Can I Lift Heavy Compound Movements Multiple Times a Week?

Updated June 11, 2020

Can I Lift Heavy Compound Movements Multiple Times a Week?

Yes, you can…if you understand what overtraining means, and also gain an understanding of the necessity of de-load periods.

Most lifters view weightlifting through the lens of “fatigue” only. But there is a concept called Dual Factor Training which views lifting through the lenses of fitness AND fatigue.

A lot of bodybuilders fear “overtraining” and don’t understand what dual factor training is. The most successful lifters in the world lift hard and heavy with greater frequency. More is not bad at all, when you understand the concepts of fitness and fatigue, and when to de-load.

CT Fletcher is right to a degree when he says overtraining is a myth, because most bodybuilders won’t get anywhere near the level of volume needed to fry their central nervous system. In fact, it’s very unlikely weight lifters will even begin to hit the surface of overreaching. Elite athletes who are doing hours of cardio each day, are the ones who need to be careful of burning out.

A lot of the Eastern Bloc lifters perform deadlifts and squats on the same day. Just make sure you have a de-load period every now and then. 3 weeks on, 1 week with same weight, 60% reps, or same reps, 60% weight.

Heavy workouts require de-loads.

I would also add that when I first took up lifting in my early twenties, I did a 3 on, 1 off workout…hitting every body part once every four days. On squat day I also did heavy rack deadlifts.

I grew like mad.

When your body feels worn down, take a de-load week.

I started this program unable to bench 95 for more than 6 reps, and a year and a half later was benching 375×5. I was military pressing 225 for reps, DB rowing 140’s, etc.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself…too many bodybuilders flip around 20 pound DBs doing “isolation” workouts, and when they don’t make squat for growth, shout to the heavens that they are a hard gainer.


And if you look at my pictures in the link below, you can see that in 110 days I went from being a tub of lard to having a muscular (natural) physique. You can see my progress here:

My progress came from (at age 40!) performing squats once every 4 days, deadlifts once a week, AND performing heavy Good Mornings, RDLs, Box Squats, Front Squats multiple times a week.

In this 110 days, my deadlift went from 350(ish) to over 500 pounds, my bench went up to 300, and my squat over 400.

Load, de-load. Works even for an old fart. And some may call my “heavy” routine a powerlifting routine…more blech…my body has muscle.

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