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I’m Kartik and I’m a medical student.

The love for medicine runs in my family, and I love studying it not because of the privilege that this field gives but because I am highly fascinated by the anatomy of humans, the physiological mechanisms that occur 24/7 within the body, the biochemical changes, and of course, the disturbances that lead to pathology.

Anyways, I try to reflect my interest in medicine by writing research papers, various medical-related articles, and blogs to raise awareness amongst the target audience in the best possible ways and help them get the answers that they are looking for.

Besides writing, I am a founder of a social startup. I also have a strong passion for teaching and public speaking. I love sharing my insights, experiences, and knowledge with people that could help them even in the little way possible.

I aspire to be a successful cardiologist in the future because I strongly believe in connecting with people by heart 😀


Best NAC Brands

NAC is one of the first choice drugs to be administered in a hospital setting when it comes to acetaminophen overdose. Besides, NAC is a well-researched supplement due to its potential benefits as a strong antioxidant. Read more to find out everything about NAC.

Best Energy Patches

Long days, even longer traffic, and family life that can only be described as chaotic – we get it. The best energy Patches promise energy, focus, and so much more.


Does TRT Affect Blood Pressure?

As the levels of testosterone decline, most people resort to TRT as an alternative. While TRT offers numerous benefits, one of the concerns that people often have is whether long-term use of TRT affects blood pressure. TRT increases hematocrit, which increases blood volume and consequently induce hypertension. Read more to learn about the connection between TRT and the Cardiovascular system


4 Andro

4 Andro, a prohormone that can potentially be a potent alternative to SARMs for bodybuilders, is well-known for its profound effects on increasing lean muscle mass, enhanced endurance and strength as well as recovery of body tissues. Read more to find everything about this prohormone!


Laxogenin is a plant-based steroid that can provide you with some anabolic effects such as increased lean muscle mass and enhanced endurance and offers swift wound healing properties with minimal risk of side effects. However, there is very limited research carried out that can confirm the long-term safety profile of Laxogenin.



SR9011, a potent Rev-Erb agonist, is often advocated for its strong effects on the improving circadian rhythm, strengthening the immune system, regulating fat metabolism, and enhancing cardiovascular functioning. Read through the end to know everything about SR9011 and decide for yourself!


Seed Probiotic Alternatives

The market demand for probiotics has increased considerably over the past few years and for obvious reasons. Probiotics offer multi-dimensional benefits such as improving gut health, strengthening the immune system, enhancing cardiovascular health, etc. While probiotics by SEED is the premium option to buy, it is always better to know about the alternatives. Read through the end to know more about other brands offering original probiotics!



AOD9604 is a substantially-researched peptide known for its lipolytic activity. As a synthetic analogue of HGH, AOD9604 is often prescribed as an anti-obesity medication and research also suggests that AOD9604 may be involved in prospective musculoskeletal health. Read more to find out everything about the peptide that can aid in your weight loss journey



AC-262 is a potent SARM known for its pronounced effects on muscle mass and strength as well as improved recovery post-workout. Perhaps what sets this SARM apart from other SARMs is its significantly reduced effects on testosterone levels. Read through the end to know more about this SARM.