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Why Diets Fail

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Want to lose weight? Sure you do. Everyone does! Currently, 2011 this year folks, we as a country have become more health conscience than ever. Look all around you and tell me what you see?! The Lemonade diet, the E-diet, Cookie diet, all these corporate dietary plans.

Yes! Corporate diet plans are being enacted because some corporate know-it-all figured out how to save a few bucks for the company on insurance premiums. Don’t get me wrong I am definitely an advocate for weight loss, but not through a fad diet. (Fad diets = all the hyped up diets you see and hear about)

Fad diets are the enemy of the fit, ask anyone that is considered “fit” and listen to what the “fit people” are saying about their eating habits. Nowhere will you hear them saying “well I was on this diet or that diet.” It is because that person has learned the biggest known secret in fitness. This secret can be had for only for 3 payments of 19.99!

The corporate community wants you to spend three payments of $19.99 for ONE person!

I say why spend 60.00 on ONE person for ONE meal, when YOU can feed YOUR family nutritious whole foods for a few days. Whole foods can be sourced at your local grocery and farmers’ market! GO GET YOU SUM’!!!

Alright…Makes perfect since to me and all it took was going to the local supermarket or farmers market. Alright now back to the regular scheduled program…why diets fail.

In short, diets are band-aids for lifelong issues a person may have been trying to cope with. Now, that person believes that a quick fix diet will help them deal with years of bad dietary habits. Sad to say it won’t because:

  1. Diets are designed to be temporary, so the day you decide to get off your diet you tend to gain worse habits and more weight.
  2. Diets are typically very expensive, which leaves less money to enjoy life.
  3. Most people don’t have the discipline to follow a strict regime, so they utterly fail and make excuses as to why it doesn’t work for them.

I possibly could go on and on about how diets are poorly created, executed, and repeated but I would rather spend that time changing people’s lives holistically through better choices about foods!¬† So here are some key points that I would like to leave you with:

  1. Stay away from fad-diets!
  2. Buy whole foods and healthy snacks!
  3. See step 1 and 2, repeat and watch them become part of your regular life!

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