The Boring But Big Training Program From The Man Who Out-Muscled Arnold

Updated December 13, 2020

In 1966, the world’s most famous bodybuilder (Arnold Schwartzeneggar) enter the Mr. Universe Amateur competition (tall division).

He took 2nd place.

The man who beat him? Chet Yorton.

Here’s some incredible details about the man who defeated the Austrian oak the and unusual training program he followed:

Chet didn’t have the perfect starting point for bodybuilding. In fact, he started with slashed up left eyeball, gashed up forearm, dislocated hips and shattered leg bones!

You see, Chet was in a serious car accident after high school. While he was recovering the hospital, he spotted a pair of dumbbells in the corner and went to work. He’s never done any weight training before and 7 months later he was 55lbs heavier.

Almost more incredible than that is the training program he used outside of the hospital.

It’s not the most glamorous routine you’ve ever seen. In fact, it looks quite boring. But the results speak for themselves.

Here’s Chet Yorton’s boring but big training program:

Perform just two sets of each exercise listed below. Complete both sets before moving on to the next exercise.

Here’s the kicker: You will do 22 reps per set. Yes, 22.

Here are the exercises:

  • Squat
  • Overhead Press
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press

To really appreciate just how strong this man was, consider this: Chet Yorton did 22 reps with 225lbs for his first set of bench presses and 22 reps with 325lbs for the second set.

Switching to a high rep program is a great way to pack on incredible amounts of muscle size and volume in a very short time. Plus, it can work wonders for your conditioning and endurance.

If you decide to give this program a go, just use it for 4 weeks and then switch back to a more traditional strength program.

More About Chet Yorton

chet yorton

Chet incredibly claimed natty, and was given the nickname as the ‘Father of Natural Bodybuilding’. Although he would’ve got roasted today for such a claim, steroid-use back in the 60’s was less common, with it just coming onto the scene and thus some people believe his claims.

One thing we can be certain of however is – Yorton was very anti-steroids.

He was also insanely strong. Check out some of his lifting stats below (these are even more impressive numbers if he was truly natty):

  • Squat – 600lbs
  • Deadlift – 600lbs
  • Bench press – 450lbs

With an off season weight of around 230lbs, these are some insane stats from the “Oak Slayer”.


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