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Hi there!

My name is Daniel Louwrens, and I have more than 10 years of experience in the bodybuilding & fitness world as a Certified Personal Trainer.

I have graduated with a degree in Chemistry, and my aim with helping people is to educate people who have questions about anything and everything fitness: Training, Nutrition, Recovery, and PED’s.

Best Foods to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is vital for both male and female health. Millions suffer from Hypogonadism and are looking for ways to fix it with the Best Foods to Boost Testosterone.

Best Research Peptides

Peptides are rising in popularity in the fitness and recreational world. Hard to understand them, and even harder to know which ones are the best research peptides.

Safest SARMs

SARMs are increasing in popularity due to their benefits over Steroids. To see how you can get the most from them without causing too much damage, let’s discuss the Safest SARMs.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Testosterone levels are dropping in men, and this decline increases as men age. If you are Low, you might be wondering how the symptoms look and feel.

Average Testosterone Levels By Age

Testosterone has been linked to men’s desire for sex. Bone and muscle mass, mental health, red blood cell formation, and fat storage are also affected by it. Physical and mental health might be affected by abnormally low or high amounts.

Best Cheap Barbells

The barbell you buy will determine how your workouts feel – the best cheap barbells