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We review the Double Wood Supplements Brand, look at their top products and compare them to competing brands to see how they fair.

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Citicoline Review: Uses, Benefit, Effects

Citicoline, also known as CDP choline is one of the most potent and highly bioavailable nootropics that can upregulate choline levels in our body. It can trigger a wide array

Theobromine Review: Uses, Benefits, Effects

Theobromine, a natural extract found in chocolates and tea is known show mild stimulant properties. Not only this, via different mechanism of actions, it helps in controlling blood pressure, act


Sunifiram Review: Uses, Benefits, Effects

Sunifiram, originally developed as a potential cure for Alzheimer’s is now being used as a “smart drug”. However, the compound lacks research and there are no long-term studies proving its


Vinpocetine Review: Uses , Benefits , Effects

Vinpocetine, a potent nootropic is known to increase cerebral blood flow and possess anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies suggest that it can enhance memory, cognition, and also treat wide array of


Best Generic Modafinil Brands

Modafinil, originally sold under the brand name Provigil, has been on the market for a long and is used as a “smart drug” to treat narcolepsy, and sleep apnea, and

Liftmode review

Liftmode is a rather new supplement brand that aims to bring high quality products, but still at a cost effective price. We’ll be taking a complete look with the Liftmode