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16 Benefits Of Jumping Jacks For The Body

If you’ve ever been to a circuit training session before, you’ll likely have seen plenty of jumping jacks being performed.

Needless to say, jumping jacks are very good for you, which is why we’re looking at 16 benefits of jumping jacks that will have you jumping for joy today.

Getting fit and healthy is one of those processes that is easy on paper, yet when it comes to actually do it in the real world, it becomes a whole lot harder.

It’s easy to sit there and tell somebody to eat less and exercise more, but nothing in life is ever as straightforward as it seems.

If you’re looking to get more from your workouts, you need to know which exercises to do, and when to do them.

This is where jumping jacks enter the fray.

Jumping jacks are a highly beneficial, hugely underappreciated exercise, and we want to change that.

To prove just how awesome they are, here’s a look at several awesome jumping jacks benefits that will have you jumping for joy.

The Many Benefits Of Jumping Jacks Exercise:

Benefits Of Jumping Jacks

1. Burn Fat

First and foremost, we’ll start as we mean to go on, and we’ll begin by talking about how jumping jacks help to burn fat.

Jumping jacks are an incredibly physically demanding calisthenics exercise.

The basic premise is that you begin with your arms and legs together, and then you jump upwards and extend your arms and legs outwards until they form the shape of a star, before bringing them back together again.

If you repeat this process several times, your heart rate will become decidedly elevated and you’ll find yourself burning off a significant amount of calories.

As part of a weight-loss routine, jumping jacks are fantastic.

2. Fun To Do

When talking about the benefits of doing jumping jacks, we need to remember to have a little fun.

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun whenever possible, and what better way to have fun than through working out?

Instead of spending an age on the treadmill, going through the same boring routine day in and day out, why not try jumping jacks instead?

They’re different, they’re unique, and they’re a whole lot of fun in the process.

3. Improve Your Coordination

Another reason to consider doing more jumping jacks is because of the fact that they help to improve your coordination.

You see, jumping jacks are not all that easy to do, and often, it takes people a while to get their coordination just right.

Jumping jacks are all about coordinating your limbs with each jump, and the more of them you perform, the greater your coordination will be.

4. Easy To Do Once Mastered

Okay, some people that aren’t the most coordinated of individuals do tend to struggle when it comes to jumping jacks.

However, once you’ve mastered the form and technique required to perform a jumping jack, you’ll find that they’re actually easy to perform.

There is no fancy equipment required or any special way of doing the exercise so once you have mastered how to do jumping jacks, they become one of the easiest exercises ever.

5. No Gym Needed

When it comes to the benefits of jumping jacks, another reason why this exercise is considered to be so popular is because of the fact that it requires no gym.

You see, we understand how precious time is, and after working all day, and/or looking after the kids, cleaning the home, and generally being an adult, finding the time to fit a workout in can be tough.

If you don’t have the time to head to the gym, but still want to workout and improve your health and fitness, it is certainly worthwhile doing some jumping jacks.

As long as you can find a fairly open space where you won’t bump into anything or anyone, you can do jumping jacks.

So, your lounge, spare bedroom, hotel room, garage, office, local park, or garden could potentially become a makeshift gym when it comes to performing jumping jacks.

6. Great For Warming Up

Even though jumping jacks are fantastic for anybody looking to burn fat and lose weight, another awesome reason to consider doing more of them is due to the fact that they’re so great for warming up.

A lot of athletes will perform gentle jumping jacks when warming up.

This is because they’re a great exercise for raising your core body temperature, boosting circulation, gently increasing your heart rate, and helping to loosen up stiff and tense muscles.

If you’re looking for a great way of warming up before you begin your workout, jumping jacks are ideal.

7. Save Money

If funds are tight and you’re looking for a way of saving money but still keeping fit, why not do a home-based fitness regime based around jumping jacks?

Jumping jacks are ideal because of the fact that they’re free to do.

You can do them at home, or anywhere open, with no gym required.

This means that you needn’t splash out on an expensive gym membership, or on fuel to get to and from the gym to workout.

If you are looking to save money, jumping jacks allow you to get fit and cut back on your spending.

8. Tone Your Muscles

When it comes to the jumping jacks benefits, jumping jacks are actually a great exercise for people looking to tone their muscles.

While you certainly won’t get huge and jacked purely by performing jumping jacks, they’re still a good way of adding tone and definition.

Because you’re using your core, your lower body muscles, and muscles located on your upper body, your muscles get some gentle work, which helps to tone and shape them.

