Yeah, Right: I am The Greatest Natural Bodybuilder of All Time!

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It never fails. As soon as the topic of natural bodybuilding potential pops up on a forum discussion, it isn’t long before someone claims they have surpassed the greatest bodybuilders of all time. De facto, they are exclaiming to the bodybuilding masses:

I am the the greatest natural bodybuilder of all time!

Pardon the sarcasm, but I have to say this…yeah, right. Mr. Forum Poster, do us a favor. Please snap a picture of yourself and email it to me. I would love to promote you as the new reigning God of natural bodybuilding. But you won’t. Because you know the truth…you look nothing like Reg Park or Steve Reeves. Heck, walking down the street, you’d be lucky enough if someone accidentally pointed you out in a crowd as a bodybuilder.

I’m sorry to ridicule you, Mr. Forum Poster, but you are really bringing this upon yourself. You are revealing your ignorance of bodybuilding, as well as of basic math.

Top tier natural bodybuilders compete at 185-195 pounds, ripped. They carry around a base lean muscle mass of 175-185 pounds. No one, ever – EVER – has exceeded these potentialities without steroids or similar drugs. But you claim to be 225 pounds at 15% body fat?

What’s Going On?

Ok, I agree – it’s time to put aside the sarcasm and ask, what’s going on? Generally, the basic issue behind Mr. Forum Poster’s claims is the reality that he is underestimating his body fat percentage. Period. End of story.

It surely can’t be his scale. Seriously, who can’t read the numbers on a scale? If Mr. Forum Poster couldn’t, he probably wouldn’t know how to operate a computer. So Mr. Forum Poster’s weight is correct. He does weigh 225.

But, Mr. Forum Poster is either misrepresenting his body fat percentage to puff himself up, or he is using some lame and completely inaccurate online body fat percentage calculator. At 225 pounds, Mr. Forum Poster would have to be at 15% body fat or less to stand side my side with Reg Park or Steve Reeves.

Most likely, Mr. Forum Poster’s body fat percentage is 25-30%. I would bet my house, wife and car that he isn’t more then a few percentage points from this range. And quite frankly, is he continues to state that he is under 15% body fat at that weight, he is either lying, ignorant, or taking steroids.

Ask him for pictures. If he does post one, next ask yourself if he looks like Reg Park. Reg was 214 pounds at a height of 6’0″, and had a body fat percentage around 8-10%. Reg Park carried around about 196 pounds of lean muscle mass. Odds are that Mr. Forum Poster isn’t 6 feet tall. Heck, if he’s puffing up his muscle mass, why not go all out and lie about height as well..

So, if Mr. Forum Poster is around 5’10”, and carrying around more lean muscle mass then the greatest natural bodybuilder of all time, we have just discovered the great of all time!

Do you look like Reg Park, Mr. Forum Poster?

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