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Wendler/Westside Strongman Template The Rough Edition

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Warning to the reader! This is something I have been taking a lot of time developing. This is the rough edition, because I will let you response, send hate mail and suggestions, work out the kinks and shape this mere article/crazy idea/guide, and into a million dollar idea, (that I will never get to make profit off of because not one, but 2 different well know and renown lifters would sue me.)

If you are unfamiliar with Wendler’s 5/3/1 or Louie Simmon’s Westside Barbell Method, then Google it. Seriously, if you don’t know anything past this point, then this program OBVIOUSLY is not for you. This is a more methodical and advanced program and template. This is not a DO THIS workout, this is a HOW TO set up your training specifically with these two methods.

I tried my hardest to make everything as simple as possible and easy to understand, but you still need to have a base knowledge about these two methodologies first to really grasp what I am trying to do here. Ok you have been warned, this is not for novice’s unless they can understand the jargon already, chances are you’re not a novice, but if you are, pat yourself on the back, you just moved up a notch. Without further ado, here is how you make it work:

With Wendler’s 5/3/1 you basically work on a monthly time frame, starting off with 90% of your one rep max. You then plug that # into this progression scheme:

Variation 1 (Harder)

  • W1 75% 80% 85%* and do *5+reps / or sets for distance events.
  • W2 80% 85% 90%* and do *3+reps / or sets for distance events.
  • W3 75% 85% 95%* and do *1+rep(s) / or sets for distance events.
  • W4 De-load, rest or 60% 65% 70% *5 reps (no more).

Add 5-10lbs to the working max# and continue percentage scheme.


Variation 2 (Recommended)

  • W1 65% 75% 85%* and do *5+reps/ or sets for distance events.
  • W2 70% 80% 90%* and do *3+reps/ or sets for distance events.
  • W3 75% 85% 95%* and do *1+rep(s)/ or sets for distance events.
  • W4 De-load, Rest or 60% 65% 70% *5 reps (no more).

Add 5-10lbs to the working max# and continue percentage scheme.

Strongman training tire flip

Now what I suggest for ME (Max Effort) strongman events such as the yoke for example is to take your max weight for a specific distance, we will say 50 feet, and instead of going all out on reps, you do multiple sets. Using 700lbs as a one rep max (for this distance) and using 90% of that#, it would look something like this: 630lbs as base# using Variation 2:

Variation 2 (Recommended)

*(W1 65% 75% 85%* and do *5+sets for distance events)* I put this here so you can see how the percentages get you the numbers you will be lifting,

  • W1 405lbs x 50ft, 470lbs x 50ft, 535lbs x 50ft X 5+sets
  • W2 440lbs x 50ft, 500lbs x 50ft, 565lbs x 50ft X 3+sets
  • W3 470lbs x 50ft, 535lbs x 50ft, 600lbs x 50ft X 1+sets
  • W4 De-load

Here is where the Westside methodology comes in. Rather than use a standard conjugate method, you will use Wendler’s template for ME work, and every month switch some of the events your focused on. We will also use the dynamic effort method of speed training to work on conditioning, and good technique with the implements.

Dynamic Method: You will use any where from 8-12 sets with 50%-70% of your one rep max for that implement.

Rep ranges vary from singles, doubles and triples,*for distance events use short distances between 20ft-60ft.

When using the Dynamic Effort there are many ways to play around. As long as you keep the weight range in the 50% to 70% and don’t exceed 12 sets you can set it up any way you like.

Strongman training stone lift

Using the farmer’s walk event on a DE using a one rep max of 300lbs for Example could look like this:

  • Set 1 50% 150lbs x20ft
  • Set 2 50% 150lbs x40ft
  • Set 3 55% 165lbs x20ft
  • Set 4 55% 165lbs x40ft
  • Set 5 60% 180lbs x20ft
  • Set 6 60% 180lbs x40ft
  • Set 7 65% 195lbs x20ft
  • Set 8 65% 195lbs x40ft
  • Set 9 65% 165lbs x60ft
  • Set 10  70% 210lbs x 20
  • Set 11 70% 210lbs x 40
  • Set 12 70% 210lbs x 60

Like I said, as long as you stay within the preset guidelines. You do not have to progress 50, 55, 60 as I have done. You can do all 8-12 sets with 50%, half of them with 60%, other half with 70%. The important part of this type of training is to make sure you are moving fast, and are keeping good from. This is a speed and fast twitch fiber conditioning day. You are not trying to max out, that is what the max effort day is for. The goal is to be dynamic and explosive!

How to calculate % for the mathematically impaired: a Percentage is part of a whole#. The 100%, whole number is your one rep max in this scenario. So when you want to find a percentage of it, simply place a decimal in front of the # and multiply against your one rep max.

