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Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw is the primary content manager for Muscle and Brawn.
Strength Building Workouts

Wendler’s 5/3/1 Powerlifting System

Jim Wendler may be one of the most polarizing figures in the fitness industry, with a legion of fans who love everything he says, while others absolutely detest his theories and attitude. It’s unlikely that Jim cares either way, he is … Read more

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Are Prohormones Worse Than Steroids?

anavar body

Are Prohormones Worse Than Steroids?

Are prohormones worse than steroids? For the most part, yes. But before we explore the reasons, let’s get something out of the way. Steroids are illegal. Go to jail illegal.

All Prohormones are legal.… Read more

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Bulking Nutrition

5 Easy Tips for Bodybuilding Bulking

Bulking. Bulking is key to gaining muscle mass. It is much easier for the body to add muscle if you are eating a calorie surplus. But most trainees have a hard time bulking, and gaining mass. How many times have you read this on an Internet forum…”I… Read more

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How to Boost Testosterone

high testosterone male

Almost every man on the planet wants more testosterone. Whether it’s to be more confident, to get stronger, have more muscle or to become more fertile.

T holds the key to most things males covet, as it increases masculinity and often makes… Read more

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Bodybuilding Articles Bulking General Diet Nutrition

Estimating Calorie Needs for Bodybuilding Cutting, Bulking and Maintenance

Bodybuilding is 80% nutrition and 20% training. And your calorie intake is by far the most important factor when it comes to your diet. For example, even if you eat super clean and are 100% disciplined with your diet, you’ll still gain … Read more

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Powerlifting Workouts

9 Week Powerlifting Periodization Peaking Workout

This is a 9 week strength building cycle meant for intermediate level powerlifters and strength training athletes. Starting numbers are based upon your current one rep max for squats, bench press and deadlifts, plus the amount of weight you… Read more

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3 Ways to Train Like a Fool

low reps build muscle

Let me guess…you’ve just flipped through the latest issue of Flex or Muscular Development, and you’re pumped to hit the gym. Your testicles feel swollen like grapefruits, and you’re ready to swole-a-fy yourself… Read more

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