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I’m Kartik and I’m a medical student.

The love for medicine runs in my family, and I love studying it not because of the privilege that this field gives but because I am highly fascinated by the anatomy of humans, the physiological mechanisms that occur 24/7 within the body, the biochemical changes, and of course, the disturbances that lead to pathology.

Anyways, I try to reflect my interest in medicine by writing research papers, various medical-related articles, and blogs to raise awareness amongst the target audience in the best possible ways and help them get the answers that they are looking for.

Besides writing, I am a founder of a social startup. I also have a strong passion for teaching and public speaking. I love sharing my insights, experiences, and knowledge with people that could help them even in the little way possible.

I aspire to be a successful cardiologist in the future because I strongly believe in connecting with people by heart 😀


Life Extension Review

Life Extension, the pioneer in manufacturing supplements, is into the business for 40 years. They offer hundreds of vitamins and supplements that cover all the basis of your health in such a way that helps you live longer. People behind Life Extension are absolute masters in this business and strive to only provide the best to you. Read more to find out about Life Extension.


IGF-1 review

IGF-1, also known as Insulin-like growth factor 1 is well-known for its pronounced effects on muscle growth, strengthening bones and ligaments, and also reducing the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Because of its similar structure to insulin, researchers suggest that it can potentially treat diabetes. Let’s find out more about IGF-1!


Nebula Genomics Review

Whole-genome sequencing tells you a lot about yourself be it your ancestry, traits, or any genetic predisposition to the disease. However, getting your genome/DNA sequencing is a complicated process, and getting the right DNA testing service is a crucial step. Today, we review Nebula Genomics, one of the pioneers in genome sequencing service.


How To Reconstitute Peptides

Peptide reconstitution is a complicated and confusing process for many. This article will guide you step-by-step on how to mix your peptides well enough and will clear all your questions so that you can enjoy the maximum efficacy of peptides.


RU58841 NSAA for Hair Loss Review

RU 58841, a non-steroidal anti-androgen (NSAA), is a potent compound used to combat Androgenic Alopecia, particularly Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). It is used as a hair loss treatment, and gives you an aesthetic look!


Paradigm Peptides Review

Paradigm Peptides are a leading Peptide, SARM, and Nootropic retailer in the market. This US-based company takes pride in offering high-quality, 98-99% pure, authentic, and genuine products in a very competitive price range. Read the full review to know more about the brand!


Epitalon review

Epitalon is a part of modern day peptide therapy that makes you look younger by delaying the onset of your aging process. It works at nuclear level to make sure that you can enjoy a longer life span in the most natural way!