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Muscle and Brawn is one of the leading strength and muscle building sites on the Internet, serving nearly 1,00,000 pages per month. More than this, we are a respected community full of accomplished lifters and athletes who walk the walk.

In 2013, Muscle and Brawn was named the second top powerlifting site on the net by Powerlifting Watch readers, outplaced only by the mighty BB.com.

Publishing articles on Muscle and Brawn is a great way to expand your readership. A typical new article about 1,000 reads during the first day alone. In addition, all new articles are featured on our social media pages, creating a potential to reach up to 2,000 reads on the first day alone.

Want to Write for Muscle and Brawn? We are looking for:


We are looking for lifters who live and breathe muscle building, strength training, fitness and nutrition.

Muscle and Brawn isn’t about filling web pages for the sole purpose of drumming up traffic. It’s about filling the minds of readers with articles, concepts, tips and workouts that inspire and can change lives.


We are looking for lifters who love to write, and know how to author articles that solve problems or provide assistance for the reader.

Text must be free of amateurish writing errors.

Your Voice

What “type” of articles are we looking for? The answer is simple. Write about topics you are passionate about.

Just make sure your writing provides some take home advice or tips.

Workouts and recipes are accepted.

Word Length Minimums

Excluding recipes, all submissions must be at least 400 words.

Benefits of Writing for Muscle and Brawn


Each article or workout instantly reaches thousands of readers. Quality articles stand to gain decent virality. It is not unusual for the top 10% of articles to see a doubling or tripling of reads after it has been shared on Muscle and Brawn’s social sites.

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