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Muscle Building and Bodybuilding Topics related to muscle building, bodybuilding, including training and fullbody workouts. If you are looking for great advice on gaining muscle this forum is for you.

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Default Open letter to HIT believers and hardgainers

This was on another forum.

Arthur Jones arrived on the bodybuilding scene in 1969 and stuffed up hypertrophy training for decades. Even to this day we have the phenomenon of countless pseudo-intellectuals seeking out the right method from the on line sites such as HST and HIT. Well, I have news for you. All those groups are variations of what Arthur Jones preached 35 years ago. Arthur is the smartest guy who ever posted in bodybuilding magazines. He had us reading his ads for goodness sake! Those ads were state of the art theory about bodybuilding. His logic was so sensible it led to most of us doubting our protocols and I think just about everyone sought to do less instead of more to make gains. He demonstrated his ideas by training Sergio Oliva in 1972 and helped Sergio be at his largest ever. That Arnold won the Olympia in Essen is the stuff of controversy. Even Arnold admits Sergio was superior.

The point is does high intensity training and other brief training methods lead to maximum hypertrophy? Nope. It isn't going to happen. It is a big lie. Today we have nonsense about positions of flexion. All nonsense. I read the magazines and cannot see anything worthwhile written there for a long time. The last guy with something new to say other than myself was a Dennis guy who back in the 70s suggested a waste products theory of hypertrophy and used Larry Scott and Sergio Oliva as examples. Somehow he was forgotten and editors like Holman and publishers like Robert Kennedy became the theory guys. Yeah, sure.

There are some truths in bodybuilding. One is progressive resistance. That is the cornerstone of hypertrophy and permeates all theories and programs. The extension of progressive resistance is that in order to get large muscles you have to hoist heavy weights. Not rocket science at all. How come so few guys ever get really big muscles? If the formula is simple where are all the huge guys? You are lucky if you find one or two in each gym. Various hardcore gyms have heaps more big guys. That hasn't changed in over 30 years. Guys get to be a certain size and stop. Just about everyone is on a plateau. So what is the formula for success? Is there a simple formula to follow?

The sad truth is that various drugs and substances have ruined the whole bodybuilding scene. The very biggest guys are probably all using drugs. Please post anyone who is huge but not using? What has happened is that bodybuilding theory is now almost irrelevant because drugs will make up for what is lacking in theory. The big guys hang out together so they all gravitate towards doing similar things. Same drugs, same kind of training, more or less.

Well, there is a simple formula but unfortunately just about everyone who has developed any visible muscle feels he is an expert and knows how to get huge. In principle most of these people are wrong. They do not know how to get huge. Well, not naturally that is.

I could post my ideas here but this in not the proper place to post sensible things. Besides, all manner of flotsom and jetsom will emerge claiming to know more than all the Ironagers. The the real Ironagers trained before 1955. After that it is all suspect.

What is obviously true is that way too many bodybuilders have closed minds. They literally can never know the truth. Beliefs persist like a religion and it is uncanny how so many believe so much rubbish. This is unlikely to change from what I can see. Zillions of guys will blast away in the gym and remain on lifelong plateaus! It really is a crazy activity.
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