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17 Benefits Of Jumping Rope That You Should Know

If you’re a fan of jump rope, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today’s article is going to look at the many benefits of jumping rope.

Watch any boxing training montage, or set foot in any CrossFit box, and nine times out of ten you’ll find that jumping rope is one of the most heavily featured forms of working out that you’ve seen.

Jumping rope is an activity that takes us back to our childhoods.

It is an activity that is fun, physically demanding, mentally challenging, that offers just a very slight hint of danger.

If you ever go your foot caught in the rope whilst at school on the playground, you’ll know exactly what we mean when talking about danger.

Many a grazed knee was suffered in the schoolyard thanks to jumping rope.

Thankfully the jump rope you’ll be doing today will be performed ideally in a gym with a padded floor, though jump rope can be performed anywhere.

If you’re looking for ways of implementing jumping rope into your workouts, it certainly pays to understand what makes it so beneficial.

Here’s a look at 17 benefits that will have you jumping for joy.

The 17 Benefits Of Jumping Rope

Benefits Of Jumping Rope

1. Reduced Risk Of Foot And Ankle Injury

If you’re physically active and/or are involved in various types of sports or activities involving running, sprinting, or jumping, you’ll be aware of the risk of injury.

Foot and ankle injuries are very common when it comes to physical exercise, and they’re certainly no fun.

A torn Achilles tendon in the foot, for example, is extremely painful and debilitating and can leave you sidelined for months.

Jumping rope is very beneficial because it helps to strengthen tendons, bones, and joints in and around the feet and ankle.

This means that you’ll be far less likely to suffer a foot-related injury if you jump rope regularly.

2. Improve Your Breathing

When exercising, proper breathing techniques are very important.

One of the best things about jumping rope is the fact that it will help to improve your breathing.

This will not only help you when jumping rope, but it will also help you with other sports too.

3. Improved Coordination

If your coordination leaves a lot to be desired, one of the main benefits is the fact that it helps to improve exactly that.

You see, when you are jumping rope, you need to focus on your feet to ensure that they don’t get tangled in the rope.

This results in your coordination levels improving drastically, and obviously, the more you do, the better your coordination will become.

4. Cheap

If you want to bench press at home, you need to buy a bench, as well as a barbell and weights.

These are not cheap.

If you want to jump rope at home, you need to purchase a jump rope for just a few bucks.

It’s, therefore, a very affordable way of exercising.

5. Burn Fat

Another of the awesome benefits that we’re going to look at today is the fact that jumping rope is so hugely beneficial for people looking to lose weight and drop a few pounds.

Jumping rope is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise, you could wish for, and it is therefore great for losing weight.

When you perform jumping rope workouts your heart rate will quickly increase, and you’ll find yourself burning calories before you know it.

A 30-minute jump rope workout can potentially burn upwards of 400 calories making it a very effective weight loss exercise.

The faster you go and the more intense your workouts become, the more calories you will burn.

6. Improve Your Fitness

If you’re looking to improve your physical fitness and stamina, another awesome benefit of jumping rope is the fact that it will help you do precisely that.

Jumping rope serves as a wonderful form of aerobic exercise, meaning that your stamina, physical fitness, and endurance will all improve drastically as a result of the exercise you’re doing, especially when you’re wearing a weighted vest.

This is why athletes, especially endurance athletes, tend to do so much jumping rope as they work out and train for the events ahead.

7. Improve Your Speed And Reactions

You’ll tend to find a lot of boxers and martial artists performing jumping rope, and you’ll also find that they’re incredibly fast on their toes.

If you want to speed up your reaction times, your reflexes, and your body in general, jumping rope is perfect.

Practise makes perfect, and the more jump rope you perform, the faster you will be.

8. Make Working Out Fun

When talking about the benefits, one of the most overlooked is the fact that it is so fun.

We know that cardiovascular exercise can get a little boring, and we know that it’s important to enjoy your training in general.

That’s why making your workouts fun and enjoyable is essential if you want to get the most from your training.

Why did you use to jump rope at school?

Was it because you knew the importance of exercise?

Probably not.

The reason was probably that you found it enjoyable.

Decades later, and jumping rope is still fun and enjoyable.

The only added bonus is the fact that it is also a great form of exercise.

9. No Gym Is Needed

Despite the fact that you see people jumping rope in gyms up and down the country, and indeed, all across the world, it turns out that jumping rope is also useful because no gym is actually needed.

If you’re looking for an effective workout but you don’t want to spend an age at the gym, or if you don’t have a gym nearby, you’ll be pleased to hear that jumping rope is actually very useful because it can be done virtually anywhere.

Providing you have enough open space, and a jump rope, obviously, you’ll find that you can perform jump rope workouts anywhere.

In particular, they’re great when performed in the backyard during the summer, with the soft grass beneath your feet.

10. Stronger Bones

Another of the many benefits that we can’t afford to overlook today is the fact that jumping rope is so beneficial for strengthening your bones.