Plus, there’s the fact that jumping jacks are a great way of burning fat, and the leaner you are, the more defined you will look.

9. Boost Flexibility

Flexibility is something that a lot of people tend to lack.

If you struggle with your flexibility, it might be time to start doing more jumping jacks.

Jumping jacks help people to improve their mobility and flexibility, which will help them out in numerous other ways in everyday life.

Helping with everything from stretching your muscles before exercising, to lacing up your sneakers before a run, having improved flexibility will provide numerous advantages in the real world.

This is yet another win for the humble jumping jack.

10. Improve Your Mood

Exercise is a fantastic way of improving your mental health and putting you in a better mood.

In terms of the benefit, therefore, it is definitely worth noting that jumping jacks can do wonders for your mood.

When you exercise your body produces endorphins which cause you to feel happy, relaxed, and content in life.

Not only that but as you start to lose weight and tone up, your self-confidence will grow too.

This, in turn, means that you’ll find yourself feeling much happier as time goes by.

If you want to ward off stress, anxiety, and depression, or just give yourself a mental boost, jumping jacks are perfect.

11. Strengthen Your Bones

Your bones are a part of your anatomy that needs to be looked after particularly well as you begin to grow older.

Having strong bones will provide countless benefits later in life, as conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis become increasingly likely as you grow older.

When it comes to the health of your bones, another fantastic benefit of jumping jacks is the fact that they have been found to help strengthen the bones and improve bone density.

This means that brittle bone disease, osteoporosis, and other similar conditions all become far less likely later on in life.

12. They Improve Cardiovascular Health

There are many major internal organs in the human body that need looking after, and the heart is most certainly one of the most important.

If you fail to look after your heart, you will become increasingly at risk of all manner of heart-related health issues including stroke, heart disease, heart attack, hypertension, and much more besides.

Heart disease claims more lives each year than any other illness, so that alone shows you how important it is to look after the heart.

When we talk about the benefit, we simply cannot overlook the fact that they’re so beneficial when it comes to your heart.

Jumping jacks assist with weight loss, they speed up your metabolism, they help to improve your circulation, they lower blood pressure, they help prevent obesity, they help to lower LDL cholesterol, and help to strengthen the heart.

Roll all of these benefits into one, and you have the ultimate recipe for a super healthy heart.

13. Reduce Bad Cholesterol

LDL cholesterol is the harmful cholesterol found in your blood that can cause fatty blockages, deposits, and build-ups.

LDL cholesterol can therefore potentially be fatal, as it can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

Another reason why jumping jacks and jumping rope are considered to be so healthy is due to the fact that they help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

This could potentially make them a life-saving exercise, and yes, it really is that serious.

14. Stronger Core

We’ve already briefly touched upon how jumping jacks help to work your core muscles, but now we’re going to expand upon that.

You see, because of the nature of this exercise, your core stabilizer muscles get quite the workout when you do jumping jacks.

Not only are you engaging your core, your abs and obliques also get a workout, which in turn helps to gently tone them and make your core stronger.

The stronger your core, the more efficient an athlete you will become.

A strong core will help make you less susceptible to injury, it will help make you stronger, and it will help you to perform better athletically.

All of this combined makes for quite the list of jumping jacks benefits when it comes to working out and getting in shape.

15. Great Scalability

Another of the awesome benefits that we’re going to be covering today is based upon just how scalable they are.

By this, we mean that you can scale up as you see fit.

For example, one session you may perform 4 sets of 10 gentle jumping jacks.

In the next session, you might increase this to 15, or step up the speed and intensity.

You can do more jumping jacks, you can increase or reduce the intensity, or you could do them for time and see how many you can perform in a certain amount of time.

Because there are so many different training options when it comes to jumping jacks, however, this helps to keep your workouts exciting and fresh, so you remain interested in training.

16. Can Be Used As Part Of A Bigger Plan

As well as the benefits that we’ve looked at so far, we also can’t overlook how they can be used as part of a bigger training plan as well.

You’ll find that a lot of CrossFit WODs (Workouts of the Day) include jumping jacks alongside wall sit, pull-ups, burpees, and push-ups, as do circuit training classes, gymnastics classes, and much more besides.

The exercises work well alone, but they work equally as well when combined with other training regimes and workout plans.

Bottom Line:

As you can see, we’ve drawn up quite the list when it comes to the many benefits of jumping jacks, and we haven’t even covered them all quite yet.

If you’re looking for a viable exercise to help you get fit, lean, flexible, coordinated, and healthy, jumping jacks are ideal.

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