For Instance 100x.9=90 which is 90% of 100. Another example is 500x.9=450 which is 90% of 500. When dealing with 95% of 500, you simply place the 5 after the 9 as follows, 500x.95=475 which is 95% of 500. Ok what about 97% of 100lbs, can you figure it out? Well I am not there to see if you lying so I will show you one last time:

100lbs multiplied by .97(which is 97%) equals=97lbs!? Who would have guessed it?

I hope you catch my drift by now. If not use a damn calculator and lift some heavy weights, what can I tell you.

Why should I train this way for strongman events?

Because it allows you to work with more implements on a steady progression scale so your body (central nervous system, muscles, etc) have time to adapt to the intensity of strongman training, while avoiding the overall tempting brutality to lift the heaviest amount of weight with the crappiest possible form and get injured. By switching the focus of certain events that are somewhat similar but still stress the body in different ways (i.e. the difference between a frame carry and farmer’s walk is the effecting of smaller different muscle groups, etc…).

What Events should I do?

Pick and choose. You’re the one who has to compete at the end of this training cycle, not me. I do not possess your body, I do not know your eating, resting and overall recovery habits. I do not know your experience levels. BUT WHAT DO I MEAN I CAN’T JUST GIVE YOU SOME GENERIC TEMPLATE? You will never get any stronger and manage to stay that way and avoid peaking and hitting walls and plateau’s if you can’t get a little smarter in the process. YOU HAVE TO PLAN YOUR DAYS, AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE! I am only here to help give you an idea how to do so.

Here are my 2 examples for a 2 day split, just because you read up to this point:

Variation 1: ME Saturday and DE Wednesday Example

ME Saturday Month 1

  • 5/3/1 Yoke Walks
  • 5/3/1 Log Clean(1x) and Press
  • 5/3/1 Stone loads to platform (*You have to get creative in thinking here, chances are you don’t have a stone for every minor percentage of your one rep max, but try to use a stone that meets the overall idea of your percentage for that week and try to hit those prescribed reps)

DE Wednesday Month 1

  • Farmers Walks 50-70% for 9 sets
  • Axle Clean and Press (Each Rep) 50-70% for 12 sets
  • Keg Carry’s to Sled Pulls 50-70% for 6 sets

ME Saturday Month 2

  • 5/3/1 Farmers Walks
  • 5/3/1 Axle Clean(1x) and Press
  • 5/3/1 Sled Drags

DE Wednesday Month 1

  • Yoke Walks 50-70% for 6 sets
  • Log Clean and Press (Each Rep) 50-70% for 12 sets
  • Stone Loads to 44inch Platform 50-70% for 12 sets

As you can see I switched up the events from month 1 to month 2 in my planning, making it mimic a conjugate method, while keeping the dynamic work in there. In Variation 2 you will use both methods the same day but switch the events monthly as well. Here is how that would look like:

Variation 2: Mixed Method Saturday and Wednesday

Saturday Month 1

  • (ME)5/3/1 Yolk Walk
  • (ME)5/3/1 Log Clean and Press
  • (DE)Stone Loads to 52inch Platform 50-70% for 6 sets

Wednesday Month 1

  • (ME)5/3/1 Farmers Walk
  • (ME)5/3/1 Axle Clean and Press
  • (DE)Keg Carries  50-70% for 6 sets

Saturday Month 2

  • (ME)5/3/1 Frame Carry
  • (ME)5/3/1 Log Clean and Press (each rep)
  • (DE)Yolk Walks 50-70% for 8 sets

Wednesday Month 2

  • (ME)5/3/1 Farmers Walk
  • (ME)5/3/1 Stones to 44inch Platform
  • (DE) Farmers Deadlift 50-70% for 8 sets
  • (DE) Axle Clean and Press 50-70% for 12 sets

And so on and so forth. Obviously, it is not perfect and still has a few kinks on it. I also would not rule out squats, bench pressing and deadlifting movements for building overall strength. This is just a specific guide (more like a crazy idea) on how to implement these 2 popular training schemes with strongman based training regiments.

You can run a completely different and third party powerlifting program and use these combined methods all on one day of just pure EVENTS training. That is up to you, and is your choice, so you do the work. I am only talking credit for taking a stab at this as it will most likely be a hybrid idea that will end up on some Crossfit site taking the credit as if they designed the methods themselves as well as mashed them up. I am just merely recycling and passing on information. I highly recommend you read articles written by both Jim Wendler and Lou Simmons as well as purchase their books and products.

So if I get an angry message from Jim Wendler or anyone else calling me a douche bag who is just stealing other people’s hardwork, I will be utterly displeased and have to flee to Rhodestown to pick up some depression devil dogs and high hopes hogies to fat the pain away because “constructive-internet trolling-criticism”  offends me. Read between the lines. On the other hand, I want questions and comments, and idea’s so I can further fortify the ideology of this training and make it bigger, strong , faster and just overall better.

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