclomophine is a stereoisomer of the popular SERM Clomid, with promises of being just as effective with fewer drawbacks. Could this be the next big thing in your PCT stack? Let’s find out.


Best 5-HTP Supplements

5-HTP, a precursor in the synthesis of serotonin, is well-known to increase blood serotonin levels, and is effective as antidepressants, regulates your mood, and manages conditions like fibromyalgia.


Best L-Tyrosine Supplements

Tyrosine is one of the non-essential amino acids and is an important precursor in synthesizing important neurochemicals, such as Dopamine, Adrenaline (Epinephrine), and Nor-Adrenaline (Nor-epinephrine), etc. It can potentially increase your cognitive capabilities and manage symptoms in patients diagnosed with a genetic condition called Phenylketonuria (PKU).

Best peptide for weight loss

Best Peptides for Weight Loss

Peptides are well-known for their multi-tasking effects on the body. One of the potential effects is weight loss. Here, I review the top 5 peptides you can consider as an effective weight loss strategy!


Flmodafinil Review

Flmodafinil, a derivative of Modafinil, possesses a greater half-life and bioavailability due to additional Fluorine atoms. This nootropic is really potent in making you feel active, energized, productive, alert and making you feel less sleepy.

S23 Review

S23 is widely believed to be one of the most powerful SARMs, but with great power comes great drawbacks. While S23 can give you massive gains in hypertrophy, strength, and fat loss, the side effects cannot and should not be ignored.