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16 Benefits Of Jogging That You Don’t Want Miss Out On

If you’re looking for a way to get fit and healthy, jogging is one of the best forms of exercise going.

Getting fit and healthy is a long, stressful, arduous process that takes weeks, even months, to really begin benefitting from.

Nothing in life worth having comes easily, and if you want to get in shape and improve your fitness, the harder you work the more you’ll benefit.

Today we’re going to be looking at the many fantastic benefits of jogging.

As you probably are aware, jogging is arguably the most popular form of cardio in existence alongside jumping rope and jumping jacks.

When people are looking to drop a few pounds and/or get in shape, they resolve to lace up their sneakers and go jogging a few times a week.

We associate jogging with weight loss and getting in shape, but what else will jogging do for us.

It turns out that it’ll actually do a heck of a lot for us.

What Are The Benefits Of Jogging?

Benefits Of Jogging

1. Great For Muscle Development

If you thought that the only way to develop and strengthen your muscles was to lift heavyweights in the gym, this first benefit of jogging may come as a surprise.

You see, jogging is actually very beneficial for your muscles, especially those located on your lower body.

Jogging gently stimulates the muscles in the legs, and as time goes by this does, in fact, assist with muscle hypertrophy and development.

If you’re looking for a really effective way of building up the leg muscles, try jogging on an incline.

2. Great For The Calves

For a lot of people, especially bodybuilders lacking calf development, the calves themselves can be very problematic body parts.

Unless you’re blessed with awesome calf genetics, the simple truth of the matter is that your calves are very stubborn to build up.

If you’re looking for a way of developing the calves and getting fitter, leaner, and healthier in the process, jogging is a very beneficial form of exercise.

If you don’t believe us, just jog on a steep hill or uneven surface and after a while, you’ll notice how your calves feel as if they’re literally on fire.

3. Awesome For The Heart

The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body.

Heart disease claims more lives each year than any other disease on the planet, which is why keeping the heart healthy is considered so important.

Jogging is a wonderful form of cardiovascular exercise, which makes it ideal for the heart.

Jogging helps strengthen the heart, it boosts circulation, it helps reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack, and it does much more besides.

4. Get Some Fresh Air

As awesome as it is being able to exercise in a gym when the weather’s awful, you can’t deny the fact that getting outdoors and getting some fresh air is extremely good for the mind, body, and soul.

If you’re looking for a way of getting outdoors, jogging gives you the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

You could simply go for a jog about the block, or if you’re fortunate enough to live near a park you could go jogging there.

If you really want to make a day of it, why not jump in the car and head to your nearest nature reserve and jog there.

The bottom line is that, as awesome as jogging on a treadmill is, there’s just something awesome about running outside that you just can’t seem to replicate.

5. Great For The Mind

Another example of some of the awesome jogging benefits is the fact that jogging is extremely beneficial for the mind.

Jogging helps clear the mind when you’re running or sprinting, so all of your stresses and worries fade away.

When you run, you’re so focussed on the activity itself that you simply do not have time to think about, or worry about, anything else.

This is one of the main reasons why health experts and officials recommend exercise as a way of improving your mental health.

But the benefits don’t stop there either.

6. Puts You In A Better Mood

When you first start jogging, you’ll find that there are days when you’re cold, tired, stressed, and lacking the energy and drive to get up and go.

If you persevere and force yourself out on a run, however, you’ll find that, after a while, you feel awesome.

Once you’ve been jogging for a while and your adrenalin and endorphins kick in, you’ll experience what is known as a ‘runner’s high’.

This is basically a feeling of euphoria brought on by the endorphins and adrenalin circulating around your body as you run.

This puts you in a fantastic mood and is yet another example of how jogging can be beneficial for your mental health.

7. Burn Fat

How could we create an article looking at the many different benefits and leave it so long to mention how jogging is great for fat loss?

Yes, we know, shame on us.

Jogging is a great way for people to burn fat and lose weight.

In fact, for many people, that’s the primary incentive behind going for a jog in the first place.

When you jog, you’re burning calories to fuel your workout.

The more calories you burn, the more fat you will lose.

Providing that you watch your anabolic diet and monitor your macros, you’ll find that jogging is a fantastic way for people to lose weight.

8. Meet New People

If you’re happy and content to go jogging by yourself then that is absolutely fine and dandy.

If, however, you’re looking for new and exciting ways to meet people and socialize, then might we suggest jogging.

You see, in neighborhoods, towns, and cities all over the nation, you’ll find jogging clubs that anybody can join.

Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or expert jogger, you’ll almost certainly find a group you can join that will welcome you with open arms.

Even if you can’t find a physical jogging group to join, if you jump online, you’ll find forums, social media groups, and pages, all dedicated to like-minded joggers.

These forums and pages are full of people offering helpful knowledge and advice, as well as support and motivation.

9. Good For The Bones

Although you might not think it, looking after your bones is just as important as looking after any other part of your anatomy.

When it comes to the benefits, a lot of the time people fail to recognize the importance of jogging for the bones.

Jogging helps to gently strengthen the bones and increase their overall mass and density.

This, in turn, helps you to reduce your risk of injury if you were to slip or fall.

It is also useful because it means that you needn’t worry as much about conditions such as osteoporosis as you grow older.

10. Easy To Do

When it comes to exercise, it’s always best to keep things as simple and as straightforward as possible.

Despite there being heaps of overly complex fitness routines and workouts out there for us to follow, it’s always best, to begin with, something nice and simple.

Let’s face it, when it comes to keeping things simple, you can’t get much more basic than jogging.

We all know how to jog, and you certainly don’t need us to tell you how to do it.

If you’re looking for a simple and basic way to get fit and healthy, jogging is the perfect pastime.

11. Improve Your Fitness

Another of the awesome jogging benefits that we’re going to look at today is the fact that jogging is so beneficial for your fitness.

If your cardiovascular conditioning is lacking, jogging is ideal.

Jogging helps to improve your stamina and endurance by increasing your VO2 Max.

This basically means that jogging helps to increase the amount of oxygen that you use during exercise, so you can use it for fuel and work harder.

Put simply, if you want to increase your stamina, endurance, and physical fitness, be sure to do more jogging and you’ll be amazed by what a difference it makes in such a short period of time.

12. Try New Things

We know that jogging is performed in pretty much the exact same way no matter where in the world you go, but another useful benefit of jogging is the fact that you can use it to try new things when training.

If for example, you find that your weight loss has plateaued and you haven’t lost much weight for a while, you could pick up the tempo slightly and go jogging a little quicker.

Alternatively, you could jog for a longer distance, or even try jogging on tougher surfaces.

If you find that your normal jog isn’t doing the trick, why not try jogging on a slight incline?

By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be feeling exhausted and you’ll find that you burn off considerably more calories by pushing yourself in this manner.

13. Strengthens The Immune System

Another reason why jogging is so awesome is because of the fact that it helps to strengthen the immune system.

Jogging has been found to help increase white blood cell counts and stimulate the natural synthesis of macrophages and lymphocytes which both play integral roles in the prevention of infection and disease.

Therefore, by jogging on a regular basis, you not only get fitter and leaner, but you will also get a great deal healthier as well.

14. Reduces Blood Pressure

Did you know, that hypertension is one of the world’s biggest killers?

Furthermore, there are no obvious signs or symptoms associated with hypertension either.

This is why experts call it the ‘silent killer’.

Hypertension, or, high blood pressure, as it is sometimes known, can cause a variety of health issues, and can be life-threatening.

Hypertension can cause the blood vessels to weaken, it can put you at risk of a stroke, it can increase your chances of a heart attack, it can damage the kidneys and much more besides.

Many people with high blood pressure have to use prescription drugs and medications to slow their blood pressure down.

The problem is that many of these drugs also cause very severe side effects.

Jogging is nature’s way of naturally reducing your blood pressure.

Jogging helps boost circulation, it strengthens the heart, it burns fat and is a great way of preventing/treating obesity, and it is therefore considered highly beneficial for people looking to naturally reduce their blood pressure in a safe and controlled manner.

15. Jogging Is Great For The Brain

In terms of the many health benefits of doing jogging, you also can’t overlook the fact that jogging is so wonderful for the brain.

Jogging helps to increase blood flow, which means that more oxygenated blood is able to reach the brain.

This oxygen then crosses the blood=brain barrier and can be used as a source of fuel to keep the brain sharp and firing on all cylinders.

There is even evidence to suggest that jogging helps to prevent degenerative cognitive health issues later on in life, including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

16. Jogging Is Free

There aren’t many beneficial things in life that are free yet jogging most definitely is.

You don’t need a treadmill, a gym, or an athletic track to go jogging, you can go anywhere there’s a little open space, at any time.


As you can see from the extensive list of the benefits of jogging we’ve just looked at, this simple yet effective form of exercise is one of the most beneficial in existence.

If you don’t yet go jogging, you may wish to rethink matters after reading this.

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