How To Increase Your Grip Strength: 2 Day Workout

How To Increase Your Grip Strength: 2 Day Workout

Updated June 11, 2020
How To Increase Your Grip Strength: 2 Day Workout

Having trouble with your grip strength?

Want to have forearms that would have Popeye ‘mirin?

This workout is designed to rapidly improve your grip strength by targeting your forearms and grip two times a week. Make sure to rest at least 2 days in between each workout.

You will be focusing on pinches, holds, walks, crushes and forearm hypertrophy to build grip strength.

A sample schedule might look like this:

  • Day 1 – Workout A
  • Day 2 – No Extra Grip Work
  • Day 3 – No Extra Grip Work
  • Day 4 – Workout B
  • Day 5 – No Extra Grip Work
  • Day 6 – No Extra Grip Work
  • Day 7 – No Extra Grip Work

Barbell Static Holds. When you can reach 30 seconds for a given set on static holds, add 10 pounds to the bar. Perform this is a squat rack, so if the barbell slips, it will only crash down a few inches.

90 Pound Plate Pinch. This can be a dangerous exercise, so proceed with caution. Place two 45 pound plates together, smooth side out. You will be gripping the plates on the smooth side.

Grip and lift the plates with both hands, keeping them about knee level. Hold for as long as possible. When you feel them slipping, get your feet out of the way and set the plates down cautiously.

If 45s are too difficult, start with a single hand plate inch using 10 pound plates.

Farmer’s Walk. Use as much weight as possible, carrying the load for up to 100 feet per walk. Increase resistance when you can.

Flexed Arm Hang. Using a chair, get into a flexed arm position. Hang from a pull ups bar for up to 30 seconds per attempt. You can add weight via a back pack or dipping belt if this becomes too easy. You may also try this with a towel, for added difficulty.

Crush Grippers. Use a gripper that is challenging, but that allows you to sneak in 10 reps sets. Rest for a few seconds in between reps if need be.

Wrist Roller. You can buy one online, or make your own rather easily. Start with 10 pounds and slowly add weight over time.

Workout A
Grip Strength Workout
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
 Barbell Static Holds  6  30 secs
 Farmer’s Walk  4  100 feet
 Tennis Ball Squeezes  5  20
 Wrist Roller  6  Length
 Barbell Wrist Curls Over Bench  5  20
Workout B
Grip Strength Workout
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
 90 Pound Plate Pinch  6  30 secs
 Flexed Arm Hang  4  30 secs
 Crush Grippers  5  10
 Wrist Roller  6  Length
 Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls Over Bench  5  20

Special tip: You can add a thick rubber attachment dumbbell and barbell exercises, to work your forearms and improve your grip even more. The most famous of these attachments is FatGripz.

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