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Hi I’m Jimmy. I was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California and love everything about the west coast lifestyle – the beach, the mountains, and the desert. Like many California natives, I can be a bit of a lot of things. Completed my undergraduate studies in Chemistry from University of California, San Diego and pursued a masters in Reproductive Clinical Science from Eastern Virginia Medical School. I primarily work as a clinical scientist and am also a baby maker (through IVF). I’m also a freelancer, ghostwriter, former D1 athlete, and enjoy everything I do.

Clomid for Men

TRT is an effective tool to combat dwindelling Testosterone levels in aging men. Clomid seems like a viable option, but how does it work in men?

Foods that Raise Estrogen

With toxins in the environment creating havoc on the endocrine system, we best take care of what we eat. Which foods are rich in Estrogen, and which to avoid?

Free Testosterone Range: What is good?

Total Testosterone doesn’t tell the full story about your Testosterone levels. You should also be looking at Free Testosterone, as it is the one that matters.

Does Testosterone Help Arthritis?

As we age we begin to become brittle, sore, and senile – guess my dad had a reason to be grumpy. Does Testosterone Help Arthritis, and would TRT?

Testicular Atrophy on TRT

By now you know that TRT can massively improve your life. But you’ve also heard about Testicular Atrophy On TRT – is it real? And if so, how do you avoid it?

TRT and Acne

We all know that hormones can mess with your skin and rather annoyingly, cause acne. How does TRT affect the skin, and does TRT and Acne influence one another?

How to get Insurance to Cover TRT

TRT has the potential to change your life for the better but can get quite pricey making it inaccessible to some. Here’s How To Get Insurance To Cover TRT.