15 Wall Sit Benefits – Reasons You Need to Perform Wall Sits

Today we’re going to be looking at a different type of exercise.

The exercise we’re looking at today is known as the wall sit.

Specifically, we’re going to be listing a series of wall sit benefits.

The world of health and fitness can be a funny old place.

Gone are the days when people could either be found bench pressing or running on the treadmill, with no middle ground.

Now, times have changed, sports physiology has advanced and evolved, and we now know more about human anatomy than ever before.

Because of this, you’ll now find people performing a wide variety of different exercises in the gym that people previously would never have imagined doing.

One such example is the wall sit.

A wall sit is pretty much exactly as it sounds, and although it doesn’t sun particularly physically demanding or grueling, in actual fact it is a highly beneficial exercise.

To prove just how beneficial, we’re going to list a number of benefits for you to enjoy today.

So, sit back, or rather, lean back, against your nearest wall, get comfortable, and let’s learn why this exercise rocks!

What Is The Wall sit Exercise?

Wall sits are sometimes known as wall squats, and although they’re simple to perform, don’t let that fool you, because they absolutely rule in terms of health and physique improving benefits.

They’re especially beneficial for strengthening your legs, core, and glutes, though we’re going to learn more about the many benefits a little later on.

Basically, a wall sit is an exercise in which you lean your back against a wall for support, and you imagine yourself sitting on an invisible chair for as long as possible.

It may sound easy, but it really isn’t.

To perform a wall sit:

  • Find a flat and secure wall and rest your back securely against it
  • Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and roughly 2 feet outward from the wall you’re leaning against
  • Now, slowly slide your back downwards over the wall, bending your knees until they form a 90-degree angle
  • Your knees should be above your ankles, and no more forwards than that
  • Now, focus on holding yourself in this position by squeezing and contracting your abs for as long as possible
  • When you can’t hold it anymore, slowly slide your back up the wall and return to a standing position

What Are The Wall Sit Benefits?

Wall Sit Benefits

Now that you know what wall sits are and how you should do them, you can now take a look at a number of benefits and see exactly why they’re considered so popular:

1. Build A Strong Core

Your core is where the majority of your strength and stability comes from your core is basically the equivalent of the foundations on which a house is built.

If a house is built on weak foundations, it too becomes weak and will become susceptible to damage from the elements and natural disasters.

If your core is weak, you will become weak and you’ll be susceptible to injury during physical activity and exertion.

The stronger your core, the stronger you are as a result.

This is why wall sits are so beneficial.

When you do this exercise you are squeezing and contracting your abdominal muscles, your obliques, and your core stabilizer muscles.

The more you do of the exercise, the stronger your core becomes.

And That’s why you might try to add it to your circuit training workout, alongside other exercises such as jumping rope, burpees, and more.

2. Improve Your Levels Of Mental Focus

Believe us, when you’re performing wall sits, every second feels like a minute, and every minute will feel like an hour.

Wall sits are not easy, and if they are, you either have a core and legs stronger than Superman, or your technique and form are all wrong.

When you perform wall sits you need to focus on keeping as still as possible, and on blocking out the pain.

When you do wall sits, you need to focus on the exercise, which means that you need to focus on more than one thing at once.

One second you might need to adjust your foot placement slightly for example, whereas the next you may need to scootch your back up the wall slightly to get back into position.

The more wall sits you perform, the better focussed your mind will become.

3. Burn Calories

A lot of people discount wall sits due to the fact that because you are stationary for the majority of the exercise, they assume that you are simply not burning off any real calories.

After all, you don’t burn any real calories when you’re sitting on the couch watching the TV, so why would you burn calories when resting against a wall?

Well, because of the fact that the exercise is so physically demanding!

Your abs and core are constantly contracted, as are your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Even your triceps get a workout because you use your arms to keep you secured firmly against the wall.

If you don’t think that wall sits result in weight loss through calorie burn, just measure your heart rate before starting the exercise, and after as soon as you finish.

4. A Great Alternative To Squats

Squats are very much the exercise of the moment thus far, and as fashionable as they are, they certainly aren’t for everyone.

Not everybody enjoys squatting with a barbell or dumbbells in their hands, and not everybody is able to squat due to pain and injuries, I.E bad knees, etc.

If you can’t perform regular squats, or if you just don’t like them or want an alternative, wall sits are a fantastic option instead.

Squats work virtually the exact same muscle groups and therefore the benefits are very similar.

5. Great For The Legs

We mentioned above how one of the main benefits is the fact that wall sits are an alternative to squats, well now here’s a look at why this is important.

When you perform wall sits, your legs are under a lot of strain and tension.

