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Daniel Aipa
Daniel Aipa CSCS, lives for Iron. He is a former assistant strength and conditioning coach, and is currently personal training in New York. He believes the gym is more than strength, power, muscles, etc, but that it's a facilitator of character. The Supplement Monster The Aipa Project
Muscle Building

Testosterone And Natural Muscle Building


You ever wonder why there is so much talk about compound movements? Or why all programs should be based around them? A lot of beginners don’t put much effort in to these types of movements but instead get blurred vision with all the different… Read more

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Muscle Building Workouts

The Super Chest Workout


It’s chest day. You and your training partner want to change things up a little bit from your normal chest workout. You know, the normal bench press, move on to several sets at incline, then maybe some dumbbell flyes, and finish them off… Read more

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Muscle Building Training

Go Heavy, Get Explosive, Grow Bigger

If you look at the athletes who have great powerful looking physiques, you may wonder how exactly do they train?  Weightlifters, sprinters, gymnasts, and even powerlifters have that powerful look to them.  The similarity in training throughout… Read more

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Supplement Reviews

Supplement Review: AAEFX – K-Otic


I was excited to keep a log of AAEFX – K-OTIC.?  I first saw it being used by Rich Knapp aka “Freak on Wheels” in his log.  I follow his training log on Muscle and Brawn’s forum and he was mentioning great things about… Read more

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Ridiculous Habits Guys Have in Gyms – Part 2


Well it’s been a long wait for Part 2, on my part.  After I wrote Part 1 a couple months ago, I became even more observant in the gym.  When you are walking on a treadmill there really isn’t much else to do other than listen to music … Read more

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Muscle Building Workouts

Hany Rambod FST-7 Fascia Stretching Training Overview


I first came across FST-7 not knowing that the top two bodybuilders, Jay Cutler and Phil Heath, were doing it.  I was giving DC Training a try and stumbled across FST-7, created by Hany Rambod, as I further researched more about DC Training. … Read more

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Supplement Reviews

Advanced Muscle Science – Pump Fixx Review

I was lucky enough to keep a supplement log of Advanced Muscle Science – PUMP FIXX.  I read over a lot of reviews out there and got many mixed views.  AMS mentions to “Get ready for jaw dropping pumps”.  On their site they… Read more

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