The Morning Dose #40: Prostate Cancer Risks, “Plant-Based Meat,” and AI Cancer Diagnosis

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In this week’s edition of The Morning Dose:

💉 TRT For Bodybuilders

🚨 How The Microplastic Menace Is Destroying Your Body

🥩🌱 The TRUTH About “Plant-Based” Meat Alternatives

💪 Great News About TRT and Prostate Health

Let’s inject this.

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🙋‍♂️ Recent Updates

💉 Understanding TRT for Bodybuilding

Whether you’re looking to pack on more muscle or enhance your performance, TRT holds potential benefits when utilized responsibly.

But many people have trouble “navigating” the world of TRT… so we have the ultimate guide for beginners that even offers insights for old hands at the TRT game.

TRT is a viable solution for addressing hypogonadism, marked by inadequate testosterone production.

This therapeutic intervention seeks to restore testosterone levels to their physiological norms, promoting muscle development, bone density, libido, and mood stability.

Several seminal studies underscore TRT’s efficacy and safety, showcasing its positive impact on sexual function, metabolic health, and overall well-being.

Supplementing TRT with adjunctive compounds like Primobolan or Drostanolone further amplifies its anabolic effects, supporting muscle hypertrophy and definition.

For those venturing into TRT, reputable online clinics like FountainTRT offer comprehensive services, including personalized treatment plans, remote consultations, and 24/7 medical support.

By prioritizing patient well-being and convenience, these platforms ensure a seamless TRT experience.

Prudent utilization, guided by medical expertise, remains essential to mitigate risks and maximize benefits.

🚨 The Microplastic Menace🚨

Microplastics… they’re not just for the ocean anymore.

In fact… they’re in the water you drink, the food you eat… even the air you breathe… and NOT just in “trace amounts.”

When these “tiny invaders” get inside us, they have serious consequences, infecting our kidneys, our livers and even our brains!

So just how much are you getting inside you?

According to a recent study… about a credit card every week. 


So were we and we pay attention to this kind of thing.

Worst of all, they’re not just inert “squatters” in your body hanging out… they tweak your metabolic pathways and make your cells super unhappy.

Hardest targeted are the macrophages, immune cells that fight off invaders… microplastics make them, confused and cranky, sparking serious inflammation.

All of this is “great” news, but the ultimate question is… what can we do about it?

The sad answer is… not much, if anything… though some people believe that regular blood donations mitigate the impact a bit.

Just one more reason to make sure you’re “dumping blood” on the regular.

🥩🌱 The TRUTH About “Meat Alternatives”

It seems like everyone is trying to get you to eat “plant-based meat alternatives” these days.

Many in the bodybuilding and biohacking community remain deeply skeptical.

Good news for the skeptics… as it turns out, these phony meats do absolutely nothing to improve your heart health.

A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that animal-based proteins were significantly better for both blood sugar control and lower blood pressure.

The reason isn’t surprising: “Plant-based meats” are generally heavily processed and loaded with sodium.

So the study isn’t an endorsement of “meat” as such… processed meat products are likely just as bad.

Rather, it reinforces what many of us have already known for years.

Nothing beats whole, minimally processed foods.

💪 Great News For TRT Bros

Great news for TRT bros…

A groundbreaking study published by JAMA Network Open found that TRT does not appear to elevate the risk of prostate cancer in this population.

A cohort of 5,246 men with hypogonadism were randomly assigned to receive either topical testosterone gel or a placebo over a 14-month period.

After three years of meticulous monitoring, researchers observed no significant difference in prostate cancer incidence between the TRT and placebo groups.

PSA levels, while showing a slight initial rise among TRT users, remained stable thereafter, with minimal symptoms of prostate enlargement reported.

The research focused exclusively on men with hypogonadism and low prostate cancer risk, leaving questions unanswered regarding TRT’s impact on “higher-risk” individuals or those undergoing prolonged or higher-dose testosterone therapy.

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