You’ll feel your quads, hamstrings, and even your calves, feeling as if they’re on fire, and once you finish the exercise the pump in your legs will be unreal.

Wall sits help to work your quadriceps muscle, your hamstrings, and your calves, making the exercise an awesome lower body movement.

6. Great For The Butt

When we listed the muscle groups that wall sits target, above, you’ll notice how we didn’t mention the glutes.

Well, that’s because we’re giving the glutes their own section right here.

Wall sits are great for working your gluteus maximus muscle, which is the major muscle group in the glutes, aka, your butt.

If you want buns of steel and rounded peachy behind, as opposed to a flat and shapeless derriere, make sure you start doing more wall sits.

7. Wall Sits Are Ideal For Other Sports

It isn’t just your fitness and physique that wall sits are beneficial for either.

It turns out that another of the many benefits out there to enjoy today is the fact that wall sits can help people to excel in other sports.

Now, having a strong core and legs will help you in virtually every athletic activity you can think of, but there are some activities that will benefit more strongly than others.

You’ll find that a lot of skiers actually incorporate wall sits into their fitness regimes, and for good reason.

When you ski down the slopes, you actually squat down very similarly to how you squat when doing wall sits.

Wall sits help strengthen the muscles required for this activity, and make the process seem a great deal more natural.

8. No Equipment Required

Don’t have the time to head to the gym?

Not got the space at home to buy some workout equipment?

No problem, you can just go ahead and create a routine that doesn’t require any equipment at all.

Another of the awesome benefits that often get overlooked, is the fact that wall sits can be done anywhere, at any time.

Seriously, all you need to do is find a wall that is clear of any obstructions and you’re all set.

In fact, stop reading this, walk your way over to the nearest wall and try a wall sit out right now!

You can do a wall sits at home, at work, and anywhere else where you can find a wall and a little open space.

9. Different Variations

Even though wall sits are very simple to perform, the great thing about doing them is the fact that you can switch things up and perform different variations when things get a little too easy, or if you just want a change.

Because there are so many different variants of this exercise to perform, things never get stale so you can keep your routine fresh.

You can try single-legged wall sits, wall sits whilst curling a set of dumbbells, weighted wall sits where you set a couple of dumbbells on your thighs, wall sits lateral raises with dumbbells, wall sit shoulder presses, and more besides.

Yes, you will need a set of dumbbells for some of those exercises, but they needn’t be heavy or expensive, and the difference it will make to your training will be extraordinary.

10. Improved Balance

Are you a little clumsy and unsteady on your feet?

If so, not to worry, because wall sits could be the solution you’ve been hoping for.

Wall sits are great for people that are looking to improve their balance and coordination.

When you do a wall sit, the idea is to keep yourself as still as possible and to remain stationary in the exact same spot for the duration of the exercise.

Wall sits strengthen your legs and your core, making them perfect for people looking to improve their overall levels of balance and coordination.

11. Lose Weight

We’ve mentioned how wall sits allow you to burn off calories, but burning calories doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose weight.

If you are looking to lose weight and want to shed a few pounds, the wall sits are ideal.

Assuming that you’re eating right and are creating a caloric deficit, wall sits are a great way to lose fat, burn calories, and tone your muscles all at the same time.

12. Stronger Bones And Joints

Another benefit and why people loving it, is because of the fact that wall sits are a weight-bearing exercise.

This means that it helps to strengthen your bones and joints and promote functional strength and endurance.

Any exercise which requires you to place your body weight onto your bones and joints will help to strengthen them both.

This, in turn, means that you can potentially avoid conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, brittle bone disease, and other similar health conditions, especially as you grow older and reach your twilight years.

13. Great Way To Pass The Time Quickly

Okay, so assume you’re bored, or are craving junk food or something unhealthy, and you want to find a way to pass the time and take your mind off of things.

Wall sits are perfect.

To break the monotony and help keep your cravings at bay you can perform a series of wall sits.

That way you’re keeping busy, you’re taking your mind off of things, and you’re getting some healthy exercise in the process.

14. Improves Mental Health

Wall sits, like any other form of exercise, have been found to promote the production and secretion of endorphins, which in turn will help you to significantly improve your mental health.

Whether you want to lift your spirits or keep depression and anxiety at bay, wall sits are the perfect way to do exactly that.

15. Great Calves

We’ve already mentioned how wall sits work the calves, but as calves are so difficult to target wall sits are perfect.


So, there you have a series of proven wall sit benefits that you can enjoy anywhere, at any time.

If you want a new exercise to do and aren’t quite sure what, wall sits are ideal.

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