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Matt Marshall is the author of the Tried and True Fitness blog - a site that reveals time-tested methods for building muscle, burning fat and achieving optimum health.
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The Boring But Big Training Program From The Man Who Out-Muscled Arnold

In 1966, the world’s most famous bodybuilder (Arnold Schwartzeneggar) enter the Mr. Universe Amateur competition (tall division).

He took 2nd place.

The man who beat him? Chet Yorton.

Here’s some incredible details about the man who defeated… Read more

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Five Minute Fitness: No Equipment Needed

In the 1950’s, the Royal Canadian Air Force asked scientist Bill Orban to create a fitness plan for their pilots. (At the time, a whopping 33% of Royal Canadian Air Force pilots were considered “unfit” for flight.)

Orban was given two requirements:… Read more

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Squats: Are They Really That Important?

These days, it seems like everyone “already knows” how important squats are.

And yet, it’s still incredibly rare to see anyone performing full squats in most gyms. And it’s even more rare to see someone working HARD with the barbell on their … Read more

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