How To Build and Tone Your Chest

Updated June 17, 2020

Many individuals today are looking for ways on how to build and tone their chest muscles. Although some think that getting a muscular chest is difficult, it is actually one of the easier muscle groups to work on as long as you know what you need to do. Here are a couple of pointers that might help you out as you work out your chest muscles.

Types of Exercises

There are a couple of exercises which are effective in building and toning the chest muscles such as the flat bench press, the flat bench fly, the incline press, dips and the incline bench fly. The flat bench press is used in building muscle mass. The incline press works on the upper chest, which is the area that it usually neglected.

However, as you do the incline press, check the angle that your bench is set at. The higher it is, the more you would be making use of your shoulder muscles. Since you are aiming to work on your chest, the recommended angle is at most 30 degrees. The flat bench and incline bench fly are considered to be the best chest isolation exercises which you can do, as long as it is properly executed. The fly can specifically target the muscles of the chest without stressing your other body parts. Lastly, the dip is a good exercise that would let you work on your lower chest, while making use of your shoulders and triceps as well. However, remember that the dip should only be done intermediate and advanced weightlifters.



If you are just starting your workout plan in building your chest muscles, then it is advisable to stick with machines such as the chest fly machine and the chest press machine. As your body develops and gains more control of the movements you make, you could shift to combining machines with free weights.

Proper Form

As you go through your chest building workout routine, another important thing to remember would be the proper execution of each exercise. If you are unable to do each exercise in the proper form, you would be risking doing your body more damage than good. You would also be unable to work out your chest muscles efficiently, which would definitely not be helping you achieve the results that you want. If you are a beginner, it would be advisable to consult with a personal trainer who could show you how each exercise should be executed.


Workout Frequency

The recommended workout frequency varies from one bodybuilder to another. For beginners, you could work on your chest about twice a week. However, for intermediate or advanced bodybuilders, you would generally gain more muscle growth through limiting chest workout to just once every week.

For those whose goal is toning their chest muscles rather than building chest muscles, then you can work on your chest for up to two times every week and with more repetitions regardless of what your skill level is. A useful tip would be more repetitions if you want to define or tone your muscles and fewer repetitions if you want to build muscle.

Building and defining your chest muscles can easily be done as long as you have the knowledge and determination to do what is needed. As you stick to a good workout routine, make sure that you are also eating a proper diet which is high in protein and carbohydrates to ensure that your body would have the energy and nutrients that it needs to achieve a toned and muscular chest and body.


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