Your bones tend to become weaker and softer as you grow older, and they shrink in size and lose minerals.

This can leave you susceptible to a whole host of bone-related health issues that can severely affect your overall health and quality of life.

Osteoporosis is a particularly damaging health issue that needs addressing as early on in life as possible.

Jumping rope is actually a great way of increasing bone mineral density, which in turn will allow you to produce thicker, bigger, and stronger bones.

Jumping rope is, therefore, an awesome preventative measure for bone-related health issues later on in life.

11. Improved Cardiovascular Health

We’ve mentioned a few times when talking about the benefits, how it is such an impressive form of cardiovascular exercise.

Jumping rope improves cardiovascular health which means that it is fantastic when it comes to the heart.

Jumping rope will reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease, heart attack, and other cardiovascular-related illnesses and ailments quite dramatically.

Not only that, but it also helps to boost circulation, strengthen the heart, and ensure that the heart remains as fit and as healthy as possible.

12. Reduced Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is responsible for the deaths of countless people every single year.

It can also act as a catalyst and/or a precursor for countless other health issues and ailments affecting people all over the globe in various ways.

Hypertension, which is the technical term for high blood pressure, can cause an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, it can damage the kidneys, damage other major internal organs, damage the arteries, and put you at risk of all manner of various health issues and ailments.

Jumping rope is a fantastic way of significantly reducing your blood pressure, without the need to rely on lab-made prescription drugs that can often do just as much harm as good.

If you’re looking for an effective way of reducing your blood pressure, jumping rope is ideal.

13. Improved Mental Health

If you feel that your mental health is suffering, or if you simply want to improve your mood and make yourself feel better, you’ll find that jumping rope is perfect.

Jumping rope, and any other form of exercise for that matter is great for beating stress and improving your mental health, thereby putting you in a much better mood.

Physical exertion such as jumping rope has been found to promote an increase in the production and secretion of endorphins.

Endorphins are happy chemicals that are responsible for feelings of euphoria, tranquillity, happiness, relaxation, and self-confidence.

The more endorphins you produce, the happier you will feel, and vice versa.

When discussing the benefits, the mental health benefits it provides are well documented and are not to be sniffed at.

14. Build And Tone Muscle

Okay, no IFBB pro bodybuilder got to the size they are through jumping rope alone.

If you’re looking to build significant amounts of muscle, of course, you should lift weights and perform resistance training.

If you’re looking to tone up slightly and increase your lean muscle tissue by just a small amount, jumping rope will actually allow you to do that.

When you jump rope, you’re performing a series of movements that recruit various muscle-groups in your body.

Each repetition that you provide with a jump rope is engaging muscles in your body, especially the legs.

Jumping rope is a great way of really bringing up the legs and increasing overall leg muscle size and definition.

If you really want to take your legs to the next level and have them looking leaner and more defined than ever, jumping rope is perfect.

15. Improved Posture

When mentioning the benefits, another key benefit of this particular activity is the fact that it helps to improve your posture.

Poor posture can lead to all manner of health issues and physical ailments.

To begin with, poor posture can make your back more susceptible to injury.

It can also lead to neck ache, backache, and a lack of height.

Over time, poor posture can even result in physical disfigurements such as a hunch back.

Jumping rope, though, is a fantastic form of exercise for anybody looking to improve their posture.

When you perform each repetition you’re pulling the shoulder blades back and aligning your spine.

When it comes to posture, you can’t get much better than that.

This improvement in posture will not only help you to experience less pain and discomfort, but it will also help you to stand up straighter, which will help you to appear an inch or so taller.

16. Can Promote Rehabilitation

If you’re suffered a foot or ankle-related injury in the past, perhaps a broken or sprained ankle, you’ll need to ensure that you can recover sufficiently and that you reduce the likelihood of it happening again.

Jumping rope is a great exercise for people looking to rehabilitate the affected body part to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Jumping rope promotes balance, coordination, mobility, and much more besides.

It also can help to strengthen bones and joints in and around the feet and ankles, which is why it’s often prescribed to people rehabilitating feet or ankle injuries.

17. Something Different To Try

If you’re sick and tired of going through the motions performing the same exercises every single week without fail, you’ll likely find that jumping rope is particularly appealing.

That’s because jumping rope offers you something new and something different to try.

Instead of doing arc trainer, stair climber, or jogging aimlessly on a treadmill, or going through the same fasted cardio circuit or circuit training week in and week out, you can instead apply jumping rope to your workouts.

Having something new to try means that you’ll find the activities enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding, so you’ll look forward to your workouts, instead of fearing them.

Bottom Line

So, with that, we’ll bring today’s article to a halt.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading about the many benefits of jumping rope today, and if so, be sure to do it the next time you feel like working out.

The benefits are seemingly endless, the activity is rewarding and easy to master, and we simply can’t say enough good things about it